Meals Lately

I haven’t shared a meals lately post in FOREVER!! Lately I haven’t been feeling like cooking much, so I’ve been buying less at the grocery store and enjoying meals out.  Here we go!!


A coconut flour pancake that totally fell all apart when cooking it.  This pancake doesn’t keep me full for very long, so I’m trying to find a way to modify it a bit to keep me full longer.  I’m thinking adding granola into the batter would help! Stay tuned!

Oats soaked overnight in milk & chia seeds.  Topped with Justin’s hazelnut butter.  AND my new palm pants, which I LOVE!

Friend breakfast date at Siphon Coffee Shop.  I got their ‘the big breakfast taco’ and a caramel latte.


Iced caramel latte from Boomtown! (failed to focus correctly here lol…but don’t those 3 men in focus look fab?!)

A larabar.

Some Annie’s gummy bunnies right before I left work to eat dinner because I was hungry.  I just wanted something to spike my blood sugar quickly and keep me full for only like 30 minutes.

Clif bar!


Carrot – spinach – apple juice from Juice Girl.


Chipotle bowl! Chicken + beans + sour cream + cheese + lettuce + pico + corn.

Stopped by Snap Kitchen for their pasta + chicken + butternut squash + walnut + goat cheese dish.

One day for lunch I brought a tomato-feta-cucumber salad served with peanut butter crackers and chocolate disks.  About an hour later I was STARVING again so….

I went and picked up a snack/second lunch from Smashburger.   Bacon cheeseburger for the win.



Store-bought salmon that came stuffed with a crab-rice-breadcrumb mix (was really good!) + sweet potato fries & ketchup.

Served on the side was…

Limeade! So fresh!

Scrambled eggs + asparagus + cheese + leftover sweet potato fries + english muffin.

It was clearly a sweet potato fry week.  H-E-B sells crinkle cut raw sweet potatoes and you just toss ’em in olive oil galore and roast them up.  They get crisp and delicious. 

Sweet potato fries served with a warm shaved brussels sprout.  I fried up some bacon, then added the shaved brussels sprouts into the bacon fat.  After they were soft (about 5 minutes), I added in feta and some rice vinegar.  Andrew and I were both fans of this! 

Last night (which is why this post got up late) Andrew and I got invited to a media dinner at Ruth’s Chris steakhouse.  It was a 5-course dinner with whiskey pairings.  I don’t get that excited about whiskey (bring on the margaritas for me!)…but Andrew does! So I signed us up because I knew he’d love it.  The restaurant was a bit dated…but we still had a nice time.

Multi course meals are a great place to practice mindful eating and tuning into your hunger and fullness cues (psst. if you’re one of my readers struggling with anorexia, mindful eating and H/F cues aren’t for you right now).  Because the courses trickle out slowly, it’s nice to 1) tune into savoring each bite, 2) notice when my tastebuds were getting bored of the flavors of that course, and 3) be aware of my fullness level, since I wanted to have room for each course.  It’s rare I slow down THIS MUCH for a meal (it was a 3 hr dinner lol) AND it was really enjoyable to be present and calm rather than rushing through my dinner.

1st course: shrimp + lemony breadcrumb mixture + lasagna roll

Plus bread & butter

2nd course: roasted pears + candied pecan + arugula + blue cheese salad

3rd course: lentil + cauliflower soup (when I saw this on the menu I was actually hoping it was gonna be a smooth and creamy soup)

main course: steak + crab + a sauce + roasted potatoes on the side + a mushroom-asparagus dish.  I’m more of a burger person than a steak person, so I ate until satisfied and then let Andrew finish the rest of this :)

dessert: tiramisu.  I feel all tiramisu would be 10985390x better if the ladyfingers were replaced with chocolate chip cookies or brownies lol.  I enjoyed this though! I was a bit sleepy after a long day and a relaxing dinner so the espresso in this perked me up for the drive home.

I’m working today and then off later this weekend for a fun time away with friends :)  I feel like I’ve been muscling my way through life lately.  I’ve been jumping a lot from thing to thing and not actually getting things done.  My mind feels busy! My body is telling me to slow down & relax and I’m SO ready for a weekend of just that.

Any food you’ve eaten this week you’ve especially enjoyed?

Any fun weekend plans?


  1. You just described EXACTLY how I’ve been feeling at the end there! Great blog! I just sent a friend here and she said your blog makes her tear up. :) Thanks for what you do!

  2. I’ve made your coconut flour pancakes many times. Love the texture and flavour, but totally agree that alone, they don’t keep me full. I like topping them withs one peanut or almond butter, Greek yogurt, or fruit. Tastes delicious and helps keep me full a bit longer.

    • All good suggestions! Today I made that pancake again and added some Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter into the batter and that was tasty. Still needs something more to keep me full tho! Gonna do nut butter + granola + fruit next time and see how that goes!

  3. I love all of your meals! My favorite meals have been the salad kits I bought, Indian bbq spiced baked salmon, and I’m looking forward to Annie’s mac ‘n cheese tonight. :) I’m looking forward to the weekend because tomorrow is Matt’s birthday. We’re planning a late morning walk the arboretum, lunch, and then I’m making us a nice dinner and cake.

  4. So much yumminess! My husband and I always cook our brussels in bacon fat, because it’s just the best! The last couple of weeks of grad school before I start my DI have me feeling exactly like I’ve been “muscling” through things! It’s been hard to tell what my mind + body needs to reset, but getting sick this week was a big kick in the pants that I just need some good ole fashioned lay- on- the- couch rest. I hope to be able to take some long walks with my husband and pup this weekend!

    • Can’t beat lay-on-the-couch rest :) I can relate to that feeling of not knowing what my mind + body needs to reset. We’re all constantly learning how to care for ourselves<3

  5. i had a lovely evening with Emily from Zen and Spice – lots of catching up over happy hour :)

  6. I had a burrito last night that I’d been craving all day and it was SO satisfying. And honestly you and your blog have had a lot to do with my ability to listen to my cravings and enjoy delicious food, so thank you for that!

  7. Aw all of your eats look delish! I’ve been obsessed with smoothies this week. I’m not really a smoothie for breakfast kind of person, but this week they’ve really been hitting the spot! Maybe it’s because the weather is FINALLY starting to warm up over here in Oregon…

  8. For me, pancakes must always be topped with copious amounts of nut butter/pb and banana. And some maple syrup, cinnamon and sea salt. Flax meal is a nice option inside the batter also or sprinkled on top. 😊

    • Agreed on the nut butter, banana, maple syrup, cinnamon and flax meal! But I am SOOO not a sea salt person, which is a bummer because I think it’s so pretty!!!!!!!

  9. Snack: A mashed avocado sprinkled with “everything bagel” seasoning from TJ’s with baked potato chips (just because I like the texture of a baked chip better than regular chip!)

  10. again, so jealous of chipotle!
    i feel the same way about needing a break after this week, im SO in need of some downtime. hope you have a great weekend!

  11. My advisor surprised us with pastries this morning at a meeting (with fellow student-teachers). So enjoyed an almond croissant with my coffee this morning, which was pretty satisfying :)

  12. i have yet to try your coconut flour pancakes, but i just bought my first ever bag of coconut flour so i’m finally able to now!!!! also the pb & j larabars are the best! have you tried their new superfood ones?! kind of obsessed. hope you have a nice relaxing weekend! i’ve been feeling the same lately about having a hard time focusing and just pushing through a million things at once!!

  13. For a different version of tiramisu, I do this: heavy whipping cream whipped cream, biscoff cookies, drizzle some coffee on them. Repeat layers until whipped cream is on top. Crush up some of the biscoff cookies and sprinkle on top along with some cocoa powder. So, so, so good! I’m going to try it with coconut milk whipped cream next. You have to try! I used pumpkin icebox cake recipe and modified it. You can change that recipe up a million ways. Have a great weekend.

  14. Dude, I made the coconut flour pancake and sprinkled on a handful of trail mix (walnuts, choc. chips, raisins, pistachios, and graham crackers) before flipping, and it was SO good. and definitely felt heartier :)

  15. Tiramasu made with chocolate chip cookies… I think I see a recipe idea! That sounds delicious.

  16. I love the palm pants! Wheredid you find them?

  17. I live in Massachusetts so I feel like my food cravings are 100% linked to the season/weather/temperature. This week we had a few warm sunny days and ive been craving salad- specifically on crunchy romaine- ever since. I’ve been loving giant taco/fajita salads loaded with sautéed veg, black beans, salsa, sour cream, guac, crushed up tortilla chips, etc. Ugh, I’m craving another one just typing this. At 8:12 am. 

  18. I always put chia jam (microwaved frozen berries and chia seeds) and nut butter on my pancakes!

  19. Multi course meals were an AMAZING way for me to slow down, savor and think mindfully about fullness and hunger! I never would have thought about it on my own but sooo helpful

  20. Hi from Austin! I just found you through Food Psych podcast. I love that pasta dish from Snap Kitchen – it’s one of my favorites there. Looking forward to catching up on your blog.

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