two weekend food highlights.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

This weekend flew by.  For me, the key to making a weekend feel like it didn’t fly by is to make plans on Friday night.  Anytime we make plans for Friday and Saturday I feel like the weekend feels so long and wonderful.  But there are some Fridays that I just can’t even think about going out and being social;)  This Friday we stayed in and watched a movie (some weird, violent movie on Netflix…obvs it was Andrew’s choice).  

Saturday my family got back in town from Italy so I picked them up from the airport.

Sunday we had church + grocery shopping + yoga for me. 

Sunday morning when we walked into church I was SO pumped because I saw they had kolaches.  They only have their kolaches sometimes (I think it’s the 3rd Sunday of every month).  They are the best kolaches ever, in my opinion.  The dough is denser than normal kolache dough.  The cheese they use is extra sharp.  The sausage is slightly sweet too.  I think Slow Dough brings in the kolaches.  And (it goes without saying)…I had a vanilla latte with ’em:)

Andrew was out of town with his mom Sunday evening, so Sunday night I made plans with my friend Amanda.  We went to Local Foods.

I got the buttermilk chicken sandwich on a pretzel bun + kale salad + THE BEST homemade potato chips.

Since Andrew is out of town, my sister, Layne, stayed with me last night.  It’s nice having her back from Italy:) We stayed up until 10pm talking so I’m finishing this post quickly and heading to bed.

Any weekend highlights?! I’d love to hear about them.

See you back here tomorrow!


  1. I’ve never heard of a kolache, but now I’m in the hunt to find them!

  2. that sandwich looks so good! weekend highlights? hmmm. prob my hot yoga class on saturday! really felt in tune with my body and mind turning that class

  3. My weekend highlight was my husband and I visited my parents! They live in Plano, so were actually in the great state of TX. ;) Those kolaches do look heavenly!

  4. Mmmm that sandwich looks so good!  Did your family enjoy Italy?  That country is definetly one of my favourites.  Weekend highlight was definetly enjoying some warm weather.  This winter has been brutal so far.

  5. My weekend highlights were going to an indoor trampoline park (we were he only adults there-whatevs) and then a spa day with my husband. 
    I’ve never heard of Kolaches, but I’m intrigued. I live in Massachusetts though, so maybe it’s a Texas thing? Doughy bread and sharp cheese sounds like breakfast/snack heaven. 

  6. Oh my fooodness. That sandwich looks amazinggg. Have you ever seen Orange is the New Black? I think one of the characters goes on a rant about kolaches in it, but I didn’t realize they actually existed! Those look delish.

    I actually just shot up my weekend recap!

    Hubby and I went ice skating & ate some yums around town too! 

    Hope you have an awesome week, Kylie!

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