Egg-in-a-hole Breakfast Quesadilla (for valentine’s day!)

Gimme Mexican-inspired food + a latte and I’m a happy camper.  

Except I’m never a happy camper because I hate camping.  The last time I went camping I found a scorpion in my shoe.  And that is why it was the last time I went camping.  

So.  My most satisfying breakfast (in this hot second) is probably chilaquiles + an iced vanilla latte.  Yup.  And the only place in Houston that I know of where I can order this food combo is out in the suburbs.  I need to find some options close to our house.  But until I find another place, I figured I’d whip up a Mexican-esque breakfast option at home and this is what I came up with.

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, it’s time to break out the heart-shaped food.  If you want to make a blizzard of heart-shaped foods, I have some ideas for you.  Perhaps you could make a ginormous heart-shaped oatmeal breakfast cookie or the All the Heart salad?  Good times.  And now we have a heart-shaped egg-in-the-hole quesadilla.  Oh man, remember that one time I made the epic-ist egg-in-a-hole sandwich.

Now the reasons I’m most excited for February actually have nothing to do with Valentine’s Day.  I’m most excited for February because 1) it’s Maggie’s birthday, 2) some of our good friends are getting married and it’s rare when I know the bride AND the groom and 3) having this breakfast on repeat.

Egg-in-the-hole Breakfast Quesadilla

Yield: serves 1 (and just my typical PSA that you are allowed to listen to your hunger and fullness cues to determine how much food ya need!)


1 fried egg
2 tortillas
heart-shaped cookie cutter
optional: chives, avocado, cilantro, crushed chips, salsa, a latte (duh)


Cut out a heart shape in one of the tortilla.  On the other tortilla, place some grated cheese.  Allow this cheese to melt.  Add your fried egg on top.  Then place the heart cut out over the fried egg.  Garnish with chives, cilantro, chips ANDDDD a latte if you are like me:)


  1. I may have to make this for a V-day brunch! I also have wanted to try to put the egg in the avocado and bake it.

  2. This is adorable, and I love that it’s heart-shaped but a savory meal!

  3. I love all egg in the hole breakfasts! This is adorable.

  4. Looks so delicious !! Egg is a good source of protein & love to have it on m plate. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. What a cute breakfast for my beloved! I’ll be adding bacon for some major fiance points ;)

  6. So this is what that set-up was for on your Insta story!
    You can never go wrong with eggs + avocado + salsa. Thanks for sharing the love in the form of breakfast 💗

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