Saturday we were up bright and early, 6am, to head to Marco’s Ph.D. graduation from Rice.  I will now refer to him as Dr. brother-in-law :)

I’ve been loving oatmeal lately.  Pre-graduation on Saturday started with blueberry banana oatmeal.  I cook oats in milk then whisk in sliced banana + blueberries.  Top with nut butters! I like having a bite of nut butter in each bite, so if I run out of nut butter before oatmeal, then I just get more nut butter.

Marco’s landlord in D.C. is Hawaiian and she made Marco this gorgeous lei with fresh flowers.  It was super heavy.

Around 10:30am we attended a brunch on the university campus.  I wasn’t sure of the exact plan for brunch and was hungry, so Andrew and I grabbed lattes before.

Brunch! Veggies + biscuit + crab cake egg benedict of sorts.  The yolk was a bit too runny for pregnancy, so I left that alone :)

After graduation, we swung by Target to pick up some mother’s day gifts + graduation gifts.

Snack = smoothie bowl made with nut butter and topped with cereal.


Later that afternoon we did something fun at my parent’s that I’ll be sharing later this week!

That night my parents threw a graduation party for Marco.  Fried fish + onion rings + cabbage-carrot salad.

Andrew and I headed home around 10pm and were exhausted.  Before bed I had two snacks! Greek yogurt with toppings and a brownie + milk.

Sunday we set zero alarms and slept in until 9am.  Glorious.  

Breakfast was the same as the day before :)

We headed to Andrew’s parents for lunch.  (and dropped off Maggie at my parent’s on the way so she could keep getting to know Fletcher…he’s gonna get big soon and we’re trying to socialize them as well as possible while he’s in the puppy phase)

Lunch at Andrew’s parent’s was FABULOUS! As it also is! Andrew’s mom (and dad) are excellent cooks.  I joked on IG that every time at Andrew’s parent’s it’s like I just walked into a Southern Living Magazine :)

Andrew’s parents just got back from a trip to London, where they walked Cotswold Way.  So popovers were on their mind!  We also had chicken-rice casserole (delish), salad and egg salad-asparagus toasts.  DREAMY!

For dessert we had strawberry shortcake that was unlike any strawberry shortcake I’d ever had.  Andrew’s mom made a shortcake was like a scone and shortbread cookie had a baby.  It was amazing.  Paired with lemon curd whipped cream and strawberries.  AMAZINGGGG!

My mom got me this fun, maternity shirt, so I thought Mother’s Day was the perfect occasion to wear it :)

We hung out at Andrew’s parents for a few hours before heading back into the city.

We got back into town around 5.  And I was hungry.  So I snacked on some..

Cake balls…

…and later made my coconut flour pancake for an early dinner.

Andrew did the grocery shopping for us (and cleaned all the dishes) #husbandoftheyear, while I headed over to deliver an “anti-nausea” gift box to a newly pregnant friend :) Hip hip hooray for friends to go through pregnancy with!

Once back home I felt like doing some movement before we settled down for the evening.  So I did 10ish minutes worth of random things while Andrew was finishing his workout in the garage.  

Night time snack = greek yogurt + honey + cereal.  In pregnancy, every time I eat something other than greek yogurt (mixed with something) for a nighttime snack I end up hungry an hour after falling asleep. Greek yogurt just works right now!

Have any weekend highlights you want to share?! Would love to hear<3


  1. Cute shirt! Do you happen to have the recipe for the shortcake biscuits? I love to bake and they sound yummy!

  2. We need the recipe for those shortcakes! My favorite :)

  3. I love these types of posts! It’s very to helpful to see how you incorporate mindful eating into your daily life.

  4. I want to be Andrew’s mom one day- complete with the pretty dishes!
    I love fresh fried fish. My granddaddy sometimes does fish frys and they are always a treat!

  5. seems like it was a very fulfilling weekend. that anti-nausea basket is an adorable idea.

  6. love love love that shirt – so great :) 

  7. That strawberry shortcake sounds amazing! And an anti-nausea gift is so sweet – and much appreciated I’m sure…

  8. Haha! I also need to have some nut butter with every bite of my oats/yogurt/toast, so if I need more, I add more :)
    Looks like a delicious and fun weekend!! That meal that Andrew’s parents cooked looks divine.

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