Baby immaEATthat is a…(gender reveal!)

I wanted to share how we told our parents the gender of baby immaEATthat! I wanted to know the gender asap and was actually told over the phone by a nurse.  I decided how I wanted to tell my parents and Andrew decided how he wanted to tell his parents.  Here’s how we told them :)

For my parents, I did a piñata! Andrew and I ground up pink sidewalk chalk in our cheap coffee grinder (yes, it ruined the coffee grinder) and dumped the chalk powder into a piñata that my mom had made.  My mom is the most creative person on earth.  And I have zillion memories from growing up of us making paper mache piñatas.  Look how great the piñata turned out!

One side was boy themed and the other side was girl themed…not to say girls can’t like cars and boys can’t like flowers.  

My dad is rather competitive, so my mom wanted to give him the chance to break the piñata open, so she did a wimpy hit first…then my dad was like, “come on! Do a real hit!”

Even my grandma even got in on the fun! And then when my mom was walking behind my dad when he was about to hit she was like, “do you hear me? I’m walking behind you.  Don’t swing.” –>this is because no one wants to get hit by a baseball bat, AND ALSO because in 5th grade I was playing catcher during a neighborhood baseball game and I got hit with a metal baseball bat in the eye…ouch.  It was swollen and bruised for weeks.  And that was a random story.  Moving on :)

For Andrew’s parents we made a cake that was pink inside! The cutest lil’ cake!

As soon as Andrew’s mom saw the cake she goes, “IS IT?!!!! Is the gender inside?!!” Oh mothers, nothing can get past them haha.

Andrew and I were both hoping for a girl, so we’re pumped :)


  1. Congratulations!! How very exciting!!

  2. I am SO happy you are going to have the opportunity to raise a strong girl!! We need more girls with your wisdom. I am just so so so happy for you> I hope you are feeling well!!! Praying for you and Andrew!

  3. What cute & creative ways to reveal the gender! So excited for for you both!

  4. omg congrats!! you’re daughter is lucky to have a momma like you!

  5. Congrats!!! She will be so lucky to have you as a mama!! <3

  6. Yay! Love the videos :) thanks for sharing

  7. Yay! What’s funny is before I got to the “pink” part, I figured you were having a boy because both of you were dressed in blue at the piñata party! Congrats!

  8. Aww I love seeing gender reveals. So much excitement and creativity :) Congratulations!

  9. CONGRATS!!!!! We did our gender reveal this weekend also! I am 16 weeks and having a girl so we are super close in this pregnancy! Love following along with you!!!

  10. So adorable! Girls are the best (says a mom who has managed to raise one to the age of 19 without doing any major damage!). Congrats again.

  11. I have a two girls and they are the best! Though I’m sure boys are great too.

  12. CONGRATS!!!! I have a baby girl (10 months)… they are the best!!! Beware: you will not be able to resist the cute little girl clothes ;).

    • Seriously! My sis-in-law already sent me this boho-esque online boutique for baby girls and it’s filled with the cutest outfits!!!!!

  13. SO exciting!! I pinata is such a cute idea :)

  14. Awww congratulations Kylie!!! Baby immaEATthat has a lot of love waiting for her!! :)

  15. Congrats! We loved finding out the gender before our daughter was born. It really helped me connect with the baby inside me. So fun!

  16. Congratulations!!!  Especially since you both were hoping for a girl :)  Back when I was pregnant, we just told our parents the sex, lol! You guys are so clever!  I’ve never been to a gender reveal party, but it sounds like so much fun!

  17. Aww such cute ideas!! Congratulations 🎊🎉🍾🎈 💖💖💖

  18. Congratulations! That’s so awesome! And I love the reveals! Andrew’s Mum is so adorable – she looks like she was about to start jumping up and down :) What an exciting time for you all! So happy :)

  19. Nawww congrats lovely. Your parents are so cute!

  20. A girl!! So sweet- I know you guys are going to love her so well :)

  21. Eeeeep! I love the piñata idea! So excited for baby girl immaeatthat! ♥︎ 

  22. omg!!!!! little girls are SO fun, congratulations!!!! you’re gonna be an awesome mama :)

  23. Yay!!! Awesome videos! I’m so happy for you both!

  24. BABY GIRL!!! im a few days delayed on catching up on your blogs, but I’m so excited for you! Both of those gender reveals are super cute.

  25. I’m so excited I honestly cried! haha she is going to grow up knowing love, health, and true happiness. <3

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