Weekend: Farmer’s Market, Photo Shoots, Yummy Food

I’m so happy it’s June.  June is my second favorite month of the year (after October, which is the best month).  This graphic is from my planner and I’m in love with it.

Both Saturday and Sunday morning started with oatmeal for breakfast.  I cook oats in milk, thinly slice in a banana, throw in some blueberries, and then whisk constantly until it’s thick and creamy.

Topped with cinnamon-sugar + peanut butter.  And one day I added granola because I wanted a CRUNCH.

Saturday morning I went and moved my body and then met my sisters at the best Farmer’s Market in the city, Urban Harvest.  The sister in middle is finishing up P.A. school soon and moving to D.C. in July so she can be with her husband who is working up there.  Gonna miss having her so close, but happy her + Marco will be reunited.

Also.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this on the blog before, but I constantly find money on the ground.  At least every other month.  It’s ridiculous and I feel like I’m being tested by the universe every time it happens.  My new rule of thumb is, “If it’s more than $20 you have to make an effort to find the owner.  If it’s less than $20 it’s fair game and you can keep it and pay-it-forward somehow.”

At the Farmer’s Market I found $60 on the ground.  And immediately started laughing bc I ALWAYS FIND MONEY! My sister’s and I decided to return it to the market Info Booth for them to use as a donation or in case someone came looking for it.  I feel like since it was sixty bucks someone totally could’ve looked for it at the info booth.

After that we all got coffees.  

Iced decaf caramel latte for me that ended up being way to sweet for my preferred coffee taste to caramel taste ratio, but it was still tasty :)

Then we all ordered something from a booth and shared everything: a quiche, a sourdough sandwich with cashew cheese + peaches + basil + orange marmalade, and a donut.

At the market I also got a veggie pot pie to eat for a dinner later this week and tasty Texas peaches.  

After the farmer’s market I headed to the grocery store to get the grocery shopping done for the week.

I ended up getting two recipe photo shoots done this weekend.  This Wednesday is my birthday and since I want to take most of my bday off I worked ahead a bit.

Lunches throughout the weekend were…

salad + chips

pizza + salad

Andrew and I had some level of nasty, awful, miserable gastroenteritis last week.  I blame a new Mexican restaurant we tried.  AHHH why did we have to feel adventurous that night?! So I was so happy we were both feeling better by last Friday.  I went and saw my OB mid-week to make sure everything was okay, she assured me it was.  But blah it was terrible.

The majority of weekend snacks involved chocolate covered almonds :)

Also this weekend I found a new show on Netflix called Shark Men.  I love sharks.  Sharks and horses (and Maggie) are the coolest animals.

Saturday night we headed to dinner at my parent’s house.  My mom made a fabulous 4-course meal:

incredible watermelon + avocado + salt/pepper cream cheese salad

scallops + pasta

+ two more courses I forgot to photograph.  My drink was sparkling juice (they had it specifically for prego me), while everyone else enjoyed wine.

…and my sister had a birthday gift for me since I won’t see her on my actual birthday.  One of the things she got me was this awesome pillow for me during labor/delivery since she won’t get to be there and after labor/delivery for baby.  I love it so much <3

Sunday afternoon I had plans to get coffee with a new friend, but insane rain and flash flooding ruined those plans:/ Decaf latte at home it was!

Sunday night we headed to Andrew’s parents for dinner.  Post storm sky…

Dinner was ribs + cole slaw + eggplant dish + corn.  Dessert was blueberry hand pies with vanilla ice cream.

And finally, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to be for Halloween because I should have a large baby bump at that point.  LOL about these.  I can’t even with the pearl one!!

And that was our weekend.  This week I’ve got a full week of clients, some blog posts I’m excited about sharing, and a fun day on Wednesday to celebrate my birthday.  Hope you guys have got a great week ahead of you! If you don’t have a great week planned, I hope you can find a way to make it a great week.

As always, would love to see scenes from your weekend! Feel free to leave links to your weekend recaps if you have a blog :)


  1. That pregocado is the best!! Please dress up as that!

    We’ve got a recap of our week which was a little trip away full of good eats :)

  2. the pillow from your sister is TOO CUTE, i love it!

  3. You’ve got a great farmer’s market! Ours is growing rapidly which makes me excited. I love getting a chance to go down there.

    • Yay! Glad yours is growing!! At ours they do a great job with having a balance of prepared foods AND produce/meat, which I really like!

  4. Those pregnancy costumes are cracking me up! Can’t wait to see which one you choose. ;)

    Sounds like such a nice weekend, especially the farmer’s market! I need to start going to ours more because I always love it when I do.

    This weekend my husband and I took a little trip to visit family/friends! ->

    • When I realized I’d be near the end of pregnancy on Halloween I got SO EXCITED! Probably gonna put more thought into the costume than I did when I was a kid haha

  5. I vote for the avocado costume!! That’s hilarious!!!
    Oh that Texas rain that came out of no where.
    I love trying new things at the farmer’s market. Picked up some peaches too last weekend. Any plans on what you’re gonna do with them?

  6. What a fun weekend! I’m glad you and Andrew feel better and that you and baby are healthy. That market looks fun and full of delicious foods. We, unfortunately, received devastating news about our middle fur-baby. Mason has lymphoma in his liver, but we started a feeding tube and chemo on Friday. Since you love Maggie as a child like we do our babies, I wanted to ask if you’ll say a little prayer for him. <3

    • Oh man, Kori I’m so so sorry. Having a mom as a vet I’ve seen her go through this with a lot of families. Sending prayers and my heart for you and your family <3

      • I so appreciate your kind words! I wanted to be a vet when I was a child, but then I thought about the heartbreak and decided I wouldn’t be able to handle it. But Mason is really starting to act like himself again, and we’re all coming to terms with it slowly. Thank you again for your sincere concern.

  7. Those blueberry hand pies look incredible!!! I want one now haha! And that pillow is so cute! Glad you all had such a great weekend. I love reading your weekend recaps.

    and Happy almost birthday! I have a blog post about my weekend and we celebrated both of my parents birthdays! They are two days apart, same year <3

    Have a good Monday!

  8. Soooo envious of all the fabulous meals your families have. My mother in law cooks spaghetti or hotdogs or orders pizza when we go over there 😫🙄

  9. Lol about you always finding money. That’s like me and four leaf clovers. I’ve found four in the past month, and somewhere on the scale of twenty in my life. Your pillow is the sweetest thing. <3

  10. I love the avocado costume! So cute. This weekend was a whirlwind of moving to Charlottesville. Feeling much more settled now that we have some of the boxes unpacked!

  11. There are so many great pregnant Halloween costumes! I’ll have to figure that in when our time comes to have a baby ;)
    I LOVE sharks too! I always thought that I was a weirdo because every other girl in my school was obsessed with dolphins (it was the 90s/early 00s when dolphin everything was in) and I was obsessed with sharks. They are just fascinating!
    Your farmers market breakfast sounds perfect – yay for sister dates. I hope you have a great birthday week!

  12. Those scallops look tasty. For some reason I always forget about scallops and then when I do have them I love them. I love the pregcado! :)

  13. Omg that avo costume!! So great. 
    And this weekend I went to Colorado! It’s awesome if you’ve never been.

    • Colorado is so great and beautiful! Andrew went to college in Golden, so I got to visit at least once a year when he was there :)

  14. omg that pearl costume is genius!!! you have to do that one :)

    your weekend looked so lovely – i like your rule about returning found money! although i never find any so i don’t usually have to worry…haha have a great birthday week!!

  15. Quick question! I think my hair type is a lot like yours and I love how you style yours curly with so much volume. How do you do it?
    What products do you us? Thanks!

  16. You find the best iced coffee! And food in general. Chapeaux.

  17. OMG I would love to see you pull off those costumes – you totally could! :)

    All these eats and weekend plans sound so fun!

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