Wedding Anniversary Number 3

Our last two wedding anniversaries have been rather extravagant (in my opinion).  Here’s the links to anniversary one and anniversary two.  Anniversary one involved way too much to drink lol and it was totally awesome.  This year it took us until 9am when we were both already at work to remember it was our anniversary haha.  My sister actually texted me saying, “happy anniversary!” and I was like, “oh crap! we forgot!”  

We were planning to be on a trip to LA right now to celebrate, but we pushed that trip back to January because flights were SOOO crazy affordable then.

I got done seeing clients at 1pm yesterday and came home to work on blog stuff for awhile.  I had done meal therapy with a client for lunch, but I was hungry when I got home so I made a chocolate chip mug cake.  I haven’t made a mug cake in what feels like ages!  Into a mug I put: 3 tbsp all-purpose flour, 1 tbsp sugar, 1/2 tablespoon coconut oil, 2 tbsp milk, 1/4 tsp baking powder, 1/8 tsp vanilla, and some mini chocolate chips.  Mixed it all up and microwaved it until it was cake-like around the edges but still pretty ooey, gooey in the center.  Paired with a decaf vanilla latte.  YUM!

I worked until my butt went numb from sitting and then went to a flow yoga class at YogaOne.

When I got home Andrew was finishing doing some squats in the garage.  Then we showered and headed to dinner to Union Kitchen to celebrate!

Parmesan bread to start…

I got a chicken + sun dried tomatoes + goat cheese pizza.

Andrew got this meatloaf on top of mashed potatoes on top of toast dish that he loved!

And the only photo we took of us was this super blurry one in the car:)

It was a super casual anniversary…and it ended with us sitting on the couch watching Criminal Minds while I ate some leftover Christmas candy:)  Man, I’m LOVING Criminal Minds! Have you watched?


  1. Yay happy anniversary number 3! his dish looks killer- something I would like to try to recreate. We are into meatloaf around here.
    I love watching things like Criminal minds but my husband hates because it’s “too real.” And it’s not exactly something that’s fun to watch alone, lol.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!
    And YES I LOVE Criminal Minds!!!! It’s so suspenseful and continues to blow my mind with each episode I watch lol. Some of my friends think I’m weird for watching a show where they basically catch psychopaths. But once you start watching you literally CANNOT stop!

  3. Happy anniversary! I think casual, laid-back dates can be just as good or better than fancy ones. I love a fun vacation as well as a staycation. :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! Looks perfect :)

  5. Happy anniversary! Oh my gosh, my boyfriend and I are OBSESSED w Criminal Minds! We are watching it on Netflix and now basically think we’re in the FBI everytime we see something suspicious. ;) Have a happy New Year!

  6. Happy anniversary! How do you make your lattes?

  7. Happy Anniversary!
    And I am OBSESSED with Criminal Minds! I started watching a couple weeks ago and I am so hooked. I think the best part might be knowing there are SO many seasons ahead of me to get through. :)

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