3 Vacation reflections / things I want to change.

After any vacation I like to take some time to reflect on things I want to transition in my life as I settle back into post-vacation life.  Earlier this year I shared a similar post after our LA trip.

1. End the workday between 5pm-7pm.

Because I work for myself it’s extremely easy for me to work late into the evening on the blog.  It’s weird because for me blogging transitioned from a hobby to a career, but for a long time I was still expecting it to feel like a hobby and I ran it like a hobby.  More often than not (every night), I find myself working late into the evening.  Usually this means I had a relaxed morning with less work, so I’m playing catch up come evening.  Sometimes spending an evening writing a blog post is such an act of selfcare and I LOVE it.  Other times I’d much rather be watching Grey’s Anatomy, talking to Andrew and /or beginning my evening unwinding routine…or figuring out what I need in an evening unwinding routine.  Which brings me to the second thing I’d like to change…

2. Watch more Grey’s Anatomy.

I tend to multi task while I’m watching TV because TV doesn’t feel very entertaining, however Grey’s Anatomy is a show I love.  Since I didn’t love high school / college, I don’t have many fond memories of that time, but one of the few fond memories is definitely Grey’s Anatomy.  I want to make more time to watch Grey’s Anatomy whether between clients or in the evenings.

3. Asking myself my favorite question: How can I empower myself today?

While I’ve managed to figure out my disordered eating and exercise, I’m a person who struggles with stress and haven’t fully figured that piece of me out.  As soon as we were back from vacation my GI issues flared up.  I had ZERO GI distress on vacation when I was stress free, but as soon as I got back to work and life…BOOM! There the issues are waiting for me.  

One of my very favorite questions to ask myself when I’m feeling overwhelmed is: How can I empower myself today?

Basically I brainstorm what I can do today to make that day better.  It’s such a helpful question for me.

Any changes you’ve been wanting to make / things you’ve been wanting to explore?  


  1. I so agree- the stress-GI relationship is something I’ve been desperately trying to work out lately! Anxiety in general is exhausting to live with, and I don’t even realise I’m spending an entire day in a highly anxious state until I’ve tired myself out and wonder how. Now having had glandular fever for the past 2+ months, it’s forced me to take time out more often to really intentionally relax. But… still something I’m really trying to work on. I know my digestive system will thank me for it. All the best to you!! xx

  2. I just started watching Grey’s from the beginning. It brings back great memories from grad school until now. I agree and am glad you are taking the time to just watch. I, too, need to stop multitasking while watching. 😊

  3. I struggle with fear/anxiety at times, and it is so disruptive to my mental state and my GI. I too have some amazing days – usually on vacation! – but there are times my stomach gets wonky. It currently is a bit off, but I try to just eat and hydrate as I normally would, go on a walk to decompress, and eventually it settles back to feeling wonderful. I know it’s my personal ebb and flow, and I don’t try to fight it like I used to. Instead, I try to have self-compassion rather than hate for my stomach, if that makes sense. No reason for me to add more stress. Anyway, I love this reflective post, and I intend to do some thinking on this as well!

  4. My main goal lately has been getting finances in order (automatic savings + investments) so I can be in a good place to change my 9-5 from a desk job to something I truly love!!! I also struggle putting work aside but know I need to take my husband’s South American approach and try to chill out more :) Working on it while balancing both sides :)

    • I have an Albanian friend who provides an excellent example of chilling out more. Glad you have your husband for the “chill out” reminder :)

  5. I’m a big multi tasked so one of my goals recently is to do just one thing at a time if at all possible. Eat, read, work on projects, do client notes, etc one at a time and not with Gilmore Girls on in the background :) 

  6. Ugh. Stress/GI flare ups are the worst! I totally relate. Love how you ask yourself how you can empower yourself today. I am going to try that.

    My emotions and hormones have been all messed up this week due to change in birth controls. My old one has been recalled. I have been a mess and just slowing down and asking myself what I need today has been super helpful. Thanks for all you do!

  7. I definitely want to change my bedtime routine. For the longest time I blamed it on my husband’s schedule. He works nights and I would stay up later trying to help him get situation and out the door. His schedule recently changed and I thought I would finally be able to get better sleep…but I’m quickly realizing my own habits (too much Instagram) keep me from actually falling asleep. I definitely want to work on this!

  8. I am the same with stress in the day. I feel like you would like the concept of self compassion for this and maybe for some of your clients as they try to work through eating/exercise stuff. (not trying to give you a “have you tried…?” sort of comment, I just love it so much and it reminds me of you. Plus I’m a psych grad student so this is all too instinctive for me 😉).
    I feel like self compassion is rooted very intuitively like much of your work- as I work to heal disordered behaviors myself, it’s helped to ask, “how can I be kind to myself through this meal?” / “what does my body want/need?” / “what’s a kind thing I can give myself right now?” Or as I’m struggling to eat a fear food, “this is really hard right now, I’m really struggling. How can I be kind to myself through this?”
    Thanks for the great posts as always!!

  9. I am wanting to create a better/more relaxing nighttime routine. I tend to get crankly the later the night gets because I’m thinking/stressing about what I have to do tomorrow. I’m sure a big culprit is spending too much time on social media right before bed and staying up too late, so that’s something I’m working on!

  10. lately i want to dig more into my blog – i really have been enjoying learning more about blogging – i’ve been obsessed with following them for years…and i LOVE being creative – its a perfect outlet for me!!

  11. I just wrote a long comment but I think it got deleted! Anyway, one way I manage my stress is by trying to slow down and be more present during my day. I used to feel like I couldn’t do that, but then realized that even while I’m talking to patients I can be more mindful in my interactions with them. It takes a lot of conscious effort for me but I’m trying to get more in the habit! Totally agree with the Grey’s Anatomy, too, btw :)

  12. I love that you enjoy Grey’s Anatomy…. and while I read your points I thought. Hey watching Grey’s IS a form of empowerment. I am really attentive to what I watch. I have very little time to watch any shows so for me it is so important how they portray women and if I feel empowered by them. (my husband finds it so weird but sometimes I stop watching a shows because women are whiny sidekicks and sometimes I love a show because it has a smart female villain).

    I also am 100% for watching shows without doing stuff on the side. When I catch myself typing on my phone I always try to ask myself: “is this show not interessting enough to give it my attention? then maybe I should not watch it at all?”

    I don’t want to be the commenter who gives suggestions, but I realized that I have less GI problems when I am on vacation simply because I get to walk more spread out during the day. And that my stomach does not appreciate it if I sit on a desk. Hope you have an empowered day!

  13. Love this:) I’m the same way with stress. My acne and GI issues magically get better when I go on vacation or have a long weekend. I’m still figuring it out too, so I’m really thankful that you shared that question–I love the idea that even on the hardest days we can do a little something to make us feel more empowered and less stressed:)

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