Dec 28

My favorite post from each month of 2016.


an almond butter blueberry muffin for one that turned out a zillion times better than I expected.


Unicorn bait cookies. Because don’t you want to catch a unicorn?


Hating yourself doesn’t make you thin, just like loving yourself doesn’t make you fat. (Not that being fat is a negative thing.  It’s just how some bodies are made.)  

2016 has been the best year for me in terms of making peace with my body size.  This post is one of my very favorites I’ve ever written, because that vacation felt so wonderfully different. 


Oatmeal Dough.  Everybody likes cookie dough for breakfast.  Anndddd SO PRETTY!(!!)


How to be okay gaining weight.  These are tools/thoughts/info that helped me make peace with my body size.  If this post resonates with you, the course will be perfect for you.


Da best breakfast tacos ever.  Simple & perfect.


Honey-Sweetened Cherry Pie Baked Oatmeal.  i <3’d how this came out – the look of it and the taste of it.


Our kitchen remodel!!! Oh man! What a dream! I adore our kitchen now.  If we ever decide to move, I’ll be totally bummed.  I love cooking in it, making coffee in it and just looking at it.  When we finished the remodel, I was so impressed by Andrew.  He designed the entire thing…even sketched everything out for our contractor.  He put together all our cabinets, he put in our backsplash (I tried to help with that part, but I’m not good at getting things level), his dad and him did our floors, and everything came out great!



How to start a blog (FAST!).  Blogging has brought me so much joy.  If you’ve been wanting to start a blog…start now!


How I make my lattes.  Since I finally have an espresso make now I can start making lattes the “right” way, but this is still a great option if you don’t own an espresso maker.


Apple Pie Toast.  I had so much fun making this recipe and it was probably my favorite recipe from 2016.


My binge eating story + the course launch.  I know I’ve talked about the course a bit already and how pumped I am about how it turned out.  I will have some more information to share about it later this week before the price goes up next week.  I’ll be sharing more course info and sneak peaks on IG, facebook, and my email list starting soon.


11 comments on “My favorite post from each month of 2016.”

  1. Your blog has brought me so much joy this year! You are such an inspirational lady, thanks for sharing recipes + body love. Can’t wait to see what 2017 brings <3 

  2. Such an incredible year for you, and I’m so thankful that as a reader, I’ve been able to follow along as you continue to publish such awesome posts!

  3. Love recaps like this! Clicking on a lot of these to read :) Especially your kitchen reno that I missed the first time!!

  4. Gah, you bring me so much joy <3

    Thankful for you and all the goodness of our friendship. So excited that 2017 is going to be filled with SO MANY COFFEE DATES when I'm finally back in Houston.

  5. I just want to say I love you.  FO REAL.  

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  7. I love your message and your blog. What a gift to find a rare place supporting body positivity in the sea of diet mentality/warped body ideals our society has.

    You’ve had such an impact on me – thank you :) freedom is pretty dang nice. I wish you lots of good things in the new year! 

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