After a week that involved traveling, it was nice to spend the weekend with family.  Friday Andrew and I took off work in the afternoon and headed up to Fort Worth to visit his sis + bro-in-law AND surprise Andrew’s dad for his birthday.  Andrew’s parent live near Houston, but were visiting Andrew’s sis for the weekend.  It was fun surprising him!

It’s a 4ish hour drive from Houston to Fort Worth.  We stopped in Waco (the land of Joanna & Chip Gaines hehe) for lattes from Common Grounds, a coffee shop I’d heard great things about but had never visited.

I also had a bag of cereal.  Having bags of cereal with me at all times has been key throughout pregnancy so far.  I always take one with me when I leave the house, even if I just had lunch and am only going out to run a quick errand.  I go from “I feel totally fine,” to “I feel crazy nauseous I need to eat something NOW,” in a matter of minutes.

Once we arrived and said “surprise!” Andrew’s sister, Molly, and husband, Brandon, made us burgers, salad and chips + queso for dinner.

I felt a bit unsatisfied after dinner, not necessarily hungry…just unsatisfied.  So I had a second burger patty and that did the trick.

Followed by a slice of Nothing Bundt Cake chocolate-chocolate cake.  

And then I fell asleep on the couch at 8:30pm, while everyone else stayed up and talked.  I was SO tired.

Saturday started with a walk and oatmeal.

brown sugar + peanut butter toppings for me.

After breakfast we headed to Fort Worth’s Botanical Gardens to look at all the flowers!

Family photo :)

Snack for me! I was happy when I realized I had this bar in my purse! Andrew’s dad asked when we were leaving the house, “Kylie, are you full/feeling okay or should we go to lunch first?” I thought I was totally fine then realized I did need a snack.  Yay pregnancy and figuring out body cues/eating timing all over again.

After the gardens, we headed over to the Fort Worth Stock Yards for lunch + exploring.

For lunch we went to a place called, “Booger Red’s” lol

I got a pulled pork sandwich + coleslaw + fries + a bubbly diet coke because it sounded cold and perfect.  The fries were coated in this “ranch” seasoning that was SO good and salty.

After lunch we walked around and shopped a bit.

The afternoon involved pool time and strawberry eating.

And a bump photo :) I mentioned on insta that my current pregnant belly pretty much looks like my non-pregnant belly. Come onnnnn, baby bump!

For dinner we kept it simple with salmon (Andrew’s dad cooked it), asparagus + cauliflower (I cooked it), and sweet potatoes (Andrew’s mom cooked em’).  Yay for a team effort.

Paired with lime juice + grape juice + bubbly La Croix.

Later we caked (I enjoyed 2 slices) and played board games.

Sunday we got up and headed back to Houston.

Breakfast tacos before we left…

About 15 minutes after we headed back to Houston I told Andrew, “I think baby is having a growth spurt.” I need more food asap.  Einstien’s cinnamon sugar bagel + vanilla almond cream cheese to the rescue! 

Followed shortly by a gas station salad + some pretzels :)

Sunday evening I went and moved my body at the gym.

On the way home from the gym I picked up tacos from El Rey, complete with black beans and plantains.  So good and I’ve got leftovers for lunch today.

Today I have some clients (I’m starting to see people on Monday and gonna see how it works for my schedule), a coffee date with my little sister (YAY!), grocery shopping and a podcast interview.

See you back here tomorrow for something I haven’t done before!


  1. Such an awesome weekend! My parents live in Plano, and this post makes me wish we had a visit planned. My sister and I got so used to much more frequent visits during college. Yay for jobs and adulthood. haha Looking forward to tomorrow’s post!

  2. Awww, you were up in my neck of the woods (DFW-ish). As Kori said, hope to meet up with you someday! You’re seriously an inspiration for me.
    Yay for bundt cakes, burgers and breakfast tacos!
    What did you think of the gardens? I went there for the first time last month and it was lovely. I enjoyed it more than the Dallas arboretum (plus it’s free!)
    And what board game is that? My family and I are big board game people so we’re always looking for new ones to try out.

  3. That sounds like a stellar weekend!! Now I’m craving that exact bagel and cream cheese combination :) Have a great week!!

    • It’s gonna be a regular in my life! I felt like I enjoyed it more than a donut, which is new for me bc I thought I wasn’t a bagel person :)

  4. ft. worth looks so fuuuuun! i’ve only been to texas once (austin for 2 days) and am dying to go back!! and i’m with you on the snacking thing – though i’m not pregnant, i always always keep a bar in my bag!! just in case :)

  5. Haha, I am seriously addicted to Fixer Upper at the moment. Every time it comes on I am so tempted to book a flight to Waco…which from Australia is a bit of a long haul…but I love Chip and Jo so much!
    Your weekend sounds awesome, and your father in law is so sweet to ask you if you were full or whether you needed to eat :)

  6. What a fun weekend! And that cinnamon donut sounds AMAZING!

  7. Hi Kylie! I just wanted to share with you a recent victory I had today. I’m not sure if you’ll really care, but here it goes anyway :) Today was one of those days where I could have eaten everything in the world and never been full. I was a bottomless pit. In the past, I always always always would ignore it and be like what the heck I just ate breakfast I can’t have a snack right now. I would end up being tired and cranky the whole day and then at the end of the day the old me would binge until overly stuffed. Instead, today I listened to every single cue and ate accordingly. I ended up eating WAY more than I normally do, but the whole day I felt amazing. I felt energetic, light, happy. I wasn’t tired or bloated or anything like that. I was just enjoying life and got to eat lots of yummy food.

    All this to say… THANK YOU! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I would have never gone to see a nutritionist. It’s expensive and something I wouldn’t think I needed since I’ve always been a “healthy” person and never actually suffered from a legit eating disorder. But with blogs like yours and other awesome RDs the entire world of intuitive eating has opened up to me and I’m so so so grateful. It has made my life so much better. A few years ago, I was headed down a path of eternal body dissatisfaction and I’m so grateful it plagues me no more. You’re the best!! Don’t stop sharing :)

  8. What a lovely weekend! I’m so jealous of that beautiful weather

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