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Hi guys! I haven’t done a ‘day in the life’ in a couple weeks.  So here we are!

I slept in until a bit before 8am (glorious!).  I’ve found if I don’t sleep in on Thursdays I totally crash by 6pm…since Thursdays are my late day at work my sleep is key.  

Then I got up and eased in the the day (my mother-in-law and bro-in-law are all about ‘easing into their mornings’, and they taught me that term and I LOVE it).

For breakfast I had leftover pizza + mango + latte with latte ice cubes that are similar to these except my latte ice cubes had some vanilla creamer in them…yum!

After breakfast I put on a face mask and read another chapter in Body Respect.

Around 9:30am I headed to yoga.

Post yoga I showered, had a Clif Bar, drank water galore, and headed to work.

I ended up a bit rushed before my first client, so instead of having lunch right away I had a couple cookies to hold me until my break.  We went out to eat the night before with friends and they send us home with some monster cookies.  They’re filled with oatmeal, peanut butter, m&m’s and they are fabulous.

I saw client from noon to 7:30pm.

Lunch was half of a Taylor Farms salad mix.  I’ve found salad mixes to be super easy for lunches.  They last me for two meals and make mornings SUPER easy when packing my lunch because I just have to grab the mix + something to go with it on the side + snacks for the day.  This salad mix came with croutons, parmesan, a creamy lemony vinaigrette and I added in some tomatoes.  Since this was the last half of the bag, I just dumped in the remaining ingredients and shook it all up in the bag.  So easy.

Paired with a Zevia and Justin’s PB cups.

Then I say clients until 6:30pm.

Right before my ED support group I had an apple.

For dinner I met Andrew at VERTS! I really like falafel and feta, since VERTS has both of those things I love them:) 

I was mega bloated and feeling blah before this meal, but I knew that would pass and when it did I’d be hungry if I didn’t eat.  Sometimes you’re bloated.  That doesn’t mean you should skip a meal or a snack. Feeling bloated occasionally is no different than getting a headache occasionally…it just happens.  It doesn’t mean you did something wrong, you ate something wrong, or you should not eat.  (And if you’re someone trying to weight restore…you will just feel bloated pretty much all the time until your gastroparesis subsides and the bloated feeling isn’t constantly present.  Keep going! It gets better!) 

So VERTS! It’s like the Chipotle of mediterranean food.  

You start with choosing your base: pita, salad, rice or quinoa.  Andrew and I both went the pita route.  The menu does have calorie information listed on the menu, but I crossed them off in the below photo so you who are triggered by seeing calorie counts can know the options now and don’t have to look at the menu when you go;)

Then you choose a protein: falafel for me and lamb + beef for Andrew.  Then you add all the toppings your heart desires.  For pita toppings I got pickled red onions (a personal fav), tazatiki sauce, feta, marinated shredded carrots, and olives. 

Andrew’s came out prettier than mine!

We also got some sweet potato fries to split and holy smokes they were REALLY good.  Like the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had.  

They had a seasoning on them that was awesome.  They’re worth going to try if you haven’t had them!

We will be back.  If you order a rice or quinoa bowl it comes in these gorgeous ceramic looking bowls that I wanted to take home with me haha.  Next time I wanna try a bowl!

After dinner we came home and…

…our Jeni’s delivery came! 

So we tried them all.

The Birch & Marshmallow one is gross (lol).  The Mont Blanc tastes a bit like gingerbread, which Andrew liked but it wasn’t my fave.  The Savannah Buttermint Ice Cream was insanely yum.  The description is: “peppermint ice cream with butter, sea salt and flecks of white chocolate.”  I decided to have more than a taste of that one and I would definitely order it again in the future.

Andrew and I hung out for a bit and then around 9:30pm I started typing up this post while listening to a podcast on marriage.

And then I was in bed a little past 11pm.

I’m very happy it’s Friday! Do you have any weekend plans you’re looking forward to?


  1. I’m really sorry your stomach acted up a bit, but most of the time if I eat, it helps to calm bloat & discomfort. 🙂 Everything looked delicious, & I love a place where you can build your plate! Also, your outfit is so adorable!

  2. Mediterranean food is my fav so this sounds like my kinda place! I’ve been curious about Jeni’s- did you think the pricetag was worth it? This weekend we are headed to Pittsburgh for the Winter Classic- our teams play each other so that should be fun. Have a great weekend Kylie!

    • (shhh don’t tell anyone…but i don’t think it’s worth the price tag.) :)

      I got these pints during their half off sale. So each was $6 as opposed to the normal $12. I DO think their sweet potato with toasted marshmallow ice cream IS worth the price tag. They only have it around holiday time and it’s super fun.

    • As a Columbus native (Jeni’s hometown), I LOVE Jeni’s, but even I would say that if you’re near a scoop shop, go, but that it’s not what I necessarily want to dig into when I’m chilling at home. Does that make sense? It’s awesome, but part of the experience is definitely getting to try a sample of any flavor to make sure you like it, especially since they’re so out-there. That said, you can’t go wrong with the salted peanut butter with chocolate flecks!

  3. Verts looks ahhhhmazig! I wish we had one, I live for hummus and feta!

  4. Looking forward to sleeping. And hopefully a face mask. #thelittlethings

  5. Those ice creams sound amazing!  Definely with you on the birch and marshmallow…what does birch taste like?  They are beautiful trees but I don’t know if they belong in my dessert.  No big plans.  Going over to have dinner with friends on Sunday night is what I’m looking forward to most.  HAPPY FRIDAY!

  6. yum those cookies sound delicious. did they share a recipe? I’ve never heard of Verts how cool is that!  Also bummer on the ice cream because marshamallow is always my favorite flavor !

  7. I love VERTS especially their rice bowls! The pickled onions, the marinated carrots, the spicy harissa, the falafel. I saw that they had brussel sprouts one time and was so sad that the closest branch is still out of the way 😭

    It makes me happy to see you’re enjoying this amazing February weather with ice cream too! A yoga & brunch event at the farmers market and spending time with family are what I’m looking forward to this weekend! Plus, the Oscars on Sunday evening

  8. I am OBSESSED with the salad kits! Some might say they’re too expensive and you’re paying for convenience, but–not really. Think about it, if I were to buy the full vegetable for everything that’s in those, it would be way more and I probably wouldn’t eat ALL of it if it’s just me. I love that Taylor Farms variety, too!

    • And even if it is more expensive I still say, “hell yeah I’m paying for convenience” Haha. Some weeks I don’t wanna spend my life chopping up kale and value-added grocery store goodies are where it’s at!

  9. Hi Kylie! Would you consider doing a post or emailing me a bit more information on gastroparesis – what it is, how it relates to EDs, how to get past it, etc.?

    • I second this request!

      • Hi ladies! GI issues in ED recovery occurs in the majority of those recovering. Gastroparesis is one of those GI issues and means “delayed stomach emptying” (aka your stomach holds food longer than it should and makes you feel bloated and nauseous). The treatment for ED-caused gastroparesis is consistent and adequate eating for a couple months + weight restoration if needed. This is one of the things that makes recovery from an eating disorder difficult…you body is saying “this is too much food, I’m uncomfortable” but that is because your body is out of practice on how to digest food properly and accommodate a normal amount of food. Those who are malnourished or in their ED who believe they have food allergies/intolerances because they feel bloated after eating may actually just be struggling with one of the many awful side effects of ED…gastroparesis!

        In some cases gastroparesis can become primary and resistant to typical ED treatment. In that case a GI doc needs to be brought in to complete a couple tests for gastroparesis.

        Moral of the story: For most people, you get past gastroparesis by eating regularly throughout the day. Working with an ED dietitian/non-diet dietitian/CEDRD to establish a meal plan and give one support can be extremely helpful.

  10. Hi Kylie, Can you tell me where your blue shirt is form. I so want it!!!

  11. I’m putting VERT on my list of Houston places to hit up where I’m there in the fall!

  12. I discovered that exact salad at our local grocery store! Love it! The ice cream looks delicious. I’m still trying to get used to the idea that bloating just happens. For a while I was told and I believed that if you’re bloated or have any discomfort it’s because you’re eating grains, dairy, etc. (insert any food that people are afraid of)

    • Hi Ashley, I’m excited you’re trying on the idea that being bloated just happens sometimes:)

      Being bloated after eating can be psychosomatic…stress about eating dairy/grains OR telling yourself that those foods make you bloated probably will make you bloated. Working to make peace with all foods is key.

  13. Verts sounds awesome and 500% like my kinda place!!  I mean Mediterranean food + Chipotle-style + SP FRIES???  I SO WANT TO GO!!!  (Sorry for the shouting; I got a little excited. 😜)  But I live in Washington and they’re only in Texas + East Coast.  Sooo jealous!! 😋

  14. I’d really like to read Body Respect. Looks awesome!
    It honestly drives me bananas when menus have the calorie counts in great big numbers. I’m trying *hard* to stop counting calories, and it’s really hard to pretend I don’t see them/don’t care when it’s posted in big bold font. That said, there’s a Mediterranean Chipotle-type place near my house I should try sometime. :)

    • It’s a bummer they put calorie counts on menus. It takes away from the joy of eating. In my opinion, hunger/fullness awareness is more important than calorie awareness. It’s just another government rule I don’t agree with.

  15. I love this blog and honestly wish you’d do a post on bloating. It drives me crazy and there is literally nothing that makes me feel as bad about my body as having an episode, especially since I’m fairly small- so it’s really obvious when it happens. If there’s anything that helps I’d love to hear it- but I appreciate this post so much just because you mentioned it and a lot of women deal with it. Thanks!

    • It’s the same for my twin sis & myself! We’re petite, so it’s always been really obvious for us. It started around puberty, & we were ultimately diagnosed with IBS aka doctors had exhausted all tests with no answers. They stated that good & bad stress will cause these symptoms. Pft. Personally, I’ve noticed that my flare ups typically occur when my hormones are in their natural rhythm but are a certain point in my cycle. It subsides then I feel fine again. A research article I found a few years ago related these symptoms to a woman’s cycle & stated how some of us are more affected than others. I don’t know if this helps as it doesn’t provide a way to prevent, but just know you aren’t alone!

  16. umm obsessed that you had pizza for breakfast. YES girl.

    and what are those new clif bars?! must try.

    i wish we had a verts in LA! i’ll keep an eye out in case they expand :)

  17. We have Verts in Austin too, I love that place! I haven’t tried their sweet potato fries, but will make sure to do that next time!

  18. I have been weight restored and eating well for over eight months, before that, I was in the process of gaining for about a year. My stomach is just now getting back to normal. I can 100% attest to the fact that bloating is one of the trickiest, most painful (emotionally and physically) parts of recovery. I thought when I was weight restored it would all stop… but it didn’t.I was so devastated. It would have been easy to let that keep me from progressing forward and maintaining my new weight. I’m so glad it didn’t. If anyone in recovery reads this: the bloating WILL NOT be forever. Sure it still happens to me sometimes but much less often. I’m convinced that continuing to eat a plentiful and varied amount past weight restoration (no you will not gain loads and loads!) is what healed my stomach.

  19. I love your blog so much! I also loved the “How I Built This” podcast that you shared in another post. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Those Taylor Farms salad kits are lifesavers and so good! And Vert looks awesome…I love Mediterranean food! I don’t think we have one in my area, unfortunately.

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