Best Super Bowl Commercials

Today I wanted to share what I considered to be the best Super Bowl commercials! What were your favorites?! I kinda felt the overall the commercials were a bit lame.  I didn’t find myself laughing/crying as much as I usually do at Super Bowl commercials.  Anyways, here are my favs…

1.The Bai Commercial! I’ve collaborated with Bai several times now and I was SO pumped when I saw they signed on Justin Timberlake.  I was imagining they HAD to do something with that N’sync song! It’s a good commercial because, umm, Justin Timberlake and because now I’m sure I’m saying ‘Bai’ correctly:)

2. The Honda yearbook commercial.  This commercial resonated with me because when I started the blog my motto was, “just do it! And then JUST KEEP GOING.” “If you wanna make a universe, make a universe.”  If you wanna create a blog, start a blog.  Don’t leave dreams as dream! I love being a dreamer and sitting around day dreaming about what could be, but I also like getting stuff done! Act on your dreams one step at a time.

3. Either Andrew or I will say weekly, “I love the internet!” I liked this commercial because it’s so true! The end where he’s like, “I know some people who will love that giant flamingo-shaped bush.”  No matter how small your niche, I believe you can find your people on the internet.  And I’m glad I’ve found my people in you:) I don’t use GoDaddy though…I use Bluehost:)

Did you have any commercial favorites that I missed here?


  1. Gah! Here in Australia they cut out all the awesome American ads and just put in our standard local ones. Thanks for linking to some so I can check them out! The Superbowl ads are always awesome!

  2. I thought the Buick commercial was cute with the kids football team and Cam Newton. I felt the same overall though – the commercials were pretty lackluster compared to years past.

  3. I was so distracted by the half time show, I lost track of the commercials!

  4. We don’t have cable, but I had seen some commercials already circulating on the internet. I actually really like the one with Justin Bieber for T-Mobile, and I thought the one with Melissa McCarthy for Kia was hilarious! I saw the Drink Bai commercial last night and thought it was great as well. :)

  5. I really liked the ad for ‘Stranger Things” because I am obsessed with it and I can’t believe that I have to wait until October for the new season on Netflix.

    But the JT and Walken commercial was my favorite product ad, for sure. I love them both.

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