Day in the Life (aka that day I ate every meal out.)

Hey guys!

Sharing my Wednesday from this week!

6:20am: Wake-up, feed the dogs, brush my teeth, change into yoga clothes, hug Andrew goodbye, throw all my work clothes into a bag.

6:32am: Out the door + drive to yoga.  Realize I don’t have my yoga mat.  Realize I have no idea where my yoga mat is.  Get to yoga and realize my yoga mat is in their lost & found lol…not sure how that happened!

7:00am: YOGA! I love when I snag the spot right by the window<3

8:00am: Shower at yoga studio + drive to breakfast.  I ended up going to Sweet for 2 bacon breakfast tacos (their tortillas are doughy and perfect) and a half-caf vanilla latte.  I was craving a creamy, dreamy latte and this was perfect.  Their lattes are so fab.

9:00am: Get to office and set up for first client.

9:30am-11:15am: See my first (and only) client of the day.  It’s an initial assessment and we go over time a bit.

11:15am-11:40am: Complete note on client.

11:40am: Leave office.

11:45am: Call Layne in Italy.  I needed some sister time.  I’m ready for my family to get back in the country! Two weeks is too long for me.

noon-ish: Lunch at Snap Kitchen.

I wasn’t hungry at all for this meal (I was feeling stressed about life, which tends to mess up my hunger cues), but I was heading to a doctor’s appointment and knew this was my chance to eat since doctors tend to always be running an hour behind :)

I went with a dish with ground beef + veggies + eggs + roasted sweet potatoes + a salsa.  I paired it with a “turmeric tonic” (aka juice with pineapple, turmeric root, basil, apple and jicama) that was surprisingly SO good and fresh.  It didn’t taste like turmeric at all.

1:30-3:30pm: Doctor’s appointment at the rheumatologist.  My old rheumatologist stopped accepting insurance, so I had to find a new one.  I ended up totally loving her.  She sat down with me for 30 whole minutes!  I feel like that rarely happens…usually my MDs are in and out of the room in 15 minutes, which I understand is necessary for insurance purposes.  It was nice to have her sit down for so long and listen though.  

She’s testing a bajillion things, including all the things you recommended she test in yesterday’s post (thank you for your ideas about what could be going on with me!).  I know I have Raynaud’s, which makes my feet red/pink/purple most of the time.  Since the Raynaud phenomenon can go along with other autoimmune disorders, I’ve been recommended to see a rheumatologist regularly in case something autoimmune does pop up.

She had ideas about/gave me direction to head concerning the tingling sensations in my legs.  That makes me happy.

4:30pm: Met Andrew for an afternoon snack at Fat Cat Creamery!

I’ve mentioned Fat Cat before.  They have ice cream, 2 soft serve flavors and epic cookies.  They change their soft serve flavors seasonally and I always get super excited about them.  Their current flavors are white chocolate & peppermint.  I got them swirled together.  It was good but I liked their past flavors, butternut squash & brown sugar cinnamon, better.

Andrew got the chocolate stout ice cream…typical.  Give him beer and chocolate and he’s happy:)

5:00pm: We decided to walk across the street to have an early dinner at Cane Rosso.

I choose the salad and Andrew picked the pizza.  Then we split both.

Caesar Salad that had really good croutons on it.

And the Cane Rosso Pizza that came topped with peppers, onions, sausage, mozzarella, parmesan and other stuff I’m sure.  

6:15pm: HOME! I immediately showered and got in my PJ’s.  They took a good amount of blood at the doctor and I was feeling a bit tired/lightheaded/woozy.  Sooo I did a facemask.

…and turned on The Office, an old fave that reminds me of high school.  We so need a new Netflix show to watch…any recommendations? We’ve watched House of Cards, Breaking Bad (da best.), The OA, and Narcos.

Later I made a decaf vanilla latte + had some Toblerone chocolate, while painting.

Look at the cute lil elephant I made! I’m really liking watercoloring.  I have to look up inspiration of what/how to paint on pinterest.  Having fun with it!

10:00pm: BED!

Hope you’re having a good week<3


  1. the elephant is beautiful!! 

  2. That elephant is amazing! Good work!

  3. My favorite dish at Snap Kitchen is the one with roasted sweet potatoes, spinach, egg whites, and goat cheese. If only it was made with whole eggs it would be perfect, ha.

    I’m so impressed that you painted that elephant!

  4. Better Call Saul (especially if you like Breaking Bad) is fantastic and I’m pretty sure it’s on Netflix!

    • Not sure why i’ve been resistant to Better Call Saul. I guess I just assume nothing could be as good as Breaking Bad so I’ve just boycotted it haha

  5. My boyfriend and I LOVED The Crown!

  6. Ditto on the comments about your elephant! So fun :-) You need to check out Man In the High Castle. It’s an amazon prime show, and we love it! It’s set in like the 1950s and is based on the premise that we lost WWII and now Germany and Japan occupy the US. Super interesting and entertaining

  7. That is an adorable elephant!! I need to get my paints out again :) I know I’m late to the party, but my husband and I have been watching New Girl and it’s usually pretty funny. Parenthood is really good as well!

  8. I love your elephant!! So cute! All of your food looks excellent, and every time you describe a taco as “doughy”, my mouth waters. Hope you get the answers you deserve from your doctor and are able to rid yourself of the symptoms. My husband and I loved Stranger Things, and we’ll be watching Planet Earth 2 when it premieres on Netflix. :)

    • Oh I’m totally down for some Planet Earth. When I was at my neurologist’s office in the waiting room they had Planet Earth on and it made the 1 hour wait fly by!

  9. Elephant is adorable! On a TV note, have you watched Scandal? I somehow got my husband addicted and we were both totally sucked in.

    On another note, I loved your nononsense post a while back about starting a blog so I’m finally up and running!! Thank you!

  10. You’re so talented! That elephant is awesome. It’s not on Netflix, but if you have A&E or on demand, watch the new Leah Remini special on scientology! So crazy!

  11. Love the elephant! It looks so happy!

    As for Netflix shows, you should watch the Crown, it’s really good! And have you seen Suits yet?

  12. Love that you show its OKAY to have busy days and eat out. And if you like the office, I suggest parks and rec. So funny!

    • I’m just a big fan of eating out! When we were doing our kitchen remodel I LOVED getting to eat out for every meal.

      I’ve heard great things about Parks and rec!

  13. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your elephant! I’m so impressed :-)

    I’ve got to be better about self care and make it more of a priority! It’s quite challenging to do as a mom. Seems like you had a great Wednesday, and thanks for all you do!

  14. Your elephant would make an adorable print! So cute! Netflix stuff – The Detectorists is wonderfully sweet and shot in a beautiful countryside somewhere in England. Sweet story + pretty scenery :) Best of luck getting to the bottom of your tingly legs!

  15. Love this kind of pos :) And LOVE Cane Rosso – just went there last week in Dallas cuz it’s mah fav. Have you ever tried there Honey Badger or Honey Bastard pizza? They’re not on the menu but both involve cappicola and a spicy honey and are AMAZING! Ask your server next time you go :)

  16. Ahhh I love the little afternoon snack date for ice cream! And what a beautiful painting! You are so multi-talented :)

  17. I wish the yoga studio I go to had a shower! Also, I’m glad that it takes you that long to write one note too.. I always feel like I take forever, but especially with eating disorders I feel like the notes need to be more specific than just clinical. Does that make any sense? lol

    ALSO WATCH NEW GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  18. I have Raynaud’s too! I think it is the only autoimmune issue I have but I did not know it can possibly make you more prone to developing other autoimmune issues. Good to know. I would love to stay updated on your adventure? to figure out what is going on with your legs.

    They have a Cane Rosso here in Austin but we haven’t been yet – it looks super tasty!

  19. We recently just watched The Office again from the first episode to the end, we just restarted Parks and Rec. Friends and How I Met Your Mother (with the alternate ending) are good as well!

  20. Look at that cute little elephant! You are so talented! :)

  21. LOVE ME SOME NETFLIX! I highly recommend watching Glitch, Jessica Jones and if you haven’t gotten on the Stranger Things wagon, you’re missing out!

    Sidenote: Totally craving ice cream now…

  22. The Crown on Netflix is really good!

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