7 weekend favorites

This weekend seemed really long and that is always so nice!

number 1

Saturday morning around 10am I met my little sister, Quinn, to hang out for a bit.  I was planning to work on a presentation and Quinn is in college so she had homework…but we just ended up talking the entire time over vanilla lattes:)  Around noon we met my big sister and mom for a taco lunch at Torchy’s.

I get messages all the time saying, “it seems like all you do is drink lattes and eat tacos!” And I’m like, “yep!”

number 2

I bought a face vase and I’m in love with it.

number 3

KOLACHES! Our church has been having kolaches every Sunday and it makes my tastebuds sing.  They are a sweetish bread filled with sharp cheddar + cheddar sausages.

number 4

I used my last Lush Bubble Bar.  Gosh I love those.

number 5

This outfit! This shirt is another item of clothing I got from the Anthro sale section.  I’m in love with it with boyfriend jeans and my favorite sandals.

number 6

After church Sunday we met our good friends for brunch at Cedar Creek.  They have the very best outdoor patio and the weather was amazing.  I got a dish with quinoa, chicken sausage, eggs, veggies and avocado.  It was called the “runner’s bowl.” No one checked to see if I was a runner, so I guess I was allowed to order it…;)

number 7

I made Ghirardelli’s fudgy boxed brownies and they were amazing.  I’ve been trying to find a bomb homemade brownie recipe…but a lot of the recipes I’ve tried have been flops.  This boxed version is going to be my go-to for awhile.

Any weekend highlights you can share?!


  1. That sounds like such a nice weekend! I’m still a bit confused about the whole food and church thing, though. Can you really get food there?
    Maybe it’s normal in America, I don’t know, I just don’t think we have something like that in the Netherlands. But it seems like a nice thing to have!

    • Cedar Creek is my fav place to go when the weather is great! I love the runners bowl!

    • haha I guess it could seem a bit odd. There is a coffee shop connected to our church that is open on Sunday and all during the week. They also do this thing where they offer a “common meal” where you can pay whatever you can afford for the common meal of that week…$1, $15, $0. I think it’s a great way to support the homeless in Houston.

  2. Being all about tacos and lattes? Not a bad thing in my book ;)
    That outfit is super cute! I used to be obsessed with one shoulder shirts, so I am glad to see they are coming back in style. (I’m clueless about fashion).

  3. Is it sad that getting to grocery shop with my husband was a total highlight? We’re both super busy so that time together is so sweet.

    LOVE that shirt. Need some cute spring stuff!

  4. My sister and I met up at our fav local coffee shop on Saturday, and we enjoyed their coffee as well as pizza from a local food truck. They were parked there for the afternoon, and it was awesome! We also tried hot sculpting yoga for the first time yesterday and immediately became hooked. :) Your outfit is oh so adorable!! I love bf style jeans, especially when paired with something flirty and feminine.

  5. That brunch spot looks amazing!  I love spots that have fun twists on breakfast foods.  How is the book “Making a house your home”?  It sounds like a book I need to read?  Our weekend was good!  Saturday we got to get out and about but we were housebound Sunday with a sick toddler.  I can’t wait for winter to be done haha

    • Honestly it looks pretty and it makes a great ‘coffee table’ book! I’ve flipped through it multiple times BUT I don’t really think I need a book on how to make my house a home…I like the idea of creating coziness for yourself, whatever that mean for you, and you will make your house a home naturally if you are pursuing coziness;)

  6. Love that outfit! so cute :)
    weekend favorites? hmmm. I had the best smoothie this weekend and got to see a friend for ice cream!

  7. yumm lattes and tacos! can’t beat that!  I love that shirt too, such a cute outfit!  I experienced my first Peruvian Carnaval in the Amazon which is mostly a huge city-wide water balloon fight! Very strange but a lot of fun! 

  8. I must try Cedar Creek next time I’m in Houston! (My parents live there.) I love outdoor seating and that patio looks fantastic.

    I love your Anthro top too, that color looks so great on you! I love their sales.

  9. LOVE that shirt! Highlight of my weekend was my first crepe experience at a fancy French restaurant. I’ve been converted!!!

  10. I started my Saturday with a yoga class and then spent time with my Mum and sister while I washed my car. I love having a clean shiny car so it was definitely a highlight for me :)

  11. Nothing wrong with endless tacos and lattes! Your weekend sounds so nice and relaxing. Also, a cafe in the hospital where I work just started selling kolaches (with cheddar and bacon) and I can’t wait to try them per your recommendation!

  12. America’s Test Kitchen gluten-free brownies. Ah-mazing. I haven’t had the regular wheat flour ones, but ATK anything tends to turn out ah-mazing. That said, the Ghiradelli ones look awesome, too.
    I think it’s super-funny when menu items are named after the kind of people who supposedly eat them. You’ll have to keep your i.d. on you–21 to order a drink and a “real” runner to order the runner bowl. ;)

  13. Hi Kylie, 

    My go to brownie recipe is this one if you want to try it out sometime. It is super chocolatey and delicious! You can mix up the chocolate for nuts or berries or both! It works every time for me and my friends and family that I have passed the recipe onto. They always rave about them so I hope you might find some luck in using it and not have to use packet mixes. Although some packet mixes are the bomb! 

    Chocolate Brownies 
    185g unsalted butter, diced 
    Seeds of 2 vanilla pods
    180g bittersweet dark chocolate (70% or higher)
    2 large eggs
    2 egg yolks
    250g caster sugar
    150g plain flour
    50g cocoa powder
    75g white chocolate, chopped
    75g milk chocolate, chopped

    1.     Preheat the oven to 180 C and line/grease a brownie tin (23x23cm).
    2.     Split the vanilla pods lengthways and scrape out the seeds. Set aside.
    3.     Chop the dark chocolate into pieces and melt with the diced butter in a heatproof bowl over a bain-marie. Allow to cool slightly.
    4.     Using an electric mixer beat the eggs, egg yolks, sugar and vanilla. Add the melted chocolate and butter mixture and whisk to combine.
    5.     Sift in the flour and cocoa powder and fold with a wooden spoon. Stir in the chocolate chunks (or nuts/berries) by hand.
    6.     Pour into the prepared tin and bake for 20-25 minutes until the center is moist but not runny. Cool and then cut into squares.

    Let me know if you end up trying it out and maybe even doing a blog post about it :) That would be cool! 

    Thanks again for having such an awesome blog! 

    Isabel :) 

  14. LOVE the Gharadelli brownies. My favorite homemade brownie recipe is from Cookie and Kate called “The Very Best Brownies.” They have brown butter, chocolate chips and a little bit of sea salt. They are fudgy and gooey and everything a brownie should be! (in my opinion anyways!:)

  15. I share your love for lattes, one of those little things in life that make it that much better. Some of my weekend highlights: i got an amazing brownie with my boyfriend Friday night! Got to go on a beautiful hike and it was clear enough this time to see the ocean from the top! (I’m out in San Diego). And made some pretty amazing roasted carrots on Sunday night.

  16. May I suggest the “Katherine Hepburn” brownie? I am not much of a baker but woooo that recipe makes me swoon. I add chocolate chips to the recipe right before baking because there is no such thing as too much chocolate :)

  17. Where is that planter from? I love it!

  18. My mom always used to say that Ghirardelli’s box brownies were the best, especially if you swapped out some/all of the oil for butter (and they are SOOO good!).  It used to be the only brownies we ever made, and they are still our normal go-to for brownies to serve the whole fam. 😉

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