Reader Survey! I wanna know some things!

Hi guys! I had some questions I’ve been wanting to ask you.  I’d love it if you could answer the below 8 questions for me.  Thank you<3

AND this quiz only works on desktop / laptops….so it won’t show up on your phone.  Sorry about that!

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  1. I hope my survey was submitted.  A little gray circle just keeps spinning where the submit button had been!

  2. Do you have any general life advice for breakups? I’m attempting to recover from disordered eating on my own, and it has its ups and downs, but now that this major event has taken place i’m terrified it’s going to send me back down the terrible paths i’ve found myself down before. I feel pretty lost and alone. Thanks, Kyle!

  3. Quiz button isn’t loading on iPhone.

  4. Also don’t see the link would be happy to answer the Qs. 😊

    • Hi Jenny! Survey won’t load on phones for some reason. If you have access to a laptop / desktop the quiz should work there. I’d love for you to take it!

  5. Hi Kylie! I was wondering if you had ever made a post on intuitive eating at a restaurant or at someone else’s house. It’s always hard for me! 

    Thanks so much :) 

  6. I love your “day in the life” posts and “weekend recap”posts with thoughtful ED and intuitive eating advice sprinkled in throughout. But let’s be honest – I just love ALL your posts!! :)

  7. I loved this survey! Keep up all the great work, Kylie and now Kimmy!

  8. I’m currently on my phone so the quiz is not there… anywho, I think an eating on vacation post would be great. Or how to cope w vacation eating.. new foods/ reactions / blah blah blah!!

  9. I would love some more posts on what to do when you don’t like where your body has settled. How do you improve without trying to “fix”?
    Also how do you navigate shopping for new clothes without dissolving into a puddle?

  10. Took the survey! Looking forward to more fabulous posts from ya =D

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  12. I took the survey but I forgot a request I had. I remember you saying that you and Andrew will say “EDB” when you hear someone in a restaurant or something who is portraying diet culture. But how do you handle it when your friends or family say these things? Lately, when someone says something in passing like “well I’m going to be bad and have another slice of pizza” or if they tell me about their calorie counting I’ve just not been engaging in conversation about it. I’m quite new to intuitive eating, so it hasn’t been so long since I would talk similarly to that. I don’t want to seem hypocritical, but I also know that it took me a long time to come around to intuitive eating, so a quick conversation is not likely to take anyone out of the trenches of diet culture. In a similar vein, I don’t know what to say when my friends tell me about their weight loss. Until recently, I’d cheer them on (one is even under a doctor’s orders to lose weight) but I don’t know how to react now. I’d love to hear your perspective on these types of situations with people you’re close to who are not intuitive eaters. 

  13. The survey worked just fine on my iPad!!

  14. Something I should have mentioned in the survey is that I would really like the ability to be notified if there is a reply to a comment that I post, because I often forget to check back.

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