10 snacks I’m loving lately

I really like snack time and I like having different snacks each day of the week…yay variety! I eat and enjoy snacks  I’m really not a vegetable-at-snack-time kind of person.  I tend to crave vegetables at meals more than snack times…and I don’t judge it! Except ice cold bell pepper has been pretty tasty for some snacks lately.  Here are some of my current snack favorites…

1. Brookies (aka brownie + cookie oat balls).  

These are dreamy.  I’ll occasionally make a batch at the beginning of the week to have them to munch on for snacks and desserts.

2. Iced vanilla lattes.  

Oh me and vanilla lattes.  Love ’em.

3. Chocolate covered pretzels dipped in peanut butter.


4. Oat pucks.  

So I haven’t actually made these, but I saw them when we were in San Francisco and loved the idea of an oat-y, dense muffin for breakfast or snack time.  I do have to say the word “puck” isn’t super appetizing sounding, so I’d probably call them something else.  And I hate apricots lol, so mine wouldn’t have apricots.

5. Epic chocolate chip cookies.

Sometimes nothing beats a cookie.

6. Fried chicken sandwich.

One day I was “hungry for a meal” hungry, after a meal.  Sooo I swung by Chick-fila for a sandwich with some BBQ sauce.

7. Cara oranges + walnuts + chocolate chips.

I’m having a moment with chocolate + walnuts.  I want to make some chocolate covered walnuts this weekend.  I can never find them in stores!

8. Ice cream

Ice cream is one of those things that gets a bad rap.  I remember feeling “out of control” around ice cream in the past, but the thing is, if you just eat ice cream regularly…you don’t feel insane around it.  It’s just one of many snack options you have.  I’d say we have ice cream in our freezer at least 80% of the year.  It’s great to have around for when a craving hits.

9. Smoothies!

This one had dates + almond butter + kale + fruit + milk.

10. Cookie dough.

Cookie dough will probably forever and for always be my fav snack.

What are your favorite snacks?! TELL ME! I’m always looking for some new snack inspiration. 


  1. MMM! These look delicious! I’ve been doing those chocolate covered pretzels from TJs with this new mixed nut butter that they came out with, the combo is heavenly. I also love a rice cake with PB and Ghiradeli dark chocolate chips. I also baked a copycat version of the Levain Bakery cookies in NYC and they came out awesome- so that has been a snack a lot this week! 

  2. I’m glad you posted this because my snacks have been lacking! I have been slicing a hunk of cheese to eat with me between breakfast and lunch and that’s very good. Especially since it’s a room temp by the time I eat it and I think room temp cheese is the best. 
    I made a cake this past weekend and I’ve been having that for dessert most nights. The cake is a cream cheese stuffed chocolate bundt cake from Sally’s Baking Addiction. So good!

  3. These snacks look delicious…I am currently on a salty snack kick and I have been enjoying all different styles of chips, crackers, and pretzels lately. Chips were one of those foods that I restricted for so long and then binge on them when I could so know I let myself by all different ones when I am at the store and eat them when I want them. It is so lovely!! I agree with you about vegetables- I like them at my meals but don’t really want them for a snack most of the time. In order to be “healthy” I would always try to pack all my meals and snacks full of vegetables but it never left me satisfied which led to bingeing. I always felt chips, crackers, etc were something I could not control myself around but now I am learning that I just need to stop restricting myself and it all works out.

  4. Whole milk yogurt with peanut butter mixed in and some brown sugar with red grapes!

  5. Hmm. Lately it’s been homemade granola bars! Or chickpe cookie dough …

  6. I am loving sea-salt pop chips and I always love eating chocolate hazelnut butter with bananas and pretzels! 

  7. Graham cracker + peanut butter sandwiches. I will usually throw in a graham cracker + cookie butter sandwich as well!

  8. Ugh all of these snacks speak to me! Especially anything chocolate, peanut butter, or pretzel related. Snacking is something my disordered thoughts didn’t “allow” and now I’m discovering the stinking awesome world of snacking. My current favorite is super cold carrots and Kroger’s natural creamy pb. Sweet + salty is everything! I also love popcorn drizzled in pb. Happy snacking :)

  9. I love making a batch of banana or pumpkin oat/almond flour muffins or bread on Sundays and then packaging them up for the week. Sometimes I add chocolate chips or sometimes just nuts – my husband gets super excited when he walks in the kitchen and I’m on tiptoes trying to reach the chocolate chips (our cupboards are tall and I’m not lol). We also often make energy bites – a few different varieties but usually peanut butter with mini chocolate chips :)

  10. Those oat “puck” thingys sound like something I would really love for a nice snack on-the-go because I like dense and hearty textures when it comes to baked goods! I have been loving siggis yogurt topped with granola and berries and the classic banana with peanut butter and chocolate chips :)

  11. yum all of this looks so good!! I’m making my own iced coffee every day now (where I live in Peru we don’t have any chain coffee shops) and my favorite combo is half iced coffee / half chocolate milk! Its so good!   I’m also loving the quaker oat cookies, dipped in almond butter!  And mangos! Always fresh mangos! 

  12. I love all of these! Matt and I love making trail mix – fruit, nuts, seeds, granola, chocolate covered nuts, etc. – and we love anything peanut/nut butter. Sweet and salty combos are my fav. I may treat myself to a latte today, this inspired me! <3

  13. Not sure if you have a Costco near you but I was just at mine and they have dark chocolate covered walnuts!

  14. The TJ’S plantain chips with cream cheese (especially hazlenut/flavored cream cheese) is amazing! I’m also a huge fan of carrots and pb recently.

    • This may sound totally gross, but you should try combining plantain chips with chocolate (it’s kind of random, but when I was a kid, we all did it at my school, lol)

  15. Mugcakes (super yummy, satisfying and fast), walnut+coconut+chocolate granola with some plain greek yogurt, green smoothies and always, always, always, ice cream.

  16. Yum! LOVE all these snacks.
    Lately I have been on a dark-chocolate covered almonds craving. AND chocolate rice-puffs cereal with coconut milk. All the chocolate <3

  17. PERFECT BARS for the win, and then i was driving home from an appointment today, and decided to stop at my favorite coffee place for a mid-morning “fonut” (gluten free because celiac) + but cakey and amazing and covered in all the chocolate and coconut because OMG. hoorah for CRAVING SATISFACTION!

  18. I’ve snackin on Fit Mitten Kitchen’s single serving giant oatmeal cookie for the 4 days and it’s seriously so amazing to be able to snack in complete peace since reading your blog post on calorie counting. You changed my forever !

  19. I LOOOOOOVE to snack on cheese and crackers, chips and salsa or white cheddar popcorn :). Also love cereal, or a peanut butter spread on bananas, covered in chocolate.

  20. I always love rice cakes topped with nut butter and berries warmed up in the microwave for 10 seconds or so until gooey!

  21. Yeah…”oat pucks” doesn’t sound super appealing to me, either. For some reason, I’ve really been craving cereal with cold milk lately. I’ve been eating like two or three bowls a day.

  22. Yesss to ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies! I love the ones from Chick-Fil-A. Lately I have been enjoying plantain chips + guacamole for snacks if I”m in a salty mood :)

  23. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!!! I use this recipe, swap in chocolate chips for the raisins, decrease the cinnamon, and double the vanilla. SO good!

  24. girl WHAT are those brookies omg. chocolate covered pretzels are my weakness, i’m so afraid to buy a bag because i’ll eat the whole thing in 2 minutes then be so sad they’re all gone. haha

    i just tried amazing greens superfood bars and i’m hooked! i’ve also been really into trader joe’s greek yogurt kale & spinach dip with carrots, it’s the BEST.

    • Hey Jordan, That kale & spinach dip from TJ’s sounds delish! I’ll have to look into it:)

      If you buy chocolate covered pretzels regularly…they won’t be your weakness! You’ll let your body know you can have them whenever you want them and eventually (once they’re legalized in your mind) they won’t be gone in 2 minutes<3

  25. I love bread-type snacks. Either toast with almond butter, banana and lots of honey + salt or banana bread with peanut butter and chocolate chips. I used to bake the banana bread with the chocolate chips included but now I like to just add them after I heat the bread in the micro with the PB. It’s super satisfying – I now buy extra bananas each week just to have a few go brown!

  26. Do you have a sprouts near you? I just bought chocolate covered walnuts from their bulk bins the other day, although I’m in Dallas so I’m not sure if they carry the same items! Also, I asked this on instagram but it was on a kind of random post…what are your thoughts on artificial sweeteners? Ps thank you for your blog…God has used it in a BIG way to allow me to really identify and start to work through the “functional but inhibiting” eating habits i struggle with after a 15 year history with disordered eating.

    • Good to know! We do have a Sprouts near us. I’ll have to stop by:) And thanks for the sweet note about the blog helping you<3

      My thoughts on artificial's not what you're eating, it's why you're eating it. If you choose artificial sweeteners because they are zero calorie and you are engaging in an eating disorder behavior that says, "no drinks with energy/calories"...then I have a problem with artificial sweeteners for you.

      I love a good bubbly diet coke from time to time:)

  27. I need to pick up a bag of those chocolate covered pretzels- yum!! I’ve been loving the pb filled cliff bars, an apple with pb, banana chocolate chip muffins topped with pb (I think there’s a common theme lol ;)) and pita chips from Trader Joe’s with spinach dip-super good!

  28. I have to pick up a bad of those chocolate covered pretzels- yum!! My recent snacks have been pita chips with spinach dip from TJ (it’s labeled as “reduced guilt” which I hate, but I tried it at a party once and ohmigosh it’s amazing!) and apples/banana chocolate chip muffins with peanut butter. I also found chocolate covered cashews at CVS, it’s the Geradelli brand (I hope that’s how u spell it), they are SOOOO delicious!

  29. Made those brookies for snacks. I have made them once before. Had two with an apple earlier. SO DELISH. <3

  30. I bought some pepperoni wrapped mozzarella cheese for snacks this week and I can’t wait to try it! I also found the newest Ben & Jerry’s flavors this weekend at the grocery store. Oat of this Swirled is delicious!

  31. I’m obsessed with your walnuts + chocolate chips idea. Sounds divine. Do you make your own cookie dough just to eat it or purchase. Asking for myself! Ha!

    I like carrots plus pita chips with Trader Joe’s flavored hummus. I have been making my own trail mix with almonds, sunflower seeds, chocolate chips, and coconut (so good and simple)! Cheddar cheese and apples are an amazing combination. Sometimes I’ll just go out and grab a bakery item to share with my daughter and that’s always a lovely snack! I agree with you. I’m always on the lookout for good snack ideas. I like to feel good but satisfied so it’s interesting to find the right balance for me personally.

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