Weekend Lakehouse Trip!

This weekend we headed to my parent’s lake house with our friends Ethan and Donika.  Donika was one of my college roommates and I love getting to spend time with her and her husband.  (Kalyn, if you’re reading this…you and Seth were MISSED!)

Friday afternoon I headed to the grocery store to pick up some stuff before we headed out of town.  And I enjoyed a chocolate milk while I shopped :)

Saturday morning started with eggs + mango + cranberry-orange muffins.

Then we headed to the golf course.  The boys golfed…

while Donika and I just followed along in a cart and talked.

For lunch I made us french fries + salad with rotisserie chicken + chips.  Paired with a Dr. Pepper.

After lunch we all laid around, watched movies, eventually got in the water for a bit.  The weather was dreary and rainy, but humid & hot enough to make getting in the water an option.  Their pup Cooper decided he liked to swim :) 

Then more movie watching + hanging out inside.

For dinner we ate pizza! D & E have this awesome pizza making contraption they brought and Donika made us homemade dough that came out delicious!

The next day I made us pancake mix cinnamon rolls (which always come out different lol) and breakfast tacos for breakfast.

We tried to take the boat out, but there was an issue with the battery, so that ended up not happening.

We cleaned up the house, had leftovers for lunch, and then headed back to Houston around 2pm.  I then took a fabulous nap from 3pm to 5:30pm…glorious. 

Yesterday the weather was INCREDIBLE, so Andrew and I headed to Cedar Creek for dinner so we could sit on their epic patio.

Cobb Salad + a caramel latte for me.  I didn’t realize the cobb salad came with grilled chicken.  I added crispy, fried chicken…so it had double chicken.  I ended up taking the grilled chicken to go and will have it with lunch sometime this week.  I was like, why didn’t they question me when I placed my order with a, “so you want double the chicken?” 

And that was our weekend! Any weekend highlights you want to share?! Would love to hear!

I actually have Jury Duty today.  It’s my first time having jury duty, so we’ll see how it goes.  If it’s anything like going to the post office or the county clerks office for a marriage license or DBA, I’m sure it’ll just be delightful ;) 


  1. hehe, youre so cute with the lil juice-box chocolate milk!
    sounds like you had a lovely weekend, happy monday! :) 

  2. Your last comment about jury duty gave me a laugh. :) Your weekend sounds amazing! Matt and I had a fabulous time celebrating his birthday and were able to try a newer restaurant, Babalu. They based the name off of the fictitious nightclub in ‘I Love Lucy’, my favorite show of all time. The food was amazing, and they project the show on the walls – so fun! Yesterday, I helped my twin with her engagement shoot by keeping their sweet dog company when he wasn’t needed in the photo. We got burgers, bison for me, for a late dinner, and I was able to enjoy it guilt-free. <3 Hope you have a great day!

  3. Haha what a small world– I went to high school with Ethan and Donika!!

  4. Haha I hope you survived jury duty! Sounds like a wonderful lake weekend. For some reason I think I like the lake more than the beach!

  5. omg i love that you ordered double chicken, that’s totally something i would do. haha

    your weekend looked so fun!! i love making homemade pizza, especially when i have people over. it’s so easy to personalize if people want different toppings!!

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