Some things I’ve been liking lately.

1. Trying different coffee.

All the coffee! Allegro Coffee sent me some coffee to sample and it’s delicious.  We’ve been having fun playing around with our espresso makers.  I’ve also been having more decaf coffee lately, because I don’t like feeling like I HAVE to have coffee in the morning.  I enjoy the taste of coffee more than I like the coffee buzz. I wish coffee was naturally caffeine free.

2. Seeing photos of my family in Italy.

My parents, 2 sisters, and Marco are spending a couple weeks in Italy with Marco’s family.  Quinn sent me this photo of her holding Layne & Marco’s niece.  OMGSH so cute! Andrew and I were bummed to miss out on this trip, but we have a lot (in my opinion) of traveling coming up this year and it was hard in terms of vacation time to take a 2 week vacation right at the start of the year.

3. Morningstar‘s breakfast biscuit sandwiches + their vanilla lattes.

If you live in Houston or ever visit Houston, go to Morningstar and order just this! The biscuit is insanely yummy and the vanilla latte is velvety smooth and perfectly sweet.

4. My girls!

I got to spend the beginning of the weekend with two of my great friends.  These two were my college roommates/bridesmaids.  Love them (and their goofy/ridiculous husbands in the background) so much.  We already planned our next get together for the end of January.  I can’t see them enough.

5. Nachos.

Andrew and I frequent the nearby taco place when I work late on Thursdays.  Black bean + chicken nachos for me with a bubbly diet coke.

I posted this on IG, but I’ve also been loving making these Wheat Thins into Nachos.  Topped with Wholly Guacamole.  You have to eat them a bit quickly or else the Wheat Thins get a soggy!

6. Fav snack lately.

Chocolate covered pretzels & 2% milk.

7. IG dinner inspiration.

I’m using this photo for inspiration for one of our dinners this week.  Can’t wait to crepe it up!

8. Switching up my movement.

After using ClassPass for awhile now, I’ve decided to stop ClassPass and go only to Big Yoga.  I’ve really fallen in love with this place and I’m glad ClassPass introduced me to them.  I feel a lot of emotion in their classes and I’m excited to keep growing my yoga practice.  I was at a more gentle yoga studio for about a year (YogaOne, if you’re a Houstonian!) and they did an excellent job of teaching me the basics…or I choose to take their more basic classes, I guess.  Now I’m ready to keep expanding my practice in a different environment. 

9. Some inspirational words.

The below is how I feel about my intuitive eating, diet mentality and HAES experiences.  Now that I’ve been awoken to the wonder and awe and fabulousness of intuitive eating, I’ve changed and it feels great.

The below is a good reminder for me, a constant worrier.  Jess Lively said onetime on her podcast that our greatest addiction is overthinking.  Omgsh I can so relate to that. 

What have you been loving lately? 


  1. I also find so much foodspiration on instagram and probably screen shot like 5 recipes per day. The only bad part about that is it uses up my phone space haha. I’m gonna look up that coffee and maybe buy it because I drink coffee for the taste and not the caffeine which makes me really tired so I think decaf is better for me!

  2. Seriously, that last quote about worrying and overthinking is me to a “t”! I love this!! Hmmm things I’ve been loving lately: smoked salmon, Barre3, and getting ready to visit my parents with my husband this weekend!

  3. I need to find those wheat thin chips, I used to be obsessed with wheat things so I’m sure those are tasty.

  4. I really want to try switching up my coffee.

    I’ve been loving girl time too! Nothing like spending quality time with your best friends.

  5. I agree with you on the decaf thing! Although a nice little coffee buzz doesn’t hurt some days. ;) Also trying to expand my yoga practice as well! To me it feels like a more “loving” way to exercise/stretch.

  6. Love the quote about worrying–I am a big worrier myself and have to pull myself out of my own head. Things I’ve been liking lately: BodyPump classes, my new 2017 planner, and meditation. I started meditating last fall to help deal with some anxiety and it’s helped me immensely!

  7. Mmmm nachos- I will take them almost anyway! Except the sweet potato nachos that are making their way around IG…

  8. I remember trying those wheat thin chips as a kid and being obsessed!
    Once I’m done with my internship I really hope to get into a regular yoga practice at a studio. I enjoy it so much.

  9. LOVE all this!!! All the food looks SO good and the quotes are super inspirational. xo

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