Jun 16

Food Inspiration for YOU!

Hi guys! I haven’t shared a meal / snack inspiration post in a while. Here are some foods I’ve been enjoying lately.  I hope something in here will give you an idea that resonates with your tastebuds! 


I made these PB & J breakfast cookies that I was SO excited about sharing on the blog but…while they came out looking awesome, the taste wasn’t peanut butter-y enough.  Gonna keep working on the recipe before I share it.  I had a couple of these guys for breakfast some days.

coconut flour + graham cracker pancake I shared yesterday.

Same pancake above, but I topped it with a leftover peanut butter cookie.  My fullness cue kicked in 3/4ths of the way through eating this, so I saved the rest for a snack later in the day.

french toast with 2 nut butters, blueberries, banana + iced vanilla latte.


BBQ sliced brisket sandwich + baked beans for an early Father’s Day lunch with my dad.

I had been craving a grain salad, so I made a farro salad Monday.  This is what I did.

Mix cooked farro with spinach, tomatoes, and avocado.  And add in a bunch of Trader Joe’s everything bagel seasoning.


Mix it all together with lime juice + olive oil.  And done.  Super easy.


I topped mine with some sardines.

Another day I served it with cottage cheese + berries.


Ground turkey enchiladas! Super easy.  Just brown some ground turkey, add in a can of salsa + cheese, then wrap the filling up in tortillas and bake.  Done.  Served with chips + guac.

My favorite dinner of the week was one Andrew made: cheesy omelets + french fries.

Another night I made us salmon + caprese salad (except I forgot basil at the store…LAME) + roasted brussels + BBQ potato chips.


Small batch peanut butter M&M cookies (I shared the recipe on Stories!)

I haven’t been a candy person since I was like 10 years old, but sweet + gummy things have been sounding good lately.

Gatorade.  A lot of times in pregnancy I’ve found myself feeling depleted and thirsty…gatorade to the rescue.  Sometimes I mix it with water and sometimes I drink it straight.  Depends on what my tastebuds are feeling.

decaf vanilla latte

trail mix! I’m having a moment with raisins.

chocolate covered almonds + strawberries

Hope you can pull some inspiration for your meals from here :)

What was the most satisfying thing you ate this week? Mine had to be the omelet + french fry dinner Andrew made.  I was tired after work and it was so nice to come home to that!

11 comments on “Food Inspiration for YOU!”

  1. It’s too bad those PB&J cookies didn’t turn out the best – they look so good!

  2. I had cravings for Sour Patch Kids in pregnancy. I probably hadn’t had any for at least five years before that! It must be a thing.

    Hm, most satisfying thing I ate this week–definitely a warm chocolate chip cookie straight out of the oven made by my husband! It was store-bought dough, but still–somehow things taste so much better when someone else makes them. :)

  3. All of this looks so good! It’s really hard to choose my most satisfying food this week, but this morning’s Chick-fil-a original biscuit tops the list along with the pork tenderloin with wine reduction that I made earlier this week. :)

  4. Oooo omelettes and french fries sounds perfect. My favorite meal I made at home this week was also breakfast for dinner — avocado toast with thick cut bacon, sunny side up eggs, and sriracha. Mmmmmmm. 
    Craving pb cookies now!!

  5. Favorite meal of the week was my Amy’s frozen meal – cheese enchilada, beans, and corn. Just love that one!

    Pan fried tofu and sweet potatoes made like Cait’s Plate does is a close second only because there was no cheese involved.

    Thanks for the inspiration – love these posts!

  6. Thanks for the ideas! <3

  7. The farro salad idea is excellent! I think my favorite meal this week was a potato curry and side salad from Whole Foods. I followed with a fudge-filled cookie. :)

  8. Those almonds from Trader Joe’s are hands down my favorite product !!! So good. Salty and sweet and crunchy and wonderful.

  9. I loved those cookies on your story! Sometimes you just wanna make a small batch of mug cakes/brownies/cookies. Love those! I also love french toast loaded with berries and whipped cream..yum

  10. love the meal inspo! Helps me a lot!

  11. This blog is great check it out

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