How to create a Self Care Box.

Happy New Year!

We went out with a couple-friend of ours for NYE.  We went to dinner at a newish place, The General Public.  Then we got coffee and hung out in an area where there was going to be a confetti drop at midnight.  The confetti drop ended up being rather lame…there wasn’t enough confetti!! And omgsh at one point we were standing on a 2nd story balcony and I guess I was more tired than I realized because I dropped my latte cup (that was half filled with a latte) off that balcony and it very nearly hit a guy.  I’m still not quite sure what happened…i was holding it…and then i wasn’t.  It felt like the cup was falling in slow motion and I couldn’t find my voice to tell the guy to watch out! Andrew said he would’ve ran down and given the man all the money in his wallet if it would’ve hit him.  Ahh I’m so glad it didn’t hit him.  I hope your NYE was wonderful and no one dropped a latte on you!

I realized last night when I was trying to put together this post that my SD card failed and all my photos got deleted.  A had a few posts worth of photos on there that are all gone now, ugh! So this post comes at a perfect time because I needed some self care last night when I realized all the photos were gone.  C’est la vie.  And honestly I realize that losing some photos isn’t that serious.  I’ve been thinking about Pinch of Yum all weekend and that puts things in perspective.  That’s serious, scary, and heartbreaking.  My thoughts and prayers are with them!

Today’s post….

I’ve had a Self Care Box for a couple years now and I don’t think I’ve shared it on the blog before.  At the end of a long day when I feel like my head is noisy and I don’t want to talk and I wish I could take my head off–>send it though a car wash–> and then put it back on…those are the times I either 1) go for a walk or 2) go to my Self Care Box.

Today I wanted to share all the things I’m currently keeping in my Self Care Box.

My Self Care Box has changed as I’ve changed but currently, this is how things are looking…

  1. Heating pad.
  2. 50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food by Susan Albers.  This book was SO helpful for me when I was developing coping mechanisms for dealing with stress other than emotional eating.  I do believe that there is nothing wrong with emotional eating…it’s only an issue if it’s your only coping mechanism for handling stress.  This book is filled with helpful ideas.  One of the ways listed to soothe yourself without food is…create a self care box!
  3. Sophie Kinsella Books.  I LOVE the Shopaholic series.  I first started reading them in high school because my big sister was reading them.  They are such a good chick flick of a book.
  4. Face masks!
  5. Nail polish + nail file + nail polish remover.
  6. Watercolors + paint brushes + watercolor paper
  7. A fun bath scrub from my mother-in-law.
  8. Neck ring filled with beans that you can microwave.
  9. More face masks + some fabulous smelling hand cream.  Andrew’s sister got me this Caudalie Face Mask and it’s my favorite face mask I’ve tried in a while.  It seems pretty gentle to me.  My skin is rather sensitive and most face masks feel like they’re burning my face off…not ideal.

Things that should also be included in my Self Care Box…puppies!

We are keeping my parent’s dog, Louie/Louis/Lil’ Lou for two weeks while they’re in Italy with Layne and Marco visiting Marco’s family.  I love Maggie having her BFF for a two week long sleepover.

What will you put in your Self Care Box?

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  1. Your puppies are so well behaved- sitting there all sweetly.
    I believe I had something like this in high school at the recommendation of my therapist! Now, I would have a back scratch-er and book of poetry. And stuff for a bubble bath!

  2. Love Sophie Kinsella!
    Also, I love this idea.

  3. Love this idea!!!! I am so going to create one. Thank you! <3

  4. Love this idea…one of my goals (thought I’m not really doing NY resolutions) is to practice more self care and NOT feel guilty about it.

  5. This is an amazing idea!!! I am not into new years resolutions, but I am making one of these today as a new years start. Thanks for sharing <3

  6. number 4 and 5 is a MUST. I’d probably add some tea bags.

  7. LOVE, LOVE this!  I am a school psychologist so a lot of times I make “cool down” or coping skills boxes with kids, but truly have never thought to have a self care box for myself.  Thank you for the inspiration.

    I would add a journal to mine for sure! and a candle!

  8. this is such a good idea! was actually thinking of making one of these for my best friends birthday :)

  9. This is SUCH a great idea. I have an “anxiety killer box” but it just has little strips of paper with guidance or affirmations on them–the idea of putting actual physical things in the box is so genius. I will definitely be making one for myself and the other ladies in my life :)

  10. This is such a great idea Kylie :) 
    And your line “I wish I could take my head off–>send it though a car wash–> and then put it back on” made me LOL, that is such a good way to describe the feeling after a long day!!
    Some self care things I love that are pretty cliche but so helpful are meditation (headspace is amazing), journalling and cooking a delicious dinner :) 
    Oh and putting my legs up the wall when lying on my back. Sounds weird but it is so calming! 
    I also have mindfulness colouring books that I totally need to get back into, especially my Harry Potter one ;) 

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  15. I have a couple self-care type things (box/drawer) put together while reading Simple Abundance by Sarah ban Breathnach. I found a copy of her book in a small bible type size with a faux leather cover in a pretty green.. right up my alley. I would put that book into my self-care box.

    I love that you put your heating pad in there. I would replace the watercolors with a journal, as mentioned, and some pretty colored pens. I, also, would put an adult coloring put that has spiritual messages and a set of colored pencils.

    I have a large room in my house that I’ve dedicated to me. Its the pretty that no one else that lives here wants to be surrounded by.. but I do. I have decorative boxes for storage and one of those boxes will be so nice for a self-care box.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

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