Our Valentine’s Date Night

Andrew and I have never gone out to celebrate Valentine’s Day before, but this year I wanted to do something to make the day feel special.  I’m not big on going out to fancy dinners or crowds of people, so I started brainstorming what we could do and this is what I came up with.  

I say this is what “I” came up with because Andrew is very happy just staying at home.  If we want to do something other than sit at home…I have to plan it, which we both understand:) He’s a good sport when I’ve planned an adventure for us.

Andrew scooped me up from work yesterday around 5:45pm and we headed to Ripe, a local food truck, which was parked by Rice University for the day.  

I actually worked under the owner/chef of Ripe in undergrad and she, Stephanie, wrote one of my letters of rec for grad school.  More importantly, her food is delish!

For dinner we got a couple things to split: beet falafel + quinoa, jackfruit ‘carnitas’ tacos, sweet potato fries, and a cucumber water to drink.  All super tasty! On top of the beet falafels there were pickled beets that were REALLY good! I wanna make some to keep around as taco toppings.

The weather was fabulous, about 60ºF, so we opened up the back of Andrew’s car and sat in it while we ate.  Recently Andrew got a ‘new to us,’ used Land Cruiser and he’s currently in a state of infatuation with the thing haha.  So I was hoping the weather would be nice enough to sit in the back of the car and eat because I knew he’d love it.

I looked at Andrew while we were eating and said, “this is the best Valentine’s day yet.” And Andrew goes, “yeah, I’ll always remember this…until we do something else cool in the Cruiser and then it’ll get replaced.”  Umm.  So romantic.  Lol.

Our view from the car…

After dinner we headed to Tiny’s Milk & Cookies.  They make some of the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had.  

Tiny’s owns a restaurant in town (and they’re opening one soon in Austin too) called Tiny Boxwoods.  They opened this walk-up shop called Milk & Cookies where you can walk up and order just that…milk & cookies.  

Andrew did that and I got a cookie and a decaf vanilla latte.  Such a nice way to end the evening with something sweet.  

I was definitely over full after eating.  Good thing my body can digest things for me and allow me to have fun, pleasurable food experiences.

After dinner we came home and started that Drew Barrymore show on Netflix called, The Santa Clarita Diet.  It’s interesting and not about any diet I’ve heard of! Have you watched it? We’ve only watched the first episode and I have no idea where it is gonna go or if we will keep watching lol.

Happy Wednesday! Would love to hear about your Valentine’s Day.  Did you keep it casual or go fancy?


  1. Dining outside/picnicing is a favorite thing to do for me. I guess that wouldn’t have been on radar since it’s February though it would have been totally doable with the weather.
    We had dinner in and dessert out. I got a brownie sundae which was absolutely fabulous, but we both ate past the point of pleasure. No worries though, it was such a fun evening and we got to try a cool new spot!

  2. Santa Clarita is pretty hilarious. Dirty, though, just a heads up!

  3. My husband and I have the tradition of cooking together on Valentine’s day, so we made a homemade pizza, cookies, and watched the Office. It was perfect!

  4. ” If we want to do something other than sit at home…I have to plan it, which we both understand…”


  5. my favourite line –> “Good thing my body can digest things for me”.
    I overate last night too but I can accept it now (it’s taken a long time for me to learn to think this way) because making memories and spoiling my fiancé is so much more important to me.

  6. I’m on a long-distance relationship, so yesterday was Galentine’s Day. We watched My Best Friend’s Wedding and Sixteen Candles (cheesy and cliche, totally love it, lol) and ate tons of ice cream and chips, it was perfect by many standards. Your day seemed pretty fun and everything looked delish, so glad you enjoyed it!

  7. I shared our recap on my blog, but I loved that it was low key! I went to a free killer Barre3 class that felt awesome for my body, and then we made a lovely dinner: shrimp simmered in a roasted vegetable and white wine reduction sauce over rice + cauliflower rice and greens.

  8. Oh man, I’m putting that food truck on my list for when I next visit Houston. Yum!

    I finished The Santa Clarita Diet this weekend (there are only 10 short episodes) and I found it hilarious.

  9. I started watching The Santa Clarita Diet last weekend and had to stop due to the vomit EVERYWHERE… probably doesn’t help that I’m pregnant and still have moments of nausea ;)

  10. What a fun date! Husband and I had an at home wine and cheese date with chocolate truffles for dessert and it was perfect :) I’ve started the Santa Clarita diet, and I’m not sure my stomach can handle it! That first episode is pretty rough.

    • What a fun Valentine’s Day! I agree the first episode is rough…not sure if I can go on watching it on or not! If one didn’t know The Santa Clarita Diet was a diet they might read this comment and assume if was another diet that one can not stomach…true for the show and for dieting:)

  11. You and Andrew are too cute! More low-key type of dates sound like the best. Glad he’s down to do whatever you planned! Is he big into surprises then?

    Got no s/o for a traditional Valentine’s so it was a me, myself and I kind of day. Stayed in and watched another crazy episode of the Bachelor. Also extending the celebration into the weekend right now by treating myself to a coffee shop kind of morning.

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