A day at Stone Barns with Unilever.

Hi guys! Yesterday (at midnight) I got back from a quick trip to New York with Unilever. I’ll be collaborating with Unilever over the next year and was pumped to be invited on this quick media trip with them. They covered my flight, hotel stay and some meals.

I’ll be sharing the full trip next week (in a video!), but for now I wanted to share the best meal I ate while on the trip. Yesterday for lunch we ate at Stone Barns.  I’d heard about Dan Barber, the chef at the restaurant there, and was excited to get to experience his food.

They started us with asparagus soup! Probably wouldn’t order it, but it was fun to try.

Next we had a salad.  I made a comment about how the salad was rather lightly dressed and we joked it was because they wanted us to taste the earth lol. It was super earthy!

Next they brought us mini beet hotdogs, which were 80% beet and 20% pork.  Holy smokes these were insanely good! And the beet hue is just so pretty!

The rest of lunch was served buffet style.

pizza made with a thinly sliced potato crust (would love to make this at home soon!)

farro + broccoli + feta salad

charred asparagus with a yummy green sauce

strawberry custard thing

the BEST carrot cake ever (could’ve been raisin-less tho!)

The food was great and the restaurant was gorgeous! 

It was a fun quick trip! 

Have a great weekend everyone! See you back here Monday :)


  1. What a dreamy place & menu!

  2. I live right near Stone Barns, and it’s such a beautiful place!

  3. Oh that menu sounds delicious! And carrot cake is my favourite! I think it’s the cream cheese frosting….

  4. that place looks adorable!
    and beet hot dogs! i never would have ever thought of trying such a thing, but it sounds good! 

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