Unicorn Toast

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Today is a magical day because I’m serving up magical unicorn toast.

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Have ya’ll heard of the mermaid toast and unicorn toast fad? That’s what I’m going for here.

Well, unicorn toast mixed with hummus! A food fusion in honor National Hummus Day, which is on May 13th.  If you have a hummus lover in your life, you should probably gift them a giant supply of hummus on the 13th as a way to show your love for them.  That is if their love language is receiving gifts ;)

I see unicorn toast as being the brunch appetizer of summer, but I mean throw some cheesy eggs on this magical toast and you’ve got yourself a meal.  

So make this toast and serve it at brunch because nothing brings people together quite like unicorn themed food.  I for one would like to host a unicorn-themed brunch with all the unicorn foods.  Actually I really really really want to do that.  Or perhaps a unicorn themed baby shower?

For this recipe (aka idea) I dyed greek yogurt using turmeric, beets and berries.  

The red beet one came out beautiful and didn’t taste overly beet-y.  

The one dyed yellow with turmeric does get pretty turmeric-y, so I’d recommend adding as little turmeric as possible…but enough turmeric to get a pretty yellow color.

My fav hummus to use for this recipe is Sabra’s roasted red pepper because it has a more red color than the other hummus flavors, which adds nicely to the unicorn dream world I was going for here.

Okay! Now go forth and unicorn your life!

Unicorn Toast

Yield: This is really approached best as a fun idea and not an exact recipe :)


Sabra hummus (i liked the Roasted Red Pepper and Roasted Garlic Hummus best for this)
greek yogurt
mashed avocado

yellow - turmeric + yellow beet
red - red beet
light purple - blackberries


On a plate, mash your blackberries.  The amount you mash depends on the color you'd like your yogurt.  I'd start with like 10 berries.  Set aside.  Then grate your beets onto separate plates.  Place greek yogurt in 3 separate bowls.  Wrap grated yellow beets in a paper towel and squeeze into one of the yogurt dishes.  Add in turmeric until the color is the right yellow for you.  Repeat with other yogurt bowls, adding grated beet juice to one and mashed blackberries to the other.

Spread sabra hummus and colored greek yogurt onto your toast.  Serve to a unicorn and yourself. 

Don't be too generous with the turmeric.  We all know turmeric tastes like earth.  Ain't nobody want too much earthiness. 


  1. When I saw the green parts of this I was afraid it was avacado (yuck) and was so disappointed, but this is so much better! I gotta try it!

  2. My niece would love this and I don’t think she’d try hummus on her own. The mixing part would be especially fun for her. 
    PS I went to see my friends this weekend and they have a dog that looks like Maggie but who’s name is Molly but I called her Maggie the entire weekend. I don’t know if my story about a blog dog was appreciated – haha!

  3. This is so creative! I don’t love things spread on toast unless it is butter or a nut butter, but I would so try this. It does fit in nicely with the unicorn fad. Where did that come from anyway?! lol. I hope one day I can be as creative as you are when it comes to making recipes! 

  4. This is perfect!!

  5. I mean, how can you be sad eating unicorn toast?! It’s so pretty!

  6. How beautiful are these?! You should totally have a unicorn themed baby shower. Also I laughed at the turmeric comment- it really does taste like “earth”!

  7. Pretty and delicious! I am totally into the unicorn baby shower idea! My sister made me a unicorn cake for my birthday this year and it was EPIC! Can’t wait to try this toast!

  8. That looks amazing! Beautiful, fun & healthy ;)

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