We had the MOST AMAZING weather in Houston this weekend, so we tried to spend as much time outside as possible.

Saturday we got up and I decided I was craving cinnamon rolls.  I went with my pancake cinnamon rolls and shared the recipe on Stories.  While there are some mixed reviews on that recipe post, I really love these cinnamon rolls.  The key is taking them out of the oven WAY before you think they are done.

Paired some cinnamon rolls with some eggs. (and went back for a 3rd cinnamon roll).

Later in the morning I went and tried out an Infinite swimming pool for the first time.  It was really neat.  I have been missing swimming lately and there aren’t a ton of pool options for me to choose from.  Swimming is one of the few movements that doesn’t make my knees feel like death.  Yay. 

After swimming I swung by Chick-fil-a and picked Andrew and I up lunch.  I forgot to take a photo (so I used a recycled photo below).  I got the Cobb Salad (love that thing) sans fries this time.  I’ve found if you dress the salad with their avocado ranch dressing and BBQ sauce it is SOOO delicious.

After lunch I painted a frame gray for my office.

Later than afternoon we met our close friends at Kirby Ice House, a local bier garten.  I had a couple grapefruit juice drinks :) We love them and their pup, Cooper, so much!

After hanging out for several hours I wanted a donut, so Andrew and I hit up Shipley’s for my favorite donut on Earth.  Shipley’s glazed blueberry cake donut is AMAZING.


For dinner we did leftover pizza + salad.

I’m a snack before bed kinda person.  So I’m sure I had an after dinner snack, but I can’t remember what it was.

Sunday we woke up and we both felt SO rested.  It was a magical 55º outside and the inside temperature was 68º.  I think the cold helped us both sleep.  We typical go to church Sunday morning, but with the weather sooo incredible I was craving a slow breakfast date outside.  Our church records their sermons, so if you miss going in person on a Sunday it’s easy to listen later.  So that’ll happen later this week.

For breakfast we headed to Sweet Paris! One of my fave Houston restaurants and one of Andrew’s it’s-just-alright-but-i-know-you-like-it-so-we-can-go restaurants lol.

Look at all those bananas lol

Fluffy caramel latte to start.

I went with a nutella + banana crepe.  Andrew got a savory egg-filled crepe.  When we each had about 5 bites left we switched so he could end his meal with something sweet and I could end my meal with something savory.  I really think they should serve mini crepes so you could get one sweet and one savory…to dream!

After crepes we got the grocery shopping for the week done.  

The fridge was a mess, so I took some time throwing out old stuff and cleaning the shelves.

Much better.

For lunch I made cracker nachos (no idea.  it just sounded good) + an orange.

Then I went shopping! I had been wanting some new clothes, especially shorts for summer.  I found scalloped jean shorts I’m in love with and overalls and some palm leaf stretchy pants.  I so wanna do the capsule closet thing.  I think it would help me.  Gonna see if I can organize my closet soon into some resemblance of a capsule closet.

AND I had been wanting some slides like these! 

I spent the rest of the afternoon…

1. performing surgery on Maggie’s toy, which we’ve nicknamed ‘Kazoo.’  She ripped a hole in it under his chin (i think she was going for the jugular…if birds/chickens have jugulars haha) and has been de-fluffing it slowly.  This is the only toy she has ever had that she hasn’t destroyed in a week.  My mom gave this one to her in her Christmas stocking and I can’t believe he’s still around.  She loves the thing.  So I stitched up the hole.  I have no idea how to sew.  I basically just tied a bunch of knots.  We’ll see how it goes.

Kazoo is also in desperate need of a bath, but I don’t think my stitches would survive that.

2. Playing my favorite game of “find the prettiest new build in the neighborhood”.  I was leisurely riding around on my bike (anything above my bike’s lowest gear hurts my knees so it is a lovely leisurely pace) and found this house being built.  Our neighbors build the coolest homes.  This one has a red tile roof and a courtyard and is way more gigantic than Andrew and I ever picture ourselves in.  It’s still cool though.

3. Spent time with my heating pad and my knees…

4. Snacked on some vanilla greek yogurt + toppings.

5. Weeded our flowers beds.

6.  And painted a hippo.  Before I wrote “hippo” on the bottom I asked Andrew, “what do you think this animal is?” And he had no idea lol.

Andrew grilled for us for dinner.  And it was fabulous.  I’ll be sharing a “meals lately” post later this week (I haven’t done one of those in forever!!).  So our last night dinner will be featured there.

My last weekend highlight was listening to a good portion of this book throughout the weekend.  I’m a fan.  I wouldn’t recommend it for those in early ED recovery, as your ED may misconstrue and misuse the information. 

What were your weekend highlights? I’d love to hear:)


  1. All of those meals look so lovely! The donut looks tiny, but maybe that’s a good thing– makes it easier to dip in coffee. And seeing your shopping trip is making me look forward to my next one.

  2. Kylie, you are awesome. I am really sorry about your knees. Any updates there in terms of any plan for healing or what caused it? I am glad you found swimming does not hurt. I use to swim once a week and loved it because it was very meditative – I loved the sound of being under water and listening to my breath. I hope you can enjoy that or find other low impact activities to do for fun. Your leisure bike rides to find cool homes sound dreamy. Praying for you!

    • They are such a pain and not really getting better (or worse tho!). I have an orthopedic surgeon I’m working with and attending regular physical therapy sessions. I’ve had x-rays and MRIs (or was it a CT…can’t remember). X-ray showed nothing, but MRI showed that my tendon that connects my quad to my knee cap is weakened. PT has told me I need 3 weeks of zero knee pain before we know the tendon is healing. It’s just a tricky balance, bc doing no movement doesn’t make them feel good, but it’s easy to overdo it and make them feel worse…still learning how to best care for them!

      I too love swimming! I’m not really kicking much right now, but it feels good to just move through the water :)

      • Wow, sounds like you are taking all the right (albeit, time consuming and probably annoying) steps! I’ll pray for you that they move towards healing (but that is great news they are not getting worse)! Knees are so intricate and tricky, I agree. Enjoy the swimming!!!

  3. “One of my fave Houston restaurants and one of Andrew’s it’s-just-alright-but-i-know-you-like-it-so-we-can-go restaurants lol.”
    Haha this is my favorite kind of relationship compromise, true love!
    Also that big green house looks super cool, I’d love to be able to look all around inside it

  4. Love your blog Kylie!
    I had to comment on your crepes – my son is IN LOVE with crepes and works during the winter at a place that named one for him – and it had nutella and banana! He just got back from a school trip to Europe – his quote ‘there are no crepes like French crepes” – he was in heaven! :)

    have a great Monday!

  5. This post is full of so many cute photos and fun things! Two highlights from my weekend were participating in Tandur’s Earth Day event. They’re a new Indian restaurant in West Knoxville, and they gave out an awesome jarred spice mix, free henna tattoos, samples, and a little pot of basil seeds. Hope my black thumb doesn’t prevent them from sprouting! Later that day I got to see one of my best friends who I’ve know and been friends with for 21 years. Despite it being so rainy yesterday, it was a fabulous weekend. :)

  6. I really love these “Weekend” or “Life Lately” or “Day in the Life” blog posts! It’s so fun to see what other’s are up to, what they are reading, listening to, cooking etc. It’s a great way to open my eyes up to new hobbies and fun finds. Thanks Kylie!! It looks like a great weekend.

  7. I loved watching your cinnamon rolls come together on Instagram! I’ve been looking forever for an easy, quick recipe and I will be making these! Ive also been cleaning out my closet attempting to make my own capsule wardrobe, it’s been hard for me, but I absolutely love the idea of it!

  8. Looks like a great weekend! I totally understand sewing up your pups favorite toy, i would do the same ! 

    • I remember one time growing up my parent’s washed my favorite stuffed animal, Mo…he was a dragon. He had this awesome fluffy hair on top of his head and when he was washed his hair shrunk and wasn’t fluffy anymore. He just wasn’t the same after that lol. All that to say I am a bit scared if I wash Kazoo he’s gonna be different and Maggie won’t like him anymore. Glad you understand making sure your pups emotional needs are met! Haha<3<3<3

  9. You’ve totally inspired me with your fridge, I’m going to make our looks pretty too :)

  10. I always love your day in the life posts! And pizza + salad and yogurt + toppings are two of my fave food combos ;) This weekend was a quiet one. My folks and sister were gone taking a first aid class most of Saturday and almost all of Sunday, so it was just me + dog + Netflix in the house!

  11. That definitely looks like a hippo to me! Reading about your weekend is inspiring me to plan enough but not too much for next weekend–so it’s enjoyable, active but restful!

  12. I saw those scalloped shorts on your story–they are the most adorbable things ever! Where did you get them??

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