My latest Stitch Fix Delivery!

I’ve been getting deliveries from Stitch Fix for about a year and a half now and I’m such a fan.  Every time I think of them I think, “oh you remember that movie, Lilo & Stitch? That was such a sweet one.”  And then I think, “ohana means family.”

Anyways…some of my favorite pieces of clothing have come from Stitch Fix!

When I first started using them, I was getting items that were too pricey for me (I’ll rarely buy a piece of clothing for more than $60), but I set my price range for items to $50-$100 and that fixed that problem.  

If you haven’t done Stitch Fix before, you can type out a note to your stylist before they ship you your 5 items so you can request things you want.  I requested something velvet and a v-neck romper.  I didn’t get sent anything velvet…maybe it was out of my price range.

My fix had 1 romper, 1 pair of pants, 1 shirt and 1 sweater.

And a pair of earrings.

The earrings were pretty, but I’m pretty minimalistic in terms of jewelry I own.  The design of my jewelry doesn’t need to be minimalistic…but I tend to keep the amount of jewelry I own small.  So I’m going to send them back.

First thing I tried on was the romper.  I have a pink romper Stitch Fix sent me a couple fixes ago that I love, so I was excited for this one.

Butttt it just didn’t fit right.  I feel like in the above photo it looks fine, but I didn’t have enough boob for it and the top was just too big.  And I tend to like floral patterns that have more COLORS! Sending it back.

Next I tried on the shirt.  The shirt had scalloped sleeves and I LOVE anything scalloped (food-wise or clothing-wise lol).  However I don’t like capped sleeves…I think they feel funny.  It’s kinda like the shirt can’t decide if it wants to be a tank top or a t-shirt.  So I’m sending this one back too.

Then I tried on the pants…

…and I LOVE THEM! I definitely will be keeping.  I really like when I see people wearing hot pink + red so I put on my flannel with these pants and I LOVE THIS OUTFIT…

If you see me in person anytime in the next two weeks I’ll probably be wearing this outfit.

I didn’t even try on the sweater because it reminded me of a sweater I had in 10th grade and I hated 10th grade (and really all of high school).  I probably should’ve kept it and done some exposure therapy to get over my connection between sweaters like that and 10th grade…but oh well.  Maybe next time:)

So I kept one item.  That’s pretty typical for me.  I get a box once a quarter, so 4 times a years and it’s a fun way to change it up!

Have you tried Stitch Fix? I want to surprise Andrew and order him a box because I hear they have men’s clothing now too.


  1. Hi Kylie, you look great in all of these photos, and I do think the romper suits you alright!
    I’ve been reading your blog and followed you on Instagram for a while now, you are such an inspiration!!! I love it that you are a real person speaking, not afraid of jumping into controversial issues if you have experienced them as well. Honestly, your writing helps me a lot.
    Something I have been wanting to ask you for a long time – how did you stop calorie counting? I have a disordered eating background and now it’s been more than a year that I am into body positivity – I try to allow myself eat the things I want, I skip the gym when I don’t feel like going, I have gained weight and learn to be OK with it, and I talk to my dieting friends about accepting and loving themselves as they are.
    However, a habit I just can’t get rid of is calorie counting. I have ages ago deleted all of the tracking apps, but I still find myself tracking on the calculator… This yogurt was 50cal, this banana was 100, and this mini chocolate croissant about 100… HOW CAN I STOP? I have spent 4+ years DAILY counting calories, and as much as I try not to, I just can’t… I always end up reaching for the calculator and doing the maths, no matter whether I eat a salad or a pizza…
    Any advice on how to stop?
    Thanks a lot, and again thank you for being so inspiring!

    • Personally, I found that this ended with me over time and was one of the last things I let go of. I started by making the conscious effort to stop. Start with one meal and go from there. You might know the calorie content but that doesn’t mean you have to count or think about it.

      • So much truth here, Megan! Thanks for sharing<3

      • Thank you for your advice, Megan, will definitely try! I found myself stopping to count when I am on holiday and there’s little to no food I cook myself, so perhaps that’s another step of “letting go” that I haven’t done yet.

    • Hi Tania! Thanks for following along with the blog and IG:)

      For stopping calorie counting, if there is a way to remove the calculator app from you phone, do that. I imagine that has already been done though. So many of my clients are excellent at mental math (unfortunately) and can total up calorie amounts before they even realize what they’re doing. Sounds like you are the same:)

      When you catch yourself calorie counting, I would first take a moment to appreciate the fact that your body is trying to keep you safe. Over time you’ve trained it to think that calorie counting is an appropriate way to take care of yourself and your brain is doing it’s best to keep you safe and comfortable. Here’s an example from my life…when I catch myself having a negative body image thought pop into my head, I immediately put my hand on my heart/chest area and ask myself why my brain just made up that my body size is what is wrong with this day. Then I get to the root of the issue and realize the problem isn’t my body, but because I didn’t get enough sleep, I’m working too much, I’m not practicing self-care, I got in an argument with x, etc. Then I usually smile (this is less creepy that it sounds lol) and say inside my head, “thanks for trying to take care of me brain, but we handle stress differently now than tearing our body down.” Then I go do something that makes me empowered as soon as I can.

      So the point of all that is…I wonder if calorie counting is a coping mechanism for you. Calorie counting makes you feel calm and peaceful, but I’m sure there is another self care activity you could do that could make you feel calm and peaceful.

      Hope that helps get you thinking about some things<3

      • Thank you so much Kylie for your words and sharing your experience. I have never seen my calorie counting as a coping mechanism, so you’ve given me quite a lot of food for thought… It might be true, and it seems to be one of the last habits of “having control” – while I have gotten rid of the other ones, this one still persists. Will try to follow your strategy! Thanks! <3

  2. You look adorable, & I love that outfit! I so want to try Stitch Fix at least once, but Idk if I can afford it right now. 😕 Do they have a discount for first time customers?

    • Hmm. I’m not sure! This post wasn’t sponsored by them so I don’t have anyone to ask haha. I don’t think they gave me a discount on my first box though:/

  3. I love the scalloped top on you!

  4. Ah love the pink pants! I need those.

  5. Love your blog. Every time!!!

  6. Stitch Fix only carries up to size 16, so it’s never been an option for me. It may sound dumb, but it was getting mentioned everywhere a few years ago and it was a real struggle for me because it just reinforced the idea that there was something wrong with me/I was not “normal” because I couldn’t use this service that it seemed like everyone else was using. Thankfully I was far enough along in the process of intuitive eating and healing my relationship with food and body that I was able to work through those feelings and not be damaged by them. Apparently Stitch Fix is launching an expanded range of sizes at the end of this month, but honestly I’d rather stick with brands that haven’t made me feel like it is some insurmountable challenge just to offer a size that I can wear. I really am glad that other people enjoy it, though!

    • I had a similar reaction to Stitch Fix. I’m a 16/18 generally and what I’ve read is they really stop at a 14. Kind of dumb given a huge number of women wear sizes over that. I’ve also heard they don’t fit tall women well and I’m 5’10”.

      I still love seeing these SF reviews and that scalloped top and those pink pants are so CUTE.

      • Christabel, I’m with you–I’m 5’10” also.

        And I agree, I still enjoy seeing the clothes and I LOVE those pink pants, Kylie! (I also agree the scalloped top is cute, but I’m a sucker for scallops–and for cap sleeves, because I don’t like wearing sleeveless tops to work, but Houston is hot, so they’re the perfect compromise for me!)

    • I can see how that would be tough! Sorry you had the experience, Sarah:/ I wonder if there is a more size inclusive option out there that is similar to Stitch Fix. If not, sounds like a good entrepreneur venture for someone!

      But mostly, glad you are far enough along in healing your relationship with food + body to see there is nothing wrong with you!<3

      • Me too! Woohoo intuitive eating/self-care/body love. :) Really thankful for your blog, it has been a great encouragement to me.

  7. Hi Kylie! I am newish to your blog, but I LOVE your content. You are so honest and open about your opinions and lifestyle and it’s so refreshing. I just started a blog (using your guide!) and am looking to increase my readership. Do you have any tips/tricks? I value your content and the way you seem to run your business.

    Also, the hot pink pants are bomb! I never thought I would like a color so bright, but I just bought a similar pair and find myself wearing them all the time!

    • Hi Jenny!! Yay for starting a blog!! I submitted my recipes to Foodgawker and Healthy Aperture in the beginning, that was helpful for getting my stuff out there. I also think consistency in posting is important so your audience knows when to expect posts. And I once heard Pinch of Yum say that 90% of the time you just need to get the post up…10% of the time you can say I’m too tired or I’d rather do ‘x’ than blog right now. That has kind of stuck with me. I rest when I need to rest, but I wouldn’t say 100% of the time I’m psyched to sit down and put up a post. Sometimes you just have to push yourself to create the content and put it out there even when you’re tired and feel like no one is reading the blog. It’ll pay off…you just gotta keep going. :)

  8. Love the hot pants! Reminds me of the skit with J. Lopez… Jimmy Fallon.

  9. Love those pants! I have been a longtime fan of Stitch Fix although recently my fixes have been more misses than wins unfortunately. I’m not sure why, but it’s been that way for the last year or so. Still a big fan of the company and concept though. I actually just convinced my boyfriend to try them too, and he has a box coming this weekend!

    • I kinda felt this box was a miss for me! So I know what you mean. I usually LOVE one item in the box bc it seems unique and just totally me…but I really didn’t feel that way this time.

  10. I had a credit for a free styling soooo I just did it and requested your hot pink pants haha! Everything looks so cute on you!

  11. I love those pants! Definitely going to be tracking me down some hot pink pants ASAP!

  12. I have been doing Stitch fix on and off for a few years now.  I love the shirts and dresses they send!  I even have a couple necklaces too.

    I started back last month and what they sent was perfect, I kept 3 pieces!  Do you do a pinterest page for ideas as well?  Sometimes that helps the stylist know what you like.

    I am CRAZY about your pants…and now need to find that color for me too.  I agree, you should just wear that outfit every single day, Gorgeous!!

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