This weekend our good friends got married.  I had been looking forward to their wedding ever since they got engaged:)

Saturday morning I woke up at 6am to go volunteer at a Houston Eating Disorder Specialists Conference.  I threw on clothes and grabbed a nut butter filled Clif bar on the way out the door.  (Speaking of Clif bar, have you ever heard of the How I Built This podcast.  It’s awesome and there’s one about Clif bar.)

For the conference, I helped out with registration and introducing a speaker.  I also got to sit in on a couple presentations and really enjoyed them.  

I’m starting to do some public speaking about my recovery journey starting in March.  Yay! I’ll be at Syracuse University early March and then at the Circles of Change Conference in Phoenix mid-March.  If you are a nutrition student interested in having me come speak at your university or a facility holding an ED conference, feel free to email me.  I’d love to chat about it.  

One of the presentations I sat in on was a therapist sharing her recovery journey and the below is a photo from her talk.  Things that may indicate the development of an ED…

I had all of the above when I was in my ED.  The ‘obsessive watching of food channels’ was obsessive looking at food blogs though.  Not a great time.

Around 10am, my friend Morgan and I snuck away for the quickest taco + latte snack of our lives.  Morgan is the sparkles and giggle of my life.  She exudes positivity and optimism. 

I stayed for one more presentation about a women (it was actually Mattress Mac’s daughter, if you live in Houston and know who Mattress Mac is) who struggles with OCD.  She was an incredible speaker and gave a lot of insight into an area of mental illness other than EDs, which is helpful because a lot of times there are co-occurring conditions that go along with EDs. 

I ate lunch at the conference and then headed home to pick up Andrew for the wedding.  My friend from grad school, Amanda was marrying her Andrew:)  Over the past 3 1/2 years me and my Andrew have become great friends with her and her Andrew.  And I know everyone always says, “so-and-so was the most beautiful bride.” BUT goodness Amanda really was the most beautiful bride.

The couple to the right is another friend from grad school, John!  His girlfriend, Liz, and I ended up spending a good portion of Sunday getting to know each other better.

The wedding venue was GORGEOUS…

As was the food…


Dessert table complete with a donut cake.

I had a plethora of alcoholic beverages including a tequila shot and we danced the night away.  About every 6 months I find it super pleasurable to drink too much and dance non-stop:)  They played my dance song pretty early in the night, which started the dancing off early haha.  And then Sunday night Andrew and I worked on our go-to choreographed dance routine for a part of that song for dancing opportunities in the future…and it’s awesome.

Sweaty post dancing photo.

Yay, marriage!!!

We came home and crashed in bed.  I ended up waking up hungry around 1am and went and ate a graham cracker with peanut butter and white chocolate chips on top.  Served with a glass of milk.  Then back to bed.  If I’m hungry, I CAN NOT SLEEP.

Sunday we woke up and headed to church.

It was a kolache day at church! YAY kolaches (sausage + cheese surrounded by a dough) + iced vanilla latte for breakfast!

We were going to go to the grocery store after church, but I wasn’t feeling so hot (thanks, tequila!).  So we headed home and rested.

Later that day I took a yoga class because my mind was sounding noisy.  I felt calmer after the class:)

After lunch (which was a smoothie + some chicken + cheese wrapped in lunch meat…random lunch) I headed to hang out with and get to know my friend, Liz, better.

We went to Anthropolgie.  They were offering 40% off their sale section this weekend! I ended up with 5 things.  And one of them is a shirt with pom-poms that Liz tried on but it was too big for her, so I tried it on and LOVED it.

Then we chatted at a restaurant for a bit.  Decaf hazelnut latte for me.  

Afterwards I went grocery shopping and made dinner…scrambled egg topped nachos.

Then I relaxed a bit with an audiobook.  Currently listening to The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis.

Ended the night with a white chocolate pb cup and some milk.

I hope everyone had the most fabulous weekend! As always, I’d love to hear about it:)  Or I’d love to hear about what you’re most looking forward to this week! I’m getting the results back on the MRI of my knees, so I’m most excited about that! My knees have been extremely painful for the past 4 months…most bending motions, like sitting in a chair, hurts (the dancing at the wedding didn’t help.  I’ve just spent so long not dancing in life because I wasn’t comfortable enough in my own skin that now I wanna dance every chance I get.).  Excited to hopefully get my knees feeling more like themselves again.


  1. It was bizarrely warm in Chicago this weekend, so while I spent most of my days in the library (yay college), I enjoyed the walks there more than usual ;) I also made two delicious batches of muffins and squeezed in some yoga. And I am SO with you on not being able to sleep if I’m hungry. Whether it’s only midnight or 3 am, if I wake up and need food, I get up and get myself some food before crawling back in bed.

  2. About every 6 months I find it super pleasurable to drink too much and dance non-stop:) <— SAME. I'm glad I'm not alone in this lol. Sounds like an awesome weekend! :)

  3. Your weekend sounds great! Just a note, as a physician and fellow knee pain sufferer, your pain sounds an awful lot like patellofemoral syndrome. Obviously you should talk to your own doctor and check everything out just as you are doing right now. Everyone’s body is different and things can present differently. Normally, I am not a fan of an “internet diagnosis”, but I remember when my knees started hurting and couldn’t help but sympathize!

    • Got the MRI results and we’re doing taping + PT + f/u with my MD in a month + instructions to not “do anything that makes the knee pain worse.” Which I laughed at a little because even like sitting down on a toilet hurt them. But I’m happy to have a plan!

  4. So glad you’re reading The Great Divorce! CS Lewis is just wonderful. 

  5. My husband and I went and stayed with my parents this weekend, and we went skiing! I’ve never been skiing before, so it was my first time and it was SO fun! I am someone who typically likes to stay in their comfort zone, so it was nice to step outside of that :)

  6. I hope your knees feel better! As a dancer, I totally feel your pain (literally)! Knee joints are weird and they’re definitely something I always have to watch in class before we do any big movements. I’ll have to check out that book too. I loved your wedding outfit! :)

  7. Our good friend was celebrating her bday and her husband put together a party bus which brought us to the casino. We ate and drank the night away!

  8. What a gorgeous wedding and couple! I loved your outfit and cardigan – so lovely! I hope you are able to really diminish your knee pain soon with the current plan you and your MD agreed upon!

  9. This weekend was so great after being gone for 3 weeks on a work trip: a hair cut, quiet time reading, checking out a new local brewery including a delicious greek food truck, a bike ride to a local cafe for sandwiches, and snuggling my puppies and husband :)

    • Sounds dreamy! I love trying new restaurants. I love the smell of my hair after it’s cut. I love food trucks. So sounds like just a fab weekend all around:)

  10. I live in Phoenix and would love to hear you speak! Is the conference open to the public? 

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