Laguna Beach Vacation Recap Part One

Heyyy! I feel like it’s been FOR.EV.ER.  We have a couple things going on that were/are making me feel overwhelmed (most are good things) and I felt like I just needed to take a break for a week.  Thanks to everyone who sent me a sweet message encouraging me to take time to recharge.  You guys are the best:) I’m glad to be back<3 I’ve missed you.

Today I wanted to share a bit of our vacation.  I’ll be sharing a couple more posts on our trip spaced out among this week and next (i think!).  And I want to fill you in on the conference I attended this past weekend in Phoenix.  All to come!

Andrew, Quinn (my lil sis), Sarah (Q’s friend), my grandma (aka “Tata”) and me got into Laguna Friday around lunchtime.  My older sister, Layne, and bro-in-law, Marco, couldn’t come this year because they’re busy being smarties:)  Marco is working on his post doc for his PHD and Layne is finishing up P.A. school.  We missed them!

My dad picked us all up from the airport (my parents flew out to CA the week prior) and we headed to Wahoos for lunch! 

Chicken taco + a large bowl of black beans for me.  The bowl of black beans was larger than I thought it’d be…but I guess yay fiber lol.

Plus a billion chips + salsa.

After lunch we walked back to our hotel on the beach.  I love Laguna with its mix of rolling green hills and rocky cliffs that come down to meet the ocean…it’s magical.  Everyone should go and visit.

We relaxed for the rest of the day on our hotel balcony and my poor nose got sunburnt and peeled for the rest of the trip.  Later my parents made everyone salmon + salad + garlic-y green beans + sourdough bread for dinner.  For dessert we enjoyed some hazelnutty ice cream:)

Paired with THIS sunset.  The majority of the rest of the trip there was a thick marine layer (aka fog) that kept you from being able to see the ocean from our balcony.  I’m glad we got one fabulous sunset early in the trip!

The next day some of us walked to get pastries from our favorite pastry place.  I feel like when in Laguna every breakfast is started or ended with a pastry.

We walked back home and my dad had breakfast ready.  Creamy, dreamy, slow-cooked eggs + bacon on sourdough.  Cantaloupe on the side.  One of my dad’s fav dad jokes is when we are eating cantaloupe to say, “and remember…you ‘can elope!’ It’s cheaper.” But he can’t use it on me anymore because I’m married:)

Post breakfast pastry = half a chocolate croissant. 

After breakfast we headed to the farmer’s market to get some things = asparagus + steelhead trout.

Then some of us tried to go for a hike.  The below sign inferred we found the trailhead, but the trail was mega steep and it was mega hot and the hike just to find the trailhead was enough of a hike for us lol.

So back down the hill we went.  In the below photo you can see the marine layer/fog.  Where the clouds are is supposed to be ocean.

For lunch we did a progressive lunch of sorts.  First we tried a new spot that had empanadas.  Andrew and I got a Hawaiian and a prosciutto one to split.  

I ended up liking the prosciutto one best.

After empanadas we got an epic acai bowl to split. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, watching the Kardashians on TV and hearing my dad complain about how ridiculous/stupid/time-wasting watching the Kardashians is. haha

Dinner was burgers + potato chips!

(^^Do you follow those 2 people? YOU SHOULD!)

I topped mine with cheddar, lettuce, black pepper potato chips + pickles + mustard.

Sunday started with a walk to Zinc for coffee.  I got my usual :) 

Then back home for breakfast…

Bacon, strawberries, chocolate croissant.

The rest of the morning was spent doing my PT exercises for my knees, hot tubbing and relaxing on the sofa.

Later we ventured out for some shopping.  I liked this dress and just realized I forgot to go back and buy it lol.  I wanted to wait and see if I found a dress I liked better before I bought it.  I guess I didn’t LOVE it if I forgot about it until right now!

Then we lunched at Wahoo’s again.  Black beans + a slaw + chicken + chips + guac.

After some more shopping, we stopped in for some gelato.  Panna cotta for me!

Dinner that night was a bit of a burger patty + some fish + salad + green beans + buttered sourdough.

Okay that’s all I got for now! See you back here tomorrow for more<3


  1. I am glad you took a little break for yourself last week. Love living through you know with this vacation! I really that you go with your family. That’s so special!
    Also, chips on burgers and sandwiches is seriously so underrated. 

  2. Looks delicious and amazing! I’ve missed your posts and can’t wait to have you back! :) I love that maxi dress…gorgeous. Have a beautiful Monday!

  3. Sounds like an amazing trip with tons of good eats!

  4. What a wonderful relaxing and beautiful vacation. Do you mind me asking where exactly yall stay in Laguna or what area? I’ve only been once when I was in HS and am dying to go back soon!

  5. So happy that you enjoyed vacation, but also so happy that you’re back :D

  6. I have loved following along with your Ig posts and cannot wait to read more about this epic vacation! It all looked wonderful. So glad you’re finding time to unwind and recharge!

  7. I can totally relate to those times when I decided I’d wait and decide whether I really wanted to buy something and then later wished I’d bought it. :P
    Such colorful tights! Looks like you got lots of opportunities to soak up the sun.

  8. Glad you’re back! But also glad you got to rest + recharge. Laguna looks gorgeous- I would love to visit someday! Also that coffee… YES.

  9. Taking time to step away from things, even the ones you enjoy, makes them seem even more meaningful when you come back to them!  Looks like a great trip so far and now I’m hungry haha.  Thank you for sharing the Fod Psych podcast with your readers.  I have only listened to 1.5 episodes but have loved it so far!  Can’t wait to hear about the rest of your trip!

  10. I LOVE your multicolored leggings!!!!!! 

  11. That sunset is pure blazing GLORY. Holy smokes! Also love the idea of potato chips on a burger/in a sandwich. Must do that soon.
    So glad to hear that you had this time to recharge and rejuvenate. So important!

  12. OMGSH Banzai Bowls is the best!!!! And especially when eaten on the beach!!😍😍😍

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