Creating a bubble of non-diet coziness.

Hi guys! I’m on a plane on the way to my favorite place…Southern California! Andrew and I take a yearly family vacation in March with my side of the family and it always has me looking forward to March.  I’m excited for walking in the sunshine, salt air, salty chips & guacamole galore.  I’ve decided I’m going to take some days off blogging next week, which I haven’t done before.  I’ll be back regularly again the week of March 20th. Until then, I wanted to share this idea of creating a bubble of non-diet coziness for yourself.

To deprogram/unlearn all the craziness that diet mentality has taught you, it’s important to create a bubble of non-diet coziness for yourself.  The mainstream approach to viewing food and your body encourages you to fear/eliminate certain food groups, judge your natural body size, and move only to manipulate your body size.  And to that I say, “ummm eww”–>

To grow and nurture an alternative mindset to the traditional way to view our food and bodies, I bring you my favorite resources to listen to, look at, and read.  I hope you already follow these people, but if ya don’t…here ya go!

To listen to…

Food Psych Podcast

If you are brand new to ED recovery, another podcast option is Recovery Warriors.

To look at…

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To read…

The Real Life RD.  I love Robyn and how our approaches are the same.




  1. I love all of these recommendations. Reading your blog, reading Robyn’s blog and listening to Food Psych has been so inspiring for me and contributed a lot to my creating my own blog!! Thank you!

  2. Have a wonderful break! I love your blog and all your food pics. Get some rest and I look forward to reading more when you return.

  3. Have a nice trip! Eat lots of chips and guac for me :) 

  4. Will miss your blog presence but I hope you have a lovely break! Enjoy California!

  5. Thanks for these resources! I have been focusing on the same thing. I have found it SO HELPFUL to follow positive role models that encourage and embrace body acceptance.

  6. Love all these recommendations! Enjoy every second of your SoCal trip!

  7. You are also part of my bubble of non-diet coziness!! Hope you enjoyed your time in Southern California!

  8. I love this idea! A huge part of my recovery has been allowing myself to retreat to my bubble of non-diet coziness when I’m exhaustedddd from the endless diet conversations in our society. 

    With that being said, it can be really hard to leave the bubble, and I do find myself very tired of not being able to sit through a dinner without some comment from someone about the food. 

    Do you have any tips for how you learned to stay resilient against this culture, or maybe some tips and tricks for taking dieting comments less personally/ laughing them off? I would love to read a post about that! 

    • Hi Maddie! The best thing I’ve ever heard about taking diet comments less seriously is pretending that the person who made the comment is your ED. Another thing is finding someone with whom you can call out EDB’s (aka ‘eating disorder behaviors’ with). Maybe a family member. Anytime a diet comment is made you just can mutter “EDB” under your breath. Kinda like a “that’s what she said” joke :)

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