Los Angeles Adventure Part TWO

The first part of our trip was super rainy, so we were happy when the sun came out.

Tuesday we got up and headed to the coast for breakfast.  I had been wanting to go to Eggslut for quite some time, because I like hearing about/visiting restaurants that have insane success with something as simple as an egg sandwich. 

This morning didn’t go smoothly.  LA traffic was LA traffic so it took us over an hour to get to the coast.  Then when we got to the restaurant they didn’t have a bathroom inside and I had to pee like no other.  So we ate our sandwiches rather rushed and then went in search of somewhere with a bathroom.

I wasn’t very impressed with the sandwich.  Andrew LOVED it.  The sandwich had a chipotle ketchup on it that I wasn’t a fan of with the eggs.  Also for a breakfast sandwich to win ‘best breakfast sandwich’ in my book, it has to be on a biscuit or a croissant.  I have very little interest in brioche bread.  That’s just me.

No denying it was a pretty sandwich though!

So this was eaten in record speed (the opposite of mindful eating…lol it happens), and then we walked quickly in search of a bathroom.

We walked to Blue Bottle and hoped they’d have a bathroom.  AND they did! Plus they have the world’s best coffee.

Their coffee (and Cuvee) is pretty much the only lattes I like without sweetener.  They are so smooth and perfect.

I was still hungry after the egg sandwich, so we walked about Main street in Venice Beach and stumbled into Blue Star (a lot of blue that morning haha).  Lattes + Donuts = so great.

I got the Dulce de Leche with hazelnut and Andrew got the lemon poppyseed.

The weather was fab.  We walked around while we ate our donuts.  Walked over to the Venice Canals, which were rather dirty…I guess from all the rain they just had.  I liked this flamingo boat.

Then we headed up to Malibu for the rest of the morning.

Our first stop was Zuma Canyon Trail.  Gosh I love California.  This trail was gorgeous.  We’re heading to Laguna in March and I can’t wait to check out the trails they have there…we never have before.

For lunch we headed over to Malibu Farm Restaurant.  I highly recommend this place!

For lunch I had crab cakes + an acai smoothie.

After lunch we sat on the pier and enjoyed the view.  They also had a super cute shop at the end of the pier.  The prettiest chocolates…

Then we headed back to the Airbnb to relax.  I took another bath (lol I think I ended up taking 7 baths in 3 1/2 days).  I loved that bathtub! 

For dinner we went our for pizza.

The next day we checked-out of our Airbnb and headed back to Griffith Park before our flight later that day.

We had breakfast at the little cafe at Griffith Park…

Quiche + a scone to split + latte.

We did the West Observatory Trail again.  I would’ve loved to explore more trails in Griffith Park…next time!

That view!

We hiked back down and then headed to the airport.  I loved LA.  I hope we’ll be back!


  1. I have never been to L.A. but the pictures you took are giving me FOMO lol.

  2. Your trip looks fabulous! I hope to one day get to explore the west coast. :)

    • I SOOOOOO recommend it. I imagine I think it’s so fantastic because I have to many magical childhood memories there…but I really do think it’s a magical place!

  3. I went to LA two years ago and LOVED it. Seriously, some of the best food!

  4. beautiful pictures! donuts + landscape look amazing hehe

  5. Ah, I love EggSlut.. I think the DTLA location in Grand Central Market is WAY better than the Venice location, personally (mainly bc that bathroom thing is annoying, and I’m not a huge Venice fan.. it’s sort of dirty lol).

  6. i’m a fan of your blog and have a super random post idea/request – i’m very interested in personal finance especially for 20 somethings and love reading budgeting posts from my favorite bloggers.  for instance, how much do you spend each month eating out and at the grocery store?  what are your money saving tips? how do you and your husband financially plan for the long term?  what’s your vacation budget?  just an idea on something that may appeal to your readers.  

  7. Your Malibu pictures are gorgeous! Did you take them with your phone or a different camera?

  8. Okay restaurants NEED bathrooms. Having to pee takes the some of enjoyment out of eating. !!
    I love seeing your vacations. Also I love the chocolate with a toaster on it. 

    • LOL I was like “what is Kate talking about? Chocolate with toaster on it?!” Then I scrolled back through the post and saw hahaha. I like that one too!

  9. I lived in LA for two months a few years ago and all of your photos are making me miss it so much! I loved all the hiking opportunities and the amazing food spots. I will have to drag my fiance back (he’s never been!) as soon as possible!

  10. All your pictures are great! It looked like a lovely time. Little disappointed about Eggslut though. I have wanted to try it! There is just none right near me.

  11. I’m glad you caught some sun, it’s been pretty rainy here (which I totally don’t mind, it just doesn’t seem very California-y!). I have yet to try Malibu Farm + Blue Star, but your pictures make me want to go ASAP. Trails at Griffith is one of my favorite friend-date spots pre or post hike, and so is Zuma! Come back soon, there’s so much to see and do! :)

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