LA Trip so far!

Omgsh.  I think I may be liking LA better than San Fran! We got in Sunday around 11am and headed straight to Grand Central Market, where they have a bunch of different food vendors.

We were hungry (and cold), but I wanted to peruse all the options before we dove into the food, so we got lattes from G&B and then wandered.

We wanted to try different food places until we got full.  First we split some cheese + bean + pork pupusas and some fried plantains.

After finishing that we got some vegan ramen from Robin Hood.  The broth of this ramen was INSANE.

Later that afternoon we checked in at our Airbnb.  GUYS! Our Airbnb is dreamy.  We are staying here and I can NOT recommend it enough.  

I’m SO happy we are staying here over a hotel.  To get to the house you drive high up into the Hollywood Hills, climb some stairs, and then voila you’re in your own lil’ treehouse with very epic city views.

The inside is a cozy loft with a bed, epic bathtub, desk, kitchenette, and sink.

We’ve only been here for a day and a half and I’ve already taken 5 baths in the below tub lol.  There is an outdoor shower with our airbnb, but I’ve been loving the bath.  Married ladies…have you ever seen your husband take a bath before? Andrew is more of a shower person and it cracks me up when he’s in the bath.  It just seems all wrong lol.

The bathroom is connected to our loft…you just have to go outside to use it.  But I mean, even it is cute!

We got settled in the Airbnb, then headed out for dinner at The Pie Hole.  

I got a kale + egg hand pie with a salad.  It was just what I wanted for dinner.

After dinner we stopped by Magpies for something sweet.

I got the malted milk chocolate swirled with the toasted marshmallow with graham streusel (YES! SO GOOD!) + sprinkles.

Then home to sleep.

The next day we woke up early-ish and it wasn’t raining! It had rained the entire day before.  Since we didn’t know if it was going to end up raining later that day, we decided to head outside to hike to the Hollywood sign.  I loved waking up to this view!

Since the trailhead is tricky to find, we used this guy’s hiking directions.  They were really helpful!  On the weekdays you can park on the street that leads up to the trailhead.  Then you get to this gate that looks like something you shouldn’t go past, but you go through the little door on the left anyways and then you find the trailhead a little past the gate.  We probably wouldn’t’ve gone past the gate if some random person hadn’t been driving through the gate at the same time and told us we were allowed to pass the gate.  I’m such a rule follower it’s ridiculous. 


We hiked for prob 10 minutes when the sky started turning dark blue and rainy looking…

(why yes, that is me in my fav pants.)

…and decided we’d better head back down.  It was the shortest hike ever.

On to breakfast!  We went to Joan’s on 3rd.  

I was going to get something savory, but I saw the most delicious looking almond croissant right as I was ordering, so I got it instead.  See the almond paste oozing out of it?!  Paired with a latte.

It was the best almond croissant I’ve ever had.  I always feel like almond croissants don’t have enough almond paste/marzipan/whatev they put in them, but this one almost had too much of it.  SO GOOD. 

After breakfast it wasn’t raining so we headed to Griffith Park and did the West Observatory Trail using this guy’s guide.  This was a great hike! It wasn’t too short or too long.  It rained as we were heading back down, but it was still a lot of fun.

See the spot of rain!

After the hike we headed back to the airbnb so I could get some blog work done for a couple hours.  What a dreamy office.

When we got hungry, we headed to lunch.

We started with chips + guac.

Then I got a sweet potato flauta + black beans.  YUM.  I felt kinda out of place at Gracias Madre.  Not sure what it was.  A difference I notice between LA and San Fran is that in LA everyone dresses SO fancy with make-up galore.  I felt like San Fran was much more laid back and less flashy…which I prefer.

After lunch we drove down to the beach! We ended up renting a convertible at the last minute.  I’m so glad we did, because we’ve been driving a lot.  One bummer is that you have to pay for parking EVERYWHERE.  I think renting a car vs. uber-ing everywhere would’ve been about the same price.  But I’m glad we rented a car because I got to take this photo! I’d never ridden in a convertible before.  It’s fabulous.  It was quite chilly out, so I had my seat heater on high while we drove…SO NICE.

Then we paid to park at the Santa Monica pier and walked around it.  That was lame.  I wouldn’t recommend doing that.  But then again I was freezing my butt off at this point and just wanted to get back in the car.

Andrew and I tried to take a photo…and I failed with the auto timer thing and didn’t check to see what the photo looked like:)

We drove back to LA and stopped at Fonut for an afternoon donut + coffee snack.

Blueberry Earl Grey for me + glazed for Andrew + a cappuccino to split.

Then we headed back to the airbnb.  I took ANOTHER bath because.

We rested for a while then Andrew picked our dinner place.  Our airbnb host is great and recommended a Ramen place, Silverlake Ramen.

I got a steamed pork bun and Andrew got the ramen.  I ate my pork bun (it was my first time having one and it was SO good) and I shared Andrew’s ramen with him.

Now we are back at the airbnb.  Andrew is laying next to me in bed as I type this up and he just told me…”i feel like a giant ramen noodle.” I’m not sure that means lol.  Anywho…we’re having a great trip.  We are here until Wednesday afternoon.  Can’t wait for another day and a half of exploring:)

California is the only place I go on vacation where I’m not ready to go home when the vacation is over.  Anytime we vacation outside of California I’m totally ready to come home and get back in the swing of things by the end of the trip…but I just think California is so perfect and gorgeous that I never want to leave.  I love being here.  Do you have any vacations you’ve been on where you don’t want to come home and you really think you could live there and be happy as could be?


  1. That Airbnb you stayed in looks like a dream! I really want to go to LA again soon. Have a great time for the remaining days you are there!

  2. Wow. I would love that bath! I’ve never seen my husband in the bath and not sure if I’d laugh or like it lol!

  3. This looks like the PERFECT vacation!

  4. Yes, I felt that way when we went to San Francisco a couple of years ago. It was the first time I’d been and I absolutely fell in love with it.

  5. That croissant looks bomb.

  6. I felt that way the first time I went to New Zealand. I was there for a 10-day road trip of the south island, and really did not want to return to “real-life” at the end. “Real-life” at the time happened to be returning to Sydney, Australia, where I was studying abroad for a semester. LOL life’s tough eh?

  7. My husband and I will be flying to LA this June and then renting a car to travel to a few national parks. If you have any MUST visit/stay recs in LA please let me know!!

  8. i’ve lived here for almost 6 years and i’ve been dying to try so many of the places you’ve visited!!!!! and your airbnb is INCREDIBLE, honestly thinking about doing a staycation there for a night! thanks for sharing & have an awesome rest of your trip :)

  9. I’ve never considered LA to be on my places to see list, but this looks so fun, I might have to add it!

    I feel the same way every time I go to Vancouver, whereas Kyle’s the opposite. He just wants to come home after being in such a big city haha! I just love being on the ocean and all the greenery, and having a million places to eat and explore instead of just a few restaurants and a few roads. Unfortunately, we have to compromise and find a medium sized city to live in one day haha.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  10. I think it’s so interesting you found LA to be fancy! I find it the complete opposite, but that’s probably because I compare it to the East coast. I once asked my professor what the dress code to a museum event was and he basically said if you’re wearing a nice jacket you’re dressed up here. It there definitely is a certain type of woman here that gives off the vibe you described–I sometimes feel schlumpy! Maybe it’s just the specific area, who knows.

    I feel that way about London. I did a study abroad there, and fell head over heels in love. More feasibly, I love DC too.

  11. lol @ the bathtub comment!!!

    I think you should host a giveaway to win a vacation with you- haha!

  12. Absolutely California!!  Though that might be helped by the fact that I’m always hanging out with some of my favorite peeps as well (my extended family).  I think even still, this Cali-born girl still must have a piece of California left in my heart. 😉

  13. I live in San Fran, but have been dyingggg to go to LA . I’ve never been! Girl, it looked like you knew all the hot spots. I soaked up every word of this post. My husband and I are hoping to make a trip sometime in February, and I’ll have to make sure we stop at a few of these places! YUM! Thanks for sharing this trip!!! 

  14. Ugh yes, Rome!! I could wander those streets for a lifetime and more.

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  16. LA is my favorite city to visit! Looks like you’re having a blast. If you’re into weird stuff, check out the Museum of Jurassic Technology while you’re there. Also, eat all the food!! So many wonderful things to eat in LA. :) Have fun!!

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