A dinner.

Hi guys! Popping in to share a fun dinner outing I had last night.  After a day of IAEDP conference sessions, Marci Evans invited me to a fun dinner with several eating disorder dietitians who have an online presence that I am big fans of, including: Rebecca Scritchfield, Marsha Hudnall, Jessica Setnick, Adrien Paczosa, Aaron Flores and more!

Leslie Schilling organized a fabulous dinner for us at Bella Vita.  The menu was prefix and was DELICIOUS.

Crusty bread to start.  Dipped in olive oil + balsamic<3

Next was a salad course.  I loved how this was plated! Caprese on one side and Caesar on the other.  A lot of the ladies were hilarious and before each course felt the need to say, “immaEATthat.” lol

For appetizers they brought out calamari and pizza.

For my main course I went with the gnocchi bolognese.  So good.

It was a great night getting to meet people I really respect! I’ve got three more days of conference session and then home Sunday.  Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. YUm! That gnocchi looks great. I like that it’s in meat dish, I don’t usually see it that way on menus.
    I would’ve been totally fan-girling at that dinner!

  2. OH. MY. WORD. You got to go to dinner with all of those people?!?! Gaaaah, I am SO incredibly jealous. What an incredible opportunity!! :-D

  3. What an incredible dinner & opportunity! Thank you for sharing. 😊 I love how they said your blog name before eating; so cute!

  4. I said “yes” to the gnocchi too. Did you love the rosemary in it? I sure did. I had such a nice time at dinner. I am so inspired by connecting to others. There is strength in our numbers and powerful voices. We may not be able to help everyone, but we can help some and that’s how a culture changes… relentless challenging of the dominant views. This work can be really hard and confusing. I am exploring the ways “healthy eating” is hijacked by diet culture to the detriment of our collective well-being. It can be difficult. But that just shows how meaningful the work really is. Let’s keep going!!!!

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