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1. Have you ever been to MOD pizza? 

It’s like Subway, but with pizza.  We’ve only been to a couple times, but it’s quickly becoming our go-to pizza place.  Last night I went for triple olives on my pizza!  See below…

2. This week I got some indirect, negative feedback from someone about the blog.  

I felt hurt, because I like the person who said it.  I think the thing is, it’s frustrating to feel misunderstood.  The person doesn’t approve of a particular type of blog post I do.  

Then I remembered the below quote…”you are not for everyone, and that’s okay.”  And repeated the following lyrics from this song to myself, “Boss up and change your life.”  Meaning…boss up and don’t let others keep you/me from doing awesome things because they are emotional about decisions you’ve made.

Now we’re all good.  Moving on.

3. Overplating

A technique I use with clients, and practice myself, is overplating.  You simply serve yourself too much food and then pay attention to when your tastebuds get bored of the flavor and your stomach is full.  When you have awareness of those two things happening, then you know it may be a good point to finish your eating experience.  You overplate food so you get the chance to tune in and be aware of when you are satisfied.

I do this with pints of ice cream all the time.  I sit down with the pint, there is something lovely about eating straight from the pint(!), and then I pay attention to when my tastebuds tell me I’ve had enough.  I rarely eat ice cream because I’m hungry, it’s more because it just sounds tasty…so, for me, tastebud flavor fatigue is a better indicator of when to stop eating ice cream than fullness.

(and yes I realize the below is froyo and not ice cream, but dang Ben & Jerry’s froyo is tasty)

4. This unicorn ballon is my favorite thing I’ve seen in awhile.

One of the Houston fashion bloggers I follow is @carriec.  She’s pregnant as well and shared this unicorn balloon from her baby shower on her Insta Stories.  There were also unicorn macarons and a unicorn cake at the shower.  I’m in LOVE with the entire thing and want a permanent GIANT unicorn balloon for our nursery.

5. Commenting on the blog

I’ve been getting more and more of you commenting saying, “longtime reader, first time commenter.”  Those comments make me so happy! All your comments make me so happy.  To anyone who isn’t commenting, please feel free to comment.  This blog belongs to you too :)


  1. I love your idea on not changing who you are because somebody else might not approve of your decision. I don’t know the particular situation, but if your friend does not like what you post, a very good idea for him/her would be not to read it. You could even tell that person that you understand if they “unfriend you/unfollow you” to not get alerts on your blog posts and instead focus on the satisfying offline part of your relationship.
    … on a personal note: I once told a coworker during lunch break “I am so excited and happy to move back to my home town” at which she said to me “stop flaunting your happiness, it is making other people uncomfortable”. In that moment I had my “you are not for everyone and that is ok”-moment!

    • OMGSH! People are so strange to me!! Who would say “stop flaunting your happiness?!!” ahhh!

      And thank you for the encouragement, Barbara :)

  2. I will comment! I found these posts super helpful when I first started on the non-restricting route Kylie. It was s helpful to see another girl eat, and see that you didn’t restrict yourself, and what that looks like. Thank you so much for sharing all of these! I find them v useful and your food looks delicious! Congrats on the pregnancy


  3. Exactly. If everyones likes you – you are doing something wrong. I love the “boss up” sentiment you explained. I need that today. Boss up + coffee.

  4. Hi Kylie, I have been reading your blog pretty much daily for the last several months. I enjoy your posts and recipes (in love with the Almond Butter Blueberry Muffin for one, make it almost weekly and have tried almost all of your cinnamon rolls).
    Last Friday I made the decision to stop weighing myself, it has been a long time coming, but your thoughts and inspiration have helped me make the leap. I thought it would feel scarier, but it has been a liberating decision that I can already tell is going to help me lead a fuller, more meaningful life.
    Thank you for your fun and supportive words, and best to you as you “grow that baby”!

  5. The overplating thing sounds interesting, and probably very beneficial in getting in touch with your hunger/satiety, but I know I’d really struggle with it! I find it so hard to switch out of the “clean your plate” mindset

  6. MOD pizza is so do fun! We have a few places that do something similar, so we don’t run out of options.
    The overplate method is not something I’ve ever heard of. I will have to try it myself!

  7. Kylie! You’re blog (and personality) is my favorite!! Thank you for everything you share. If the negative comment was about when you share what you eat in a day/week, don’t stop! It’s super helpful to see what normal eaters eat FOR REAL. I look forward to you posts each day. Blessings on your growing family,

    • Yep. You nailed it. Thanks for this feedback, Tracy <3

      • Just chiming in to say, yes, if it was about these posts, don’t stop! They have been very helpful for me and basically tell me it is OK to eat what I feel like, no matter what that may be. I have now started taking several types snacks with me, instead of only fruit, and am focussing on ‘will I feel satisfied after I eat this’, and it has made a huge difference to my relationship with food.

  8. First off- love that quote! Sometimes, It’s hard for me to just do something for me. I have to remind myself that sometimes it’s ok to do what I believe instead of trying to become someone else’s puppet!
    Second-I’m the same way with ice cream!! So much more satisfying to eating straight out of the pint :) As always, love your posts!! Xo

  9. Hi Kylie,
    I’ve been reading your blog for about 8 months and it’s my favorite blog. I admire how vulnerable, honest and straight up you are. It takes courage to do what you do and I admire it. I also like seeing all the meals you eat because it gives me ideas about ways to spice up and add variety to my meals. I watched your whole video blog and thought it was so cute. I have pretty high standards for who I choose to follow and what blogs I read and I find your posts equally refreshing, entertaining and helpful. Thank you. After reading one of your pregnancy posts a couple days ago, I wanted to give you the name of a great book title that I know you’d like…….Mom in the Mirror: body image, beauty and life after pregnancyby Dena Cabrera and Emily Wierenga.
    Anyways, please know I am cheering you on and appreciating your openness.

    • Amy! Thank you! I have been looking for more pregnancy books that align with my beliefs. I will 100% check that one out.

      I so appreciate knowing I have people cheering me on! Thank you for commenting :)

  10. Love that Rebecca Campbell quote, thanks for sharing!!

  11. I know one of the drawbacks of blogging is the likelihood that what is written may not jive with some people, and that’s ok. I just don’t think there’s any point to expressing negativity to a blogger. I adore your blog and truly look forward to reading every day. It’s one way I can start my day, “on the right food”, so to speak. It just gives me a smile and makes me feel stronger as an RD who continues to learn IE and develop an even better relationship with food. You keep doing what you’re doing because so many of us love it and find it inspirational! On a different note, that pizza place sounds delicious!

    • I very much think there’s a point in expressing something negative on a blog. The false dichotomy of “us vs. them” that many bloggers and their readers assume is infuriating. I like a lot of blogs; I dislike some of the content on most of them at some point. It says something about people when they are able to take criticism and react appropriately. Many bloggers I read put their entire lives on display in order to be complimented on everything they do; any inkling of critique is met with fierce defensiveness by not only the blogger, but by the blogger’s readers, many times to the point of vitriolic ad hominem attacks. I absolutely detest automatically dismissing someone with a contrarian point of view as a “hater”; this further reiterates the asinine view that the blogger can do no wrong, everything s/he does is wonderful, and that any criticism will be censored and quashed.
      Kylie, the decorum you have in this situation demonstrates that you can accept critique in a mature and appropriate way. Thanks for being willing to listen to it. Though obviously you don’t agree with the criticism, it speaks highly of you that you addressed it in this manner.

      • I appreciate that perspective. However, I don’t think there’s a point in dragging others down. Yes, when one puts himself or herself out there, it will not always be met with accolades and praise. However, when people go out of their way to be cruel, that is not ok. I am not saying in this particular situation someone has done this, but I hold firm on my belief not to put negativity on others.

        • Making a blanket statement that anything negative (i.e., dissenting with the blogger) is bad is buying into that false dichotomy: it’s either bad or good, with no room for discussion in between. Making a comment about something you disagree with on a blog is not “dragging others down.” It’s simply stating a differing point of view.
          And yeah, I’m not talking about “Your blog is stupid and I think you’re ugly”-type or otherwise insulting or rude comments. I’m referring to comments that ask questions or are otherwise opposing–things like questioning sponsorships, commenting on content that may be contrary to the blog’s stated purpose, or otherwise making points that just aren’t blindly complimentary to the blogger’s existence.
          Thoughtful replies or simple acknowledgments are few and far between. It’s refreshing to see it here.

      • Thanks for commenting Kori & V! I’m a fan of not criticizing other and instead contributing positively…aka putting out into the world what you wish the person who you are critical of would be putting out into the world. I’m sure there’s a Brene Brown quote on this lol.

        I think what stunk about the referenced situation (which I am being extremely vague and passive aggressive about lol…I realize passive aggressive is the worst), but the issue is I felt really misunderstood as to why I do that particular post type.

  12. How funny. I was just thinking that I’ve probably never commented, even though I’ve been reading your blog and following on FB for a while! I was already planning to leave a little something, then I saw that last bit and figured it was fate. haha.

    Since you’re in Houston, another similar-to-Subway-pizza-place is Hot Toppings, if you haven’t been. It’s local and yum.

  13. Teaching is very much like #2, so know that there are lots and lots of people out there who feel like that as well. Your teaching style (and even personality) just isn’t for everyone– I had students flat out tell me that, and it’s tough. The flip side is the whole other spectrum of kids (and readers!) who just adore you! Love your blog because you just do you. Congrats on your pregnancy and keep smiling!

    • Totally agree (as a fellow teacher and blog reader :)) I loved the reminder that we just can’t base our worth on what others think of us or our “performance”.

      Kylie, I am always refreshed by your words! Thank you for being YOU!

    • Thank you, Liz & Claire for the encouragement!

  14. Darn… that mod pizza looks terrific! I have never tried pineapple on pizza (I know I should get with it). It would be terrific to have one nearby (-:

  15. Kylie, I rarely comment on or follow bloggers, but I so greatly appreciate your outlook on life and honesty! Aaaaand it’s fun to know someone else who has a real Italian named Marco who cooks ridiculously good food in their life (yep, I’m that one girl in California…) – next time you’re in San Fran lemme know!! Oh and super congratulations on your growing baby girl!!!

  16. MOD pizza is good, but have you tried Blaze pizza?…It’s basically the same concept but I loooovveee Blaze. It’s our go-to pizza place in Austin if we just want fast, cheap pizza. They might have one in Houston?

  17. I really like the overplating idea, and I’m excited to try it! I usually think that way at restaurants (this is probably going to be too much food, so I’ll make sure to listen closely to fullness cues) but I’ve never thought of intentionally filling my plate too full at home. Thanks for sharing! PS love your blog :)

  18. We just got a Mod pizza in Fort Collins. It’s really good, and they have gluten-free, too. :)
    I’m sorry about the negative comments. If they don’t like your blog, why not keep their mouth shut and let you do you?

  19. Hi Kylie, I suppose it’s about time for me to finally write a comment on one of your blog posts. This is gonna be a little long, so sorry. Anyway, I started reading your blog earlier this year in the early part of my recovery from restrictive eating. I had a lot of serious health problems from disordered behaviors but without any health insurance, recovering the “proper” way wasn’t an option for me. Reading blogs like yours have helped me immensely in creating more positive thoughts and jogging my memory on what “normal” eating looks like. I’ve gained a decent amount of weight in my self-recovery, but I’m actually healthy now and my mind is finally free to engage in more important things than calories in/calories out. So in a long-winded, round-about way, I guess I’m just trying to say thanks for all the positivity/awesome recipes/just pictures of normal meals because you’ve really, really helped me and probably lots of other people, too.

    Oh, and the overplating idea is brilliant. I never really thought about it, but I’ve been doing something like it for a little while now. I find that the question of “how much am I actually hungry for?” is something I tend to overcomplicate (and then I start thinking about numbers and what I “should” be hungry for). For me at this point, the less I have to think about food, the better, so I just default to taking “a lot.” Usually what happens is that I start to get physically full and my tastebuds get “bored” like you say–I guess that’s a sign I’m doing something right. Every now and then, I just ravenously eat everything on my plate and overshoot my hunger, but I use those times as learning experiences and move on.

    • Thank you for the thoughtful comment, Paige:) I so love hearing the blog has been helpful :) And I’m so happy you’re in a better place now.

      For those who struggle with undereating and more of an anorexia presentation, being mindful and aware when eating isn’t recommended for awhile. Distracting yourself (with funny youtube videos, games on your phone, Netflix, conversation, etc.) while eating is better, since you are typically hyperaware of the food (and highly anxious) and don’t need to be paying anymore attention to eating. Just wanted to mention that in case you find it helpful. Overplating and tuning in may not be helpful for those with restrictive ED behaviors.

  20. I love your blog & IG! I’m one of the “longtime reader, first time commenter” people. I am very inspired by your posts about food, pregnancy, life, and your honesty about everything. Keep posting! I read a quote on FB a while back (I think by Winston Churchill… not 100% positive) that said something like “You have enemies? Good. That means you stood up for something, sometime if your life.” Having someone disagree or say negative comments should, in a weird way, be a compliment because that means your voice is being heard. God made everyone unique and different, so you can’t make everyone happy. It is humanly impossible. Keep being you and keep posting the way you always have. That’s what all of us readers love about you and your blog! :)

  21. I have been following your blog for a long time, but I rarely comment because I’m a little shy :-) However, I just want to let you know that you are my absolute favorite blogger, Kylie! You have helped me more than you could ever know in recovering from my ED. You are incredibly genuine, insightful, and seem like an overall amazing person! You are an inspiration. Thank you for all that you do and for being you!!

  22. Your last point made me want to comment, as I am a long time reader and (especially recently) have felt connected to your writing. Your philosophy is inspiring in the often confusing/negative/untrue health industry we’re in today.

    P.S. congrats on baby!!! I love following along and feeling your excitement and happiness :)

  23. #2 really resonates with me as a college student during a time when it can feel hard to stay rooted in who I (think) I am, especially because my vision for myself and my life still isn’t completely clear. So, obviously, as a person living in a social world, where social connections are so important, rejection/not being understood can really sting. I “get” you and your posts, so never any negative feedback here!!
    And yes to “tastebud flavor fatigue” for ice cream! I love that phrase! I can’t eat ice cream hungry because that means I have an empty stomach. Then I just feel sick. It is totally for pleasure/satiety

    • Hey Julianne! Christy Harrison posted this quote on instagram, which may be helpful to you –> “to belong is when you connect with another while you stay connected to self. Fitting in is when you abandon to connect with another.”

      I thought it was well said!

      And really glad you “get” me and my posts :) I love hearing that!

  24. Hey I read your blog all the time but like never comment so hi. Anyways, regarding negative feedback, don’t waste your energy feeling sad! I’ve written a lot of stuff for a publication and people tear me to shreds all the time. And now I’m like not everyone agrees we me and that’s okay! It’s normal! It’s healthy! I don’t agree with everything on all the blogs I read, and they probably don’t agree with all the things I write. But it’s not good to only read things you agree with all the time. That’s called living in an echo chamber and doesn’t expand your mind at all. If anything, feel successful for making them think about something they may not have given as much thought about before. Anyways, that’s my thought on that matter. Have a lovely day!

    • Hi, Katherine! Thanks for commenting! I’ve never heard of the term “echo chamber” –> love that! I agree, listening and reading to things I disagree with is healthy! Thanks for the reminder :)

  25. Firstly, triple olives – Can I get an AMEN!
    Secondly, I had a giant unicorn cake for my birthday, and I LOVE the idea of a unicorn baby shower/permanent unicorn balloon for Baby Imma Eat That :)
    Lastly, thank you. I think we all sometimes get caught up in other people’s ideas of what we should be and let that guide us rather than our own internal compass that shows us what we were brought here to do. Don’t let them sway you from your awesome path Kylie. Not everyone has to like you, but there are some of us out here who LOVE you!

  26. Hi Kylie,
    Funny, yesterday was my very first time commenting, but I’m a long time reader as well and just didn’t mention it. Thought I would share that with you, and I will start commenting more :)

  27. I love, love that I found you! Reading your posts on normal eating and following you on IG has been immensely helpful! I was initially surprised that someone could criticize you, and then I remembered this is the internet we’re talking about. Please know that for any negativity you receive, you are doing a tremendous amount of good just by doing your thing and being yourself!

  28. That pizza looks sooooo amazing!! And I seriously have to try some ben and jerry’s- i just feel like the dairy-free type (i’m lactose intolerant) might not be as good. I dont want to disappoint myself! Hahaha. Thank you for all your amazing posts- you help more people than you know.

  29. Hi Kylie,

    I’m a “long-time reader” (a little over a year) first time commenter. I just want to tell you how grateful I am for having found your blog because it has helped to change my life. I didn’t know that it would at the time, but as I read about your story with disordered eating and exercise compulsion, I felt like you were speaking with my voice sometimes. When I first started reading, I wasn’t ready for recovery, but starting in March I’ve begun making changes to improve my actual health – not engaging in the behaviors I called “healthy” for the past three years (and what mainstream society commended me for). Your blog helped me to see that there could be an alternative to the life I was living, and that life on the other side could be amazing and free. I feel better now than I have in such a long time. Thank you.

    I was moved to write this comment because you said that someone made a disparaging remark about your blog. I truly believe as well that no one can be for anyone, but please know that you and your work has made my one life so much better. I am a loyal reader and your blog continues to inspire me to seek true health through learning intuitive eating and practicing joyful movement, and maybe most importantly, the mental clarity that comes with knowing that my worth is not tied to my physical appearance or how clean I can eat.

    I wish you all the best!! Thank you! Keep up the great work!

  30. long time reader, first time commenter :-) thank you times one million for all of the work you put into your practice, blog, social media, and more! i can honestly say you are one of the most real, helpful, and inspiring people i follow. please keep up the awesome work!

    P.S. love listening to your words on wisdom on various podcasts!

  31. girl, you are so wise beyond your years. honestly, as much as hurts to hear things like that, especially when they’re from people you care about/like, you know that what you’re doing is helping SO many. those are the people worth focusing on, and it seems like you’re doing just that, so good for you!!

    and on a lighter note, i couldn’t agree more – eating from the pint is way better, even when you just eat half! saves a dish too :)

  32. Yours and Robyn’s are the only blogs I read. I have actually never commented on any blog ever until about 3 weeks ago commenting here :) I guess I just want to echo everyone else in saying I am really grateful for you. I don’t really like social media or blogs, I feel like they played a major part in the rabbit hole that led to my ED ~6 years ago. I quit all social media ~2 years ago when I was trying to recover. I stumbled across your blog about a year ago and it helped me to get “all in” with my recovery. On days when I am uncomfortable in my skin and want to go back to my ED, you are here preaching the words/behaviors that I really do believe but find it so hard to live at times.

    I “tried on” a few other intuitive eating blogs, but I feel like none of the other ones ate food or had behaviors that were a good fit for me. It seemed like a lot of them still ate nothing but green smoothies, roasted veggies, hummus, and other veg-centric cuisine. That was my whole issue in my ED was I felt like every meal needed to be 100% veg-centered. So I am beyond grateful for your white tortilla tacos with shredded meat, beans, and cheese. Because that is good food too.

    Your blog makes me feel less crazy while the rest of the internet makes me feel more crazy. So thanks. I appreciate it.

    Also, I am really happy for you, your spouse, and your little baby girl. There is nothing in the world like being a mama. Everything in life is just a little bit sweeter: marriage, friends, family, food, faith, etc.

  33. Hi Kylie!
    Definitely am a long time reader first time commenter, and have been hesitating to comment this for a while:
    I don’t know if this is the right place to ask but I have a question for you, I’ve been on my intuitive eating journey for almost a year now and generally have no problem eating mindfully when hungry and stopping when full and satisfied when I eat alone. But I find it super difficult to do that when eating with others! Would you have any tips to help being more comfortable eating with others and how to be focused on fullness cues while also focusing on the social aspect of the meal?
    I also really wanted to say thank you, you really inspire me a lot and reading your blog everyday helps very much :)

  34. Kylie, love your blog! Have been reading a lot recently and really inspired! This blog keeps me grunded in what is true about food and body! “Long time reader, first time commenter….” ;) 

  35. I love your blog :) There is a MOD pizza right next to the Taco Deli we always go to in Austin, but we’ve never tried it (probably because it’s next to Taco Deli…) – good to know it’s a good place!

  36. Wow overplating sounds scary to me. Do you do this for normal meals or just for things like icecream? I’mI still in the learning/middle stages of intuitive eating but I tend to have a hard time not eating what’s in front of me and more often than not I go searching for more food.

    • I don’t have specific rules for when I overplate or when I don’t. With ice cream it just happens naturally because I like to eat it out of the pint :)

  37. Hi Kylie!! I’m a first time commenter too but I read your posts daily and finally felt brave enough to ask a question! I have never heard of “overplating” before and I really like the idea of it…. but I have a huge problem with nut butter and specifically eating it (aka consuming a ton of it) at night. I just love it so much and honestly crave it more than any other sweet/salty treat anyone else might want. My problem is that I still feel significant guilt after what I call “binge” eating it (1/3 of a small jar in one sitting). I just don’t want to stop! I’m wondering how this reconciles with your overplating idea, would it be the same idea (ie. I do eventually stop digging my spoon in) or is this a habit I should be trying to break? I hate it when I do it, even though I am REALLY trying to work on my IE…. any thoughts you might have would be super wonderful :) 

    • Hi Katelyn! My question for you would be, do you allow yourself to eat nut butter anytime of day…or do you only allow yourself to have it at night?

  38. Well as another “longtime reader, first time commenter,” I was encouraged by your words to finally say hello! I am on my own journey to health, and I find your blog (& instagram!) such a refreshing and positive influence. Thank you for being real, open, and honest! Keep doing what you’re doing, and congratulations on this exciting stage of your life!

  39. First time commenter! My RD coworkers and I will be listening to your webinar on Tuesday… beyond excited to learn about how we can all incorporate more intuitive eating principles in our corporate wellness company’s design. We all do this individually… but we are trying to get EVERYONE at the company on board :) And I know your life is crazy hectic right now, but I recently moved to Houston if you would every be interested in grabbing a latte with someone new!

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