Weekend at the lake.

Hi guys! I hope those who were celebrating Memorial Day had a fabulous weekend and found a way to honor those who serve and have served.

We spent the weekend with my parents, grandma and sister up at the lake.  We had a ridiculous number of animals among all of us.  

2 cats – Peppa & Stella (layne and marco’s)
1 dog – Maggie (mine)
2 dogs – Fletcher & Louie (parent’s)
1 dog – Heidi (grandma’s).  

All get along pretty well and there were no dog/cat fights.  Success!

Louie flying through the air…

Maggie being obsessed with water…

Fletcher not sure about the water (but looking cute)…

Saturday morning started with breakfast.  2 breakfast tacos for me! My dad sautés the tortillas in a bit of butter and they’re always fab.

After breakfast I spent some time jumping Maggie.  Here’s an old video of her jumping at the lake :) She’s a nut.

I had a morning cookie + decaf vanilla latte snack.

And we went for a boat ride.

For lunch we has pulled pork on hot dog buns + some veggies.


We floated in the lake and then I took a 3 hour nap.  All weekend I felt so sleepy.

Saturday dinner was salmon! 

All together now…

Followed by two desserts.

a s’more right after dinner…

then some vanilla ice cream before bed… (do you see Fletcher being a creeper?)

And a million puppy cuddles before bed too.

Sunday we had breakfast bagels for breakfast.

Followed shortly by a decaf latte enjoyed outside :)

I spent the rest of the morning kayaking and laying in the lake.  Andrew captured this gem of a photo of me…

I had told my mom I missed frozen margaritas, so she made me a icy mocktail that went along nicely with all the sunshine :)

We ate lunch at the lake before heading back to Houston.  

Sunday I just did random errands like go to half-priced books and stop by Einstein Bros to get some bagels for the week.  I’d been thinking about that cinnamon sugar bagel ever since I had it so I wanted to get some for the week, but they were all sold out.  They did have french toast bagels, so I got those, but they weren’t as tasty as the cinnamon sugar ones! 

Bagel snack when I got home.

30mins later we were eating an early Mexican food dinner because I was still hungry.  Baby growing is getting a bit predictable now.  I’ll be exhausted for 2 days and then on the 3rd day I’m starving, so in my mind a growth spurt happened.

Monday I went to the gym for some movement.  First had a bagel breakfast.

Then I got the grocery shopping done for the week.  

When I got back from the grocery store I couldn’t stop crying and really still can’t pinpoint why.  Andrew’s good at letting me cry when I need to cry and knowing he doesn’t need to change anything. 20 minutes later I felt like myself again.

For lunch I had a roasted sweet potato filled with BBQ chicken, a slaw and some Cheddar bunnies for CRUNCH.

(the knife in the photo below is part of a knife set I got Andrew as a wedding present. they’re from Anthropologie and I feel like they look fancy even through the set of 4 of them was less than $70. yay for making a meal feel fancy with a special knife.)

And I enjoyed a decaf vanilla latte when I was waiting for the sweet potato to bake.

I got this new coffee that has toasted coconut pieces mixed in with the beans.  So yum.

The rest of the day was spent…

working on (and eating) a blog recipe.

…helping Andrew plant flowers (while sitting down every 3 minutes because I still just felt so tired).

…and cooking dinner for us.  Farro + veggies + tofu + an Asian BBQ sauce + sesame seeds + peanuts. 

Paired with a strawberry lemonade of sorts…

Andrew spent the day reorganizing our guest bedroom and office to start getting baby’s room ready.  I’ll be sharing the before/after in a post down the road!

And that was our long weekend! I’d love to hear about yours! Feel free to drop a blog link below if you have your own blog where you recapped your weekend fun :)

What are you excited about this week? I’m excited that the next season of House of Cards is coming out! Andrew and I will be watching that tonight! 


  1. EEEEEK so many cute kitties and puppies!!!
    Also, your farro/veggies/tofu dinner looks amazing

  2. Your weekend looked so fun! Love all the food & how you are able to respect your body – eat & rest when needed. We had plans to go to our lake house but the weather was crummy, & our middle fur-child has been under the weather. He seems to be getting better now! We have our fingers crossed for going to the lake house next weekend. Weather *still* looks bad, but we’re going regardless. Haha – here’s my link 😉 I hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Ah love a good long weekend! Especially when you’re somewhere that you’re almost forced to relax. I’m very into all this bagel action! Bagels are my fav.
    I didn’t get a long weekend since I just started my new job, however, we made the most of Saturday –! 
    This week I’m looking forward to spending my evenings however I want. I love this new freedom of being done with school/internship!

    • Being done with school/internship IS such a fabulous feeling! I remember walking out of my last OChem class and being like, “I never have to learn about chemistry ever again! This is MAGICAL!!!!”

      So happy you are done!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend of relaxation. I love that Maggie loves the lake so much! We tried to take our puppy to the lake yesterday – she’s starting to figure it out but gallops in the water rather than doggy paddling. She seems to love the water though! :)

  5. Sounds like such a great weekend… especially surrounded by so many animals!! Also, that bagel looks delicious :)
    This week I’m excited to see my sister! She is coming home form a month trip in Europe and I can’t wait to chat about it, see pictures and live vicariously through her lol
    Have a great week! XO 

  6. We’re so excited for House of Cards tonight too!!

  7. 1) Where is that coffee with the toasted coconut from? #ineedthat
    2) I am SO excited about House of Cards. Been way too long since the last season!
    3) Fletcher is unbearably cute, I want to squeeze him. haha.

    Hope you have a great week!

    • I got the coffee from Kroger. It’s called “Heights Blend” (aka the neighborhood the store is located in)…I bet it’s called something else at other Kroger stores!

  8. Sounds like a good weekend! That camera looks so professional!

  9. Dried coconut in coffee beans sounds heavenly! I have this seasonal Dunkin coconut coffee that I’m pretty obsessed with at the moment- it’s so summery, you know? Also, do you mind me asking where you got your milk steamer?

  10. What a gorgeous, relaxing long weekend! All of your eats look amazing, and how delicious to be surrounded by all those puppies! I hope you are feeling less tired this week. I can’t wait to see what you do with the nursery :)
    Also, I can’t wait for House of Cards!!!

  11. May I ask how you make your lattes at home? I’ve never tried but they look so tasty!
    Love the blog – thanks for all that you do!

    • Depends! At home I have an espresso maker, so I make a shot or two of espresso then add creamer and milk. If I don’t have access to an espresso maker, then I just make coffee and add in milk + creamer. Not technically a latte but I’m like whatev still tastes fabulous haha!

  12. All the doggos! 😍 That’s awesome that they all get along like that too.

    I used to work at Einstein’s and you could totally make your own cinnamon sugar bagels from the plain bagels in case they run out again next time you go. Just dip in melted butter then coat with sugar + cinnamon!

    Recapped my accomplishments over the entire week on my blog:

    Something I’m looking forward to: Slightly excited about starting summer classes tomorrow. Just slightly. 😉

  13. All of the food you ate this weekend looked so yummy! Plus all those cute dog pictures…

  14. Hi Hun! What is that bar that you used to hold your camera facing down called? Thank you!

  15. I love how good you are at listening to your body. I am struggling with chronic illness and am finally learning to tune in and allow myself rest. So appreciate your example!

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