Nursery Plans

This post is totally just me sharing inspiration for the nursery because I’m so excited about seeing it all come together.  Andrew got the once guest bedroom, soon-to-be be nursery emptied/painted and now I’m realizing we won’t be filling it with baby things until the end of the summer.  It is fun having the room empty and waiting for baby girl.  Every time I walk by I get excited. 

Here’s what I’m thinking for the room:

I’m really a fan of the layered rug look, like the below…

We already own the below Urban Outfitters rug and I still adore it just as much as the day I bought it.  That rug will be one of the layered one.  I want to find a fluffy, fuzzy, cozy rug like the above to layer on top of the below rug.

I would LOVE to do one wall in wallpaper in the nursery, but Andrew says no because “it’s expensive and hard to put on and I don’t want to do it.” I don’t care enough about design stuff to have a strong opinion, so in our marriage Andrew typically has veto power on home decor things because he’s better at visualizing how a room comes together than me and he’s the one doing the work lol.

But aren’t these wallpapers dreamy?!


concrete(!) wallpaper.  I love how this looks.

palm leaves. I think I would be over this wallpaper in like 3 months.  It’s a bit too much, but still…<3

Cribs.  I really like cribs that are the same height on both sides.

So a crib like this (from here)…

…rather than a crib like this… (I did already register for that sheep blanket tho…he’s so cute and fluffy!)

AND i’m in love with these sheep sheets :)

For a dresser/baby changing station, I love somewhere in this color neighborhood…

like this one from here.

…or this one from here.

And I want a pompom mobile like this one FOR SURE.  Will probably make it myself and use more neutral pompom colors.

Also, I want to incorporate a horse print of some sort.  I think they’re the most magnificent animals.  The below print from here is one of my favorites I’ve found.


I also love this piece of art I found from a Houston artist here.  I contacted the artist and it’s out of our price range for what I’m willing to spend on art, but I think it’s dreamy.

And I at least want one simple plant/greenery, like this wreath…

And that’s as far as my planning has got me.  I’ll be sharing more inspiration on this pinterest board.  The actual necessary stuff like a diaper trashcan / thing you put the baby in to change them / glider or rocker / mattress / etc…haven’t even thought about those lol.  It’s been fun planning out things so far though :)


  1. Those wallpapers are suuuuuper pretty! I really like the one wall done in wallpaper thing too, but I think Andrew’s right…it’s an awful lot of work/messing around for something I probably would make a mess of! lol

  2. I love the marble wallpaper and the pompom mobile! So cute. I have an 8 month old and one of his favorite parts of his nursery has always been a mirror on his wall, low to the ground so he can see himself – he’s loved it since he was a newborn! We got an unbreakable one from Home Depot.

  3. Okay, I’ve been a regular reader for about two years now. But you’ve basically lost me over the past month or so and I’m pretty sure it’s because almost every post discusses your pregnancy/ baby, or is the total focus of the post.
    I totally get that the baby/pregnancy is a huge part of your life right now (I have three kiddos, myself), but I have never really found your site to be a autobiography type of set up. Sure, you share personal times, discuss your own battles with ED, but I feel like your blog is taking a total turn. You may actually gain some new followers, this new pregnancy focus may help other future mamas, especially those struggling with ED. But you may lose some, too, like me. 
    Hope all goes well!

  4. I tend to agree with Heather ^^. I have been following your blog for over a year and it has become a safe space and a support for me. It provides a reminder to continue to put in the work towards recovering from the ED on the days where I find myself gravitating towards old, unhealthy behaviours. I love hearing about your experiences with baby and I’m so excited for you! I will continue to check in and read, but would LOVE to see some more ED recover support related content.

  5. All of this looks so cute! I actually always am really impressed by the watercolors you make, and I feel like it could be a really cute addition to the nursery if you wanted to make something! Maybe even paint a horse :)

  6. Check out Jenny Lind cribs. I have one in Lagoon. I love it. I take the wheels off.

  7. This is beautiful. I’d love this for any room in my house!!! Minus the crib for now ;)

  8. I’m not really sure I understand the commentary regarding your pregnancy. There have been so many posts that have proven helpful for me, and you have recently published them. Despite not personally being near having children yet, I still think it’s fun to follow along on your journey. Thank you for sharing this. I think all of these are really fun and classy nursery decorations.

  9. Please feel free to come decorate my bedroom when you are done because I love all of this! Rose gold, marble, grays, and mints are my favs. Sounds like you are getting to really enjoy this time!

  10. Beautiful! I love your design ideas. I’m not sure where I saw it, but I recently read about semi-permanent wallpaper that just peels off!

    I have a dear friend who happens to be an exceptional artist paint me a beautiful customized picture of a bunny family underneath fireflies and among flowers for my daughter’s nursery. It’s still in her room and we get compliments on it constantly. I’d be happy to send her information your way if you ever want some custom work done! She’s extremely talented.

    Happy to see you enjoying the process and planning little details! So much fun.

  11. Love your nursery ideas! I might be done with having kids but I still enjoy reading pregnancy posts.

  12. I always love your interior ideas. I’m so blah at that stuff. Nice to see some good inspo! #prettythings

  13. My ONE tip for crib buying is get one that converts to a toddler bed and then full size. It will make your loved from so much easier!

  14. I’m nowhere close to having kids, however, I love reading your blogs regardless of what you post. I have been struggling a lot with anxiety recently, and I view your blog as essentially a “happiness” blog. I truly admire your honesty, and think that the stuff we focus on and value as important effects our physical and mental health, too. Your passion for self love and understanding what makes you happy is contagious- and I just wanted you to know that. So thanks for sharing!

  15. For what it’s worth, I’m glad you post about a variety of topics, including pregnancy. The ED stuff is the least relevant to me and I feel like it’s been heavy on that lately. I love the recipes and lifestyle posts!

  16. Just wanted to say that I found your blog when I was recovering from an ED myself – AND you just happened to announce your pregnancy around the same time that I found out I was pregnant! So…this blog has been a double blessing to me <3 Love your nursery ideas.

  17. These are great ideas! I hear both you and Andrew on the wallpaper front BUT!

    1) There is temporary wallpaper (

    2) Have you considered doing just an accent wall (which would be served very well with a mirror facing it!)?

    Also have to say that I love the pregnancy posts!

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