Snickerdoodle Caramelized Banana Oatmeal

Hello, dream boat (of oatmeal)!

Today I’m doing a collaboration with fellow dietitian Abbey Sharp to bring you two tasty oatmeal recipes.  For the few among you who don’t know Abbey, she is a dietitian who makes these brilliant videos on mindful eating/non-diet approach –> check out this one on good vs. bad foods and clean eating. Sooo brilliant.  I know!

And, umm, she uses the word ‘stellar,’ which I should start using more.  I met Abbey on an almond orchard tour a couple years ago and we ran into each other at FNCE again this year.  I admire her confidence and creativeness and I’m excited to introduce you to her if you don’t know her already.

Abbey made creme brulee protein oatmeal! Just look at it below. Makes ya wanna go for a swim in a bowl of oatmeal…right?! So click over to Abbey’s blog for the recipe.

So one day you can make creme brulee oats and then the next day you can make my oats.  That is if oats are satisfying to you, because you have tastebuds and you should eat foods that please them.

To please my tastebuds I made a bowl of creamy oats with toppings that you should tell everyone about.  

The most fun-tastic of the toppings are the snickerdoodled caramelized bananas.  All you do is sauté some banana slices in butter and then toss them in snickerdoodle-ness (aka cinnamon + sugar).  They are great and you should also make crepes and fill them with snickerdoodled caramelized bananas. 

So the bananas don’t get lonely, I also added sweetened cacao nibs (the unsweetened ones are not delish.  they taste like dirt.), a blueberry sauce, and a dallop of cashew butter.  GANGS ALL HERE!!!

Today in my life I didn’t eat oatmeal for breakfast because we are heading home from California this afternoon so we ate breakfast out.  I rarely order oatmeal at restaurants because it is SO easy to make a delicious bowl of oatmeal at home! I’d rather order something that is more complex to make…like a croissant.  I’ve never attempted to make croissants at home and don’t plan to anytime soon.  That sounds daunting and I’ll leave it to the professional bakers out there.  But oatmeal, I’ve totally got delicious oatmeal making down.

Snickerdoodle Caramelized Banana Oatmeal

Yield: 2ish


1 cup oats
2 cup 2% milk
1 large bananas, sliced
~1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
2/3 cup blueberries
toppings: sweetened cacao nibs, nut butter



In a sauce pan, heat milk until boiling.  Add in oats and whisk with a whisk until creamy (aka just whisk them a lot until your arm hurts a bit from whisking).  Set creamy oats aside.  In a skillet, heat butter until melted.  Add on bananas and cook until both sides are golden brown, flip em’ as needed.  Put them in a bowl and toss them with the brown sugar and cinnamon.

In a separate saucepan, add blueberries and 1-2 tbsp water.  Cook over high heat, mashing some of the blueberries, until blueberries reduce a bit and for a sauce.

In a bowl, place some creamy oatmeal and top with snickerdoodle bananas + blueberry sauce + nut butter + cacao nibs. ENJOY!

^and then I mixed it all up.


  1. gorgeous, gorgeous photos!! 

  2. Those bananas!! I loooove a great bowl of oatmeal, with lots and lots of nut butter!

  3. I make blueberry sauce all the time for my baked oatmeal. So good!
    Snickerdoodle bananas is seriously so creative! Love the idea for French toast or pancakes too.

  4. That banana mess at the bottom is all my cravings wrapped up into one. Super convenient we have the same breakfast taste buds because your site is my go to for fresh new stuff ;)

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  6. This looks amazing! I’ll be making it for Matt and I on Friday!

  7. Well this looks freaking delish!! 

  8. Since reading your post about making oatmeal with milk, I’ve been experimenting with my oatmeal technique. Today, I cooked 1 cup of oats in 3 cups of water and simmered it for about 15 minutes. Then, I added 1 cup of milk and stirred it and cooked it for another 10 minutes. It was perfect! I love to make my oatmeal with a ton of liquid because it gets extra creamy and fluffy. I topped it with these bananas and some extra dark chocolate (I can’t decide if I like super dark chocolate or not, but I really liked it with the sweet bananas.)

  9. I’ve heard of caramelized bananas–but I never would have thought to add them to oatmeal. Sounds amazing!

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  11. This recipe was really yummy! These toppings would also be great on pancakes and waffles :)

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