Weekend Recap

Hi guys! I haven’t shared a weekend recap in a while.  Mainly because, after all my traveling in March, most of my recent weekends have been extremely low key (aka laying on the couch, possibly taking Maggie on a walk, and movie watching).  We had some plans for this weekend so I wanted to share!

Saturday morning I woke up feeling energized and made homemade flour tortillas.  I just googled, ‘homemade flour tortillas’ and used one of the recipes that popped up.  I overcooked the first couple (the cooked ones seen here), but them I got the rhythm of it and the rest came out doughy and perfect.  I’d make them again!

For breakfast we made breakfast tacos with them.  I ended up having two breakfast tacos even though only one is shown here:)

After breakfast I went and met my friend Morgan for a walk at Memorial Park.  So good to catch up with her!

After our walk I was hot and wanted something cold for lunch so I made a smoothie.  Into the smoothie went milk + cottage cheese + multiple frozen bananas + couple scoops of orange sherbet.  Topped with some granola. 

After lunch I put on a random Ben Stiller Netflix movie called, The Heartbreak Kid, it was stupid and I don’t recommend it AT ALL.  My sister recommended we watch 13 Reasons Why next.  Have you watched it?

Later that afternoon we went and met Andrew’s parents + sister + bro-in-law to see Cirque Du Soleil.  I had never seen a show before and really enjoyed it!

Show snacks!

For dinner we actually went next door to the Houston Racetrack where they offered a buffet.  Food was okay.  Dessert was good.  Atmosphere was fun.

Our table was by a window that faced the the racetrack, so we got to see a couple horse races while we were there.

For dinner I went with a cobb-style salad with blue cheese dressing + some chicken.  Then I went back for a carb course (lol) of more croutons and pasta.

For dessert I had carrot cake, which was really tasty.

Then home to sleep.

Sunday we woke up and I felt like going on a quick 15 minute walk since it was beautiful outside.  Houston is getting SO hot already, so I’m trying to take advantage of the cooler mornings while I can! When I got back home we got ready for church.

At church I had a couple breakfast tacos for breakfast.

After church I went and go the grocery shopping for the week done. 

Then made myself a brunch-y lunch.  French toast + some vanilla greek yogurt with granola & grapefruit.

I went to an afternoon yoga flow class that was nice because they opened up one of the large windows and the class was filled with fresh air.  LOVE IT.

Afternoon snacks included: cottage cheese + pretzels + grapefruit juice.  Then a tortilla with ham & cheese.

AND THEN WE WENT AND MET MY PARENT’S NEW PUPPY!!!!!!!!!  We’re 98% sure his name is gonna be ‘Fletcher’.  He is so cute and cuddly (as all puppies are).

Maggie only got annoyed with him once when he bit her tail ;)

We stayed at my parents for dinner: steak + corn with black beans + this avocado thing my mom made that was awesome.  It had avocado + snap peas + Italian dressing + cheese.  It kinda looked like mush, but it was SO GOOD.  Definitely had seconds of that!

We hung out a while after dinner and then headed home.

Cookie + milk before bed.  Whenever I make a batch of cookies I’ve been freezing 3 balls of dough for anytime cookies.  I like it!  It makes cookie cravings easy to satisfy!

And that was our weekend!

Do you have anything exciting planned for this week? My exciting plans are to fully figure out how to file insurance claims for my clients hehe ;)


  1. I really liked 13 Reasons Why…watched it all in about 3 days. It definitely hooks you; some scenes can be hard to watch, but it has an important message overall.

  2. 13 reasons why is absolutely amazing!! I read the book a while ago and then binge watched the show last weekend… it gets intense, but it’s so good- definitely worth watching :)
    My exciting plans for this week include a trip to Punta Cana!! I’m super excited to spend time by the beach in the sun… I’m craving some vitamin D!!

  3. Definitely watch 13 Reasons Why. I watched the entire series this weekend. It’s kind of heavy, but very addictive. The message is really important, too.

  4. I plan to start 13 Reasons Why tonight! My friends have already binge watched it.
    Homemade tortillas are one of my very favorite foods. I guess because no restaurant around me makes them homemade, my homemade ones taste exponentially better.
    Good luck with insurance- I’ve heard it is a doozy!

  5. That yoga class looks great.  Also ADORABLE pups :)  I love those golden utensils you have!  We have off a few days this week for Semana Santa but I don’t have any exciting plans.. how lame am I haha 

  6. Hey! Where is that yoga studio! I moved to H-Town in January and I’m still looking for a Yoga home. You don’t have to post publicly if you prefer not to. Feel free to email me! :)

    • Yoga One Heights! I’m a big fan of them. They have a bunch of locations around Houston. They don’t have mirrors in the flow rooms (they do in the hot rooms, but I’m not a hot yoga person), which is important to me and my practice :)

      • Awesome! Thank you! The Midtown one is closest to me but those open windows look like my kind of class! I’m always looking for outdoor Yoga classes. There’s something about practicing in the open air that just enhances the whole experience.

  7. You look like you had such a fabulous weekend, and ohmygosh Fletcher looks adorable! I hope you keep that name because it’s so cute. My plans this week include kitten yoga on Saturday! Young Williams Animal Center joined with a yoga studio for proceeds to go to the kittens. They’ll be roaming around during class and up for adoption. Can’t wait! We already have three purr-babies, so we can’t adopt one, but I’m looking forward to cuddling them and am glad that my attendance fee will go towards their care.

  8. Ugh labs are the cutest!!! My grandparents have a yellow lab named Fletcher! We just call him Fletch, but I love the name!

  9. what kind of church do you go to that has tacos?! thats awesome
    also, that yoga class looks/sounds LOVELY. i really wish where i lived was warm enough to do that kinda thing already!

  10. I highly recommend 13 Reasons Why! The acting and story are so so so good. Very heavy subjects in it but they’re important especially in today’s world. I’ve only been to one Cirque du Soleil show myself but it was amazing! Fletcher is adorable – he looks like our CEO’s new puppy named Chase. We have a dog friendly work office so Chase gets to visit quite often along with lots of other dogs. Not all at once – we usually rotate one or two dogs a day at the office. I know – Austin is getting pretty hot lately as well! I think it’s going to be an extremely hot summer in Texas.

  11. Insurance claims.. does not sound fun at all! :( Love how the yoga studio opened up the windows <3

  12. OMG yoga with the windows open sounds SO fab! My roommate and I started watching 13 Reasons and got hooked but watched way too many in too short of a time and it’s kinda heavy (even though funny and awkward and silly at times), so we are taking a break from that until next weekend lol. Hope you have a wonderful week! :)

  13. That avocado snap pea mix sounds like the bomb!

  14. Hi,
    I’m wondering what yoga studio you went to? I’m in Houston for two days on a work trip and looking for recommendations!

  15. Ha I thought you made some kind of tortilla pie in that first picture…looks like the tortillas are in a pie plate ready to be filled and baked.  Hmmmmmm

  16. What a GREAT idea for your cookies!! I’ve been doing the same with dinner… If there are leftovers, I freeze to reheat like my own microwaveable meals for lunch. So much better! I hadn’t thought of dessert!

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