Day in the Life // Jackson Hole

Andrew and I are spending the week in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with his side of our family.  Andrew’s parents rented a big house (everyone has their own bathroom and room…key for family vacation lol).  I am missing my snoogle! I totally tried to pack it, but it’s just too gigantic.  

Today I wanted to share our day from yesterday!

Over the past 5 years I’ve noticed that my eating on vacation looks exactly like my eating in regular, non-vacation life.  Before I discovered and started practicing intuitive eating, vacations always felt like a free-for-all filled with restriction, overexercising, and binge eating episodes that left me miserably full.  Overeating from time to time is normal, but being consistently overfull on a daily basis wasn’t life giving.  A HUGE step that stopped the binges was stopping compulsively running.

Now that I’m in tune with how I feel and understand what I need…eating “off limits” foods is no longer a vacay activity because there are no longer any off limits foods! Foods I used to eat only on vacation are enjoyed in my non-vacation life as I please.

Yesterday started with breakfast at the house.   It’s kinda an unspoken rule that whoever wakes up first starts breakfast. 

Yesterday I was first up so I got the eggs and bacon going.

My breakfast was: eggs + bacon + butter & strawberry jam toast.  Served with a milky coffee on the side – coffee + whole milk + heavy whipping cream + sugar.  My pregnancy plan with coffee has been to drink decaf whenever I can and if I have regular coffee I’m just aware of my other caffeine sources for the rest of the day.

After breakfast we headed on a scenic float trip in Snake River.  We saw no snakes, but we did see a bunch of bald eagles + bald eagle nests.  It was just fun to be on the water.

Snacks for me mid float…

After the boat ride we headed to lunch at The Bunnery.  

It was okay.  I need to remind myself not to order Mexican dishes when we are so far from the Mexican border lol.  I ordered the chilquiles and it was nothing like chilaquiles.  I was hungry though and the meal filled me up…so that was good! 

Then we stayed around town and shopped.  There was this shop called, Made, that was FABULOUS!

I ended up picking out some adorable onesies :) Side note: I felt baby girl kick for the first time last night and it was just the most amazing thing.  Andrew got to feel one kick too.  We both cried <3

Family photo: Andrew, me, Brandon (bro-in-law), Molly (Andrew’s sister).

Then we headed back to the house.

I spent the rest of the afternoon watercoloring and snacking.


Late afternoon we headed to Teton Village for happy hour.  Non-alcoholic Moscow Mule for me (aka just ginger beer + huckleberry juice)!

And we rode a gondola up the mountain.


For dinner we headed back to the house and had chicken + potatoes + roasted cauliflower.  Plus a La Croix mixed with lemonade for me.

Ended the night with a James Bond movie + Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia.

Today I’m planning on taking it easy.  Gonna see if I can find a massage that doesn’t cost a million dollars.  Some are going biking, but with pregnancy biking is off limits due to a weird / debilitating sensation in my pubis symphysis every time I bike…NO THANKS! 

Happy Wednesday! I hope you can find something wonderful to do for yourself even if you’re not on vacation <3


  1. Those onesies are too cute! And the scenery there is gorgeous, omg.

  2. Yes! I completely agree that vacation eating just looks like normal eating when you have made peace with food and eat intuitively. So awesome and makes vacations so much more enjoyable.

    So many hearts for toast with butter + strawberry jam–one of my faves. Haven’t had it in forever, will have to have it soon.

    Feeling your baby kick for the first time is so fun and miraculous! I cried too. :)

  3. The first kick is so special, congrats! Definitely a good idea to steer clear of biking.. I LOVED prenatal yoga classes if you can find any near you. Otherwise, there are a ton on YouTube that are pretty good. Enjoy the relaxing day :)

  4. Now I want to go to Jackson Hole, it looks beautiful!
    I have recently discovered the joy of vacation eating being the same as non-vacation eating, something that has NEVER been the same for me. I can definitely relate to going crazy with food on vacation because I was so restricted in my everyday life. It adds so much joy to travel when I don’t feel so anxious and obsessed about the food and the guilt/shame struggle when returning from the trip. Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  5. My dad introduced me to the show Longmire summer of 2013 when I got to stay with him and my step-mom for my public health internship. It’s based in Wyoming, and I fell in love with that part of the country. Your photos are so pretty, and it makes me want to visit that much more! A bucket list item for sure. I too agree about the vacation eating being normal to everyday life. I hope you found a great place to get a massage!

  6. I live in Austin and I am TOTALLY with you on not ordering Mexican food when I’m away from Texas (or anything else close to Mexico, I’d imagine). Every time I do it just doesn’t have the right flavor!

    Also that top photo is GORGEOUS! and so exciting about feeling a kick!!!! :)

  7. I have a rule NOT to eat Mexican outside of Texas – it is almost always disappointing! Have fun this week without the heat!

  8. Cherry Garcia is my very favorite.
    This looks like a beautiful place and I probably would have never thought to go to Wyoming.

  9. Glad you had a wonderful trip. With you on how intuitive eating makes vacations just a normal eating experience. GOSH. SO MUCH TRUTH. <3 Thanks for being you!

  10. There’s also a Made in my hometown that sells the cutest, handcrafted stuff. I wonder if it’s the same company? I’ve also noticed that vacation eating doesn’t feel any different than my regular eating now that I’ve become more and more of an intuitive eater. Hurray!

  11. Those onesies are just about the cutest things I’ve ever seen. How amazing that you both got to feel her kick!!! Love this peek into your vaca and love the inspiration to continually pursue intuitive eating/living :)

  12. I’ve continually had to learn my lesson about eating Mexican food outside of Texas! I’ve had it just about every place I’ve stayed more than 3 – 4 days at (because who doesn’t get a tex mex craving that often and go out looking to satisfy it) including Canada where the food was HORRIBLE and they charged $$$ for a super tiny bowl of chips and salsa. I think I’ve finally learned my lesson but…we’ll see!

  13. That up close + personal pic of the trail mix was my favorite picture on this post HA. Looks like a fun time :)

  14. Look for a massage school near you, they offer really good priced massages (the one near me is $30/hr) and I have always had great experiences!

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