Salt Slab Fried Egg Sandwiches

This post was sponsored by H-E-B.

OMGSH I’ve only cooked in my kitchen a couple times in March and it feels SO good to be home cooking again.  To get back into cooking I wanted to make something fancier than usual.  Hello, salt slab!

I got the slab from H-E-B.  I love H-E-B.  It’s so affordable, but still fancy and has unique things like salt slabs and an epic seafood selection.  You feel like you have a shopping experience (a positive one!) when you’re there.  They also have an in-store bakery where they make delicious breads.  The bagels I used for these sandwiches were fresh from the bakery.  Yummo.

When I saw the salt slab I thought, “umm I totally should’ve made my countertops out of salt blocks.” It is SO GORGEOUS.  I realize there are a few issues with having salt blocks for countertops and that would not have been a very good adult decision.  Boo to being an adult and knowing salt countertops are probably not a good investment.

So the actual purpose of a salt slab isn’t to use it for countertops, it’s to cook things! Let’s get into that.  First things first, can you imagine how yummy scallops would be cooked on a salt slab.  YUM.  But eggs! Today we’re making salt slab eggs!

Other things you could cook on a salt slab include:

I came across a recipe on pinterest where someone baked cookies in their oven on a salt block.  I would be interested in trying that with a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie or a plain ol’ chocolate chip cookie.  Doesn’t that sound dreamy? Gonna do it.

For this recipe I didn’t use the oven though, I used my grill! Grilling used to intimidate me, but it doesn’t anymore.  Once you learn how to use the grill you own it’s pretty easy.  I’ve always been a fan of charcoal grills because they seem less scary.  AND because Houston weather means it’s already super hot outside, I don’t mind keeping the heat out of our kitchen when we’re making dinner.

I thought this was a pretty unique way to make fried eggs.  They had a salty nature to them, but it wasn’t overwhelming.  Paired with creamy avocado, cheese and a chewy bagel…this was fantastic.  A breakfast-for-dinner lovers paradise!

On the side of this bagel sandwich I made a lil’ (super easy) grapefruit side.  Grilled grapefruit + feta + lime.  So fresh.  So easy.


Salt Slab Fried Egg Sandwiches


fried egg
sliced avocados
sliced cheddar
toasted & sliced bagels
H-E-B himalayan salt cooking slab

pretty grapefruit side
sliced grapefruit
lime wedge


Place your salt slab on a hot grill (temper salt slab before if it's your first time using it, see my note below).  I place my salt slab on a charcoal grill once the charcoal bricks had turned grey.  Allow the salt slab to heat up for about 15-30 minutes.  Once a drop of water sizzles on the salt's time to cook!

Crack you eggs on the salt block and heat until cooked through.  On the side of the salt slab place avocados and sliced grapefruit.  Top one of your bagel slices with cheese, salt slab fried egg, and grilled avocado.  For your grapefruit salad, top your grilled grapefruit slice with feta cheese crumbles and a squeeze of lime juice.  Eat it up!

For tempering my salt block (so it didn't crack into a million pieces), I heated my salt block in a 170ºF oven for 30 minutes, then I removed it from the oven using heating pads and I placed it on the grill.  Worked for me! No cracks. But I recommend you follow the directions on your salt block if they differ.


  1. I’m so glad you posted this because I’ve needed to use ours but have yet to try! Admittedly, the whole tempering & preventing the block from cracking seemed daunting, but I’m hoping to bake salmon on ours this weekend! This breakfast does look like the stuff dreams are made of. ☺️

  2. Wow, that looks mouthwatering. That is a beautiful salt slab! I’ve never seen one before. Does it break down over time?

  3. Kylie you are a genius! I have a salt slab my mom got me that’s literally been hanging out in storage for like…two years??? Do you think I can put it over my gas burners? Or is that a recipe for disaster?

  4. Kylie! This is stunning. Now I need a salt slab. And really good bagels!

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