Day in the life

7:40am: Wake up.  Feed dogs (we’re keeping Louie for a bit again).  Let the dogs out.  Brush my teeth. Let the dogs in.

7:50am: Find a cozy spot on the couch with a blanket.  Ever since I mentioned the 6-minute miracle morning to you on Wednesday, I’ve been doing it.  And I’ve been keeping it to just 6 minutes.  I tend to overcomplicate things and that keeps me from doing them (aka complexity is the enemy of progress), so I’m keeping it quick and simple.

Here are how I go through the steps.  Each step takes one minute and I set a timer on my phone to keep me on track.

step 1: Silence – I focus on inhaling 4 counts and exhaling 5 counts until a minute passes.

step 2: Affirmations – I read aloud my affirmations.  Some of these are just things I want to remind myself of.  I encourage you to find ones that resonate with you:)

step 3: Scribing – (i switched steps 3 & 4 because they make more sense to me in this order.) I write out 2-5 things that I could complete that day that would make me feel empowered and accomplished at the end of the day.

step 4: Visualization – I visualize myself completing those 2-5 things.  This has really helped with the flow of my day.

step 5: Read – I read one minute from a book…currently it’s Body Kindness.

step 6: Move – I’ve just been swinging my arms in big circles to get the blood flowing.

I’m really liking this routine!

8:00am: Wash face.  Put on make-up/get dressed/get the dogs situated for the day/out the door.

8:45am: Stop by a nearby breakfast place, Toasted, for breakfast.  Croissant breakfast sandwich with eggs, bacon and cheese + iced vanilla latte.  I feel like the croissant kinda looks lame here, but it’s really yummy.

9:00am: Drive into town for a dentist appointment.  No cavities! Woohoo! And I love my dentist because they have TVs on the ceiling and are ALWAYS running on time.  I never ever, ever have to wait.

9:50am: Stop by Whole Foods to pick up lunch.  I was planning to head back home to check on the dogs and throw together a lunch before client meetings later, but laying/moving up and down in the dentist chair made me have a bit of a vertigo spell and I just wanted to get to our office and be still.

10:10am: Spend some time catching up on charting on clients from earlier in the week.  Call a therapist back to coordinate care concerning a client.

10:30am: Monthly mastermind call with all my favorite RD’s: Anne, Alexis, Alex, Robyn, Rachael!  Call lasts for 1 1/2 hours and I so love spending time with these ladies.  Snack during the call = chocolate covered almonds + some chocolate covered raisins I added in.

noon: first client of the day.

1pm – 1:30pm: LUNCH via Whole Foods.  Tofu stir fry + a green juice (which I just remembered I left half of in the fridge at work).  I like this green juice…I find it super refreshing.

1:30pm-2pm: Respond to emails.

2:00-7:30pm: Client meeting.  Snacking in between on more chocolate covered almonds + chocolate covered raisins.

8:00pm: Home.  I walk in to Andrew making us breakfast tacos for dinner.

The key is crisping the tortillas in a bit of butter:)

Add on eggs + bacon + cheese + salsa + cilantro.

8:30pm: Take a bubble bath.

8:50pm: Realize I got a package from GoodnessKnows.  Excited to try these!

9pm: Hang out with Andrew.  I wanted a cookie + cold glass of milk so I spent 5 minutes trying to convince Andrew to make us cookies because I don’t want to.  I wasn’t having any luck convincing him so I got up to make cookies only to realize we were out of butter (boooo).  So I used…

10pm: Sit down to type up this post + finish some other blog work (social media sharing + invoice sending).

11:45pm: BED! (client sessions don’t start until 1oam tomorrow so I’ll have plenty of time to get enough sleep.) Sweet dream!

Hope you have a great weekend! After work we are heading out of town to avoid some of the Super Bowl craziness in Houston:) Do you have anything fun planned?


  1. Hi Kylie, have you ever tried physical therapy for your vertigo? I’m a PT and treat vertigo patients all the time. it sounds like you might have BPPV and if that’s the case, it’s a very simple re-position maneuver to treat it. Just thought I’d let you know in case you were unaware!

    • Thanks Erin! Andrew youtubed a vertigo maneuver and does it to me sometimes…clearly he’s not a professional though haha! When the vertigo has been extremely bad in the past, the maneuver seems to improved spinning sensations for a couple hours. I should talk to my doctor about getting a PT referral. Thanks for your insights!<3 I love when reader help me figure out my life! Seriously so appreciative!

      • Yeah, you probably don’t want to youtube it! It typically only effects one side and if you’re treating the wrong side it could make things much worse! Go see a PT who specializes in it! Good luck!!

  2. That breakfast sandwich tho! YUM!

  3. I LOVE our monthly mastermind calls! So happy to have found my “tribe” in you ladies <3 xo

  4. I LOOOVE those apple chocolate Goodness Knows bars!!

  5. Yayyy for days like this! OR at least they sounded lovely to me! Thanks for sharing=)

  6. The Instagram story is priceless. LOL.

  7. The croissant looks fabulous to me. It’s funny because hot coffee is a must for me in the AM. Iced coffee is for the afternoons. 
    That Instagram story is so funny- I bet you and Andrew spend a lot of time cracking each other up :D

  8. What brand of tortillas do you use? They look amazing!

  9. Love your six minute routine! Just heard about that book and have been wanting to check it out. You’ll have to let us know your thoughts on it when you’re done!

  10. I love that you and those other RD”s have a monthly call! As a future RD, I’m always looking for inspirational RD blogs to follow. Since I love yours so much, I can trust that all of those ladies’ blogs must be wonderful too! Its refreshing to find more non-diet RD’s on the internet!

  11. Yeah Imma, it was a life changing book for me. I just knew about this book (the morning miracel – hal elrod) few months back while watching a Youtube video. I was really inspired by Hal elrod approach & how he gone through with several difficulties in life & overcome on that. By the way article is awesome read for me. Thanks for sharing

  12. reading about you day like calms me….I’m like ahhhhh i love how free you are in how you live…plus I love the tribe :) xo

  13. I really need to try out that 6-minute morning routine. I have an awful habit of checking social media the moment I get out of bed and I want to change that! I had a busy weekend filled with bowling, yoga, Laotian pop-up food, going out for the first time in my college life (late to the party, but oh well), playing board games and squeezing in some chores. Any news on those Goodness Knows bars? 😬

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