Date Night.

Last night I was craving seafood, so Andrew and I decided to go to Liberty Kitchen.  I was really craving Reef (where we went for our first wedding anniversary), but it’s pricey and on the other side of town.  So Liberty Kitchen it was (which is actually still a bit pricey, but at least it’s close).  

I loved the aesthetic inside the restaurant.  It was beachy meets sophisticated meets mid-century modern.  LOVED IT.

I ordered us some bread for an appetizer.

The butter was filled with truffle oil or onion sweetness (we think…not sure.  Whatever it was it was delish).

For my entree I got the smoked salmon omelet.  It was cheesy and salmon-y.  So yummy.  I’m not a fan of cold salad with hot eggs.  Eww.  So I didn’t touch the salad.

But I did dive into the warm brussels sprout side we ordered for the table.  

Andrew went for the burger.

I felt like we hadn’t been to a non order-at-the-counter restaurant in FOREVER.  So it was nice to have a slow, relaxing dinner in a place with such a pretty atmosphere.

We’ll be back!

I hope everyone has a good Friday and a fabulous weekend<3 We have zero plans this weekend…so perfect for some weekends :)


  1. Don’t you just love all the construction by it?! 😜 We started riding our bikes there.

  2. What a fun date night, and that’s an adorable photo of you two!

  3. Hi Kylie!

    Your blog was just recommended to me this morning as I embark on my journey towards recovery from months of disordered eating and thinking. The positivity sprinkled throughout your posts is absolutely contagious and I’ll admit I’ve been reading through them all day long! Unfortunately I am unable to afford to work with you directly, but your posts alone have been so inspiring and helpful as I try to figure out what I need to do in order to get back to a healthy mind and body.

  4. i love the vibe of this place – such an inviting color. i cannot wait to have one of those weekends. have a good weekend.

  5. Recently found your blog (yay :)), and it is SUCH a breath of fresh air! I have been reading some old posts, and I made your mug brownie the other night for my roommate and myself…WOW. New favorite snack!

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