Happy Monday, guys! 

We had a rather calm weekend, which was needed because Friday night I was exhausted.  I picked us up Chick-fila for dinner and then feel asleep before 8pm.  And then woke up around 4am needing food, so I made some creamy oatmeal topped with waffle cone crumbles + nutella + peanut butter and read until I feel back asleep around 5am.

Consistent meals and snacks have always worked for me, but since about 8 weeks pregnant it’s been essential for me to have a snack right before bed if I wanna sleep through the night…and I do.  

Saturday Andrew spent the day working on a garage project.  I picked us up some donuts for a morning snack.  I went to my favorite donut place, Shipley’s, to get their glazed blueberry cake donut BUT they were out of them.  The guy behind me in line suggested I get the glazed buttermilk cake donut instead and it was FABULOUS.  Definitely just as good as the blueberry one.

I hung out with Andrew in the garage for a bit and we split an iced latte + the donuts.

I came across this photo and it made me laugh so I wanted to share :)

On Saturday we also went and got a crib from Target! YAY!  Having the crib in the house is doing good things for me emotionally.  My mom mentioned that she always felt like the 2nd trimester was the hardest for her.  I just feel like time is moving by at a glacial speed and having the crib in the house reminds me of what we’re working towards…baby!

Saturday late afternoon some thunderstorms rolled in and it was so cozy.  I love summer thunderstorms.

Sunday started with the typical latte + breakfast tacos at church.

Maggie spent the weekend recovery from an eye issue.  Her face is just all smooshed up by a pillow here, but her third eyelid was red and she had some impressive eye boogers.  We got her some meds and she seems to have made a miraculous recovery.

Sunday around happy hour time I met up with my friend, Liz! 

We met at Tout Suite for some appetizers + drinks.  We split brussels sprouts + their corn chowder.

AND we each got a juice flight.  You got to choose 8 juices to try.  All the juices have ridiculous names and I’m sure the “liver detox” juice is approved to be called that / make that claim by the FDA lol.  They were tasty though!

I’m starting the week with a friend coffee date and then I have clients starting mid-morning.  Have a good week everybody! 

As always, feel free to drop a link to your own weekend recaps! 


  1. I’m the same way about nighttime snacks – I know if I don’t have something in my belly when I go to bed I’ll never make it through the night!

  2. I love summer storms too. We just had a donut shop open near us and I’m very excited to try it!

  3. The Shipley’s that is closest to us doesn’t carry the blueberry cake donut or the buttermilk one, which are two of my faves. Sad trombone. I like cake donuts so much more than raised. Which one do you go to that usually has them? I seriously may have to make a special trip.

  4. Cake donuts for the win!!! Always my go-to too. Oooh! Which juice was your favorite? Glad to hear Maggie & her sqooshed puppy face are doing just fine!
    Went to Austin to hang out with family over the weekend. Unfortunately, we weren’t so lucky with the weather and couldn’t stay cozy indoors during the Saturday rain.

  5. Your weekend looks like the perfect mix of work + play + relaxation. Love afternoon rainstorms during summer too <3

    Our weekend was busy – my parents came to visit so we did quite a bit of sightseeing! It was fun to show them some of my favorite parts of Charlottesville. But also felt good to catch up on laundry and groceries after they left so I don't feel totally crazy heading into this week!

  6. We were in Houston for the Super Bowl and tried Shipley’s donuts! They were awesome!

    My husband and I completed our first sprint triathlon this weekend! It was probably one of the hardest races I’ve ever done. We also went to a concert and spent time on a boat! It was a good balance of movement and relaxation.

  7. I love a good buttermilk donut!! I love pretty much every donut though, except filled donuts. I can’t get on board with those, haha. Sadly, my weekend did not include donuts BUT my mom made some ridiculous bread so I enjoyed that with butter and blackberry jam. Carbs and sugar for the win! (I love that picture of the dog eating the wall!!) :)

  8. I loved the alcohol-free happy hour! Such a fun way to meet up with a friend.

    This weekend was my 1-year wedding anniversary so my husband and I went away for the weekend and visited all the places we loved going to when we first started dating! It was totally low-key but exactly what we needed/wanted.

    Here’s the link to the recap!

  9. Maggie is just the CUTEST, glad she’s feeling better :) and summer storms 👍🏻 That dog meme is getting sent to all my other dog living, diet hating friends! 

  10. What a nice weekend! That’s so exciting that you now have a crib, and I laughed out loud at that photo of the dog. So true. I attended a free Barre class yesterday that was awesome. Sadly, a lady came up the refreshements table afterward and stated how she couldn’t eat the trail mix because she’s counting calories. I tried to delicately say how that was not necessary, but she’s deadset on losing weight. It was so sad to me. Anyway, the rest of our weekend was lovely. :) Hope you have a great day!

  11. That juice flight is so pretty! Your nursery is looking adorable too, I love the layered rugs :)

  12. That doughnut sounds ahhhh-mazing! And your nursery is so beautiful! I love how all the different elements come together.

  13. What a great weekend! I LOVE that dog photo. I’ve seen that one before and it makes me LOL every time. Those juice colors are beautiful!

  14. That juice flight is such a great idea! I don’t drink much and it’s a great way to meet up with friends.

  15. Love the rug in the nursery! Where did you get it? We got our crib a few weekends ago and the nursery painted this weekend… things getting real… fast!

  16. That juice flight looks so good!! My weekend was pretty boring since I spent most of it being sick, so not much to blog about haha!

  17. I live in Austin, and that storm on Saturday was so unexpected but I loved it! I’ve never been to Shipley’s, but those cake doughnuts look so good!

  18. Summer thunderstorms are the best! I have so many fond memories of sitting on our back verandah watching lightening and rain while eating ice cream with my Dad :)
    I am so glad having the crib (we call it a ‘cot’ here in Australia) is doing good things for you mentally. My best friend is due in about 8 weeks and at the moment her cat is making good use of their cot as a napping spot! I think he’s going to be quite put out when the baby arrives! So glad Maggie is healing up too.
    You’ve inspired me to start writing weekend recaps too so here is my link!

  19. Those juices look so fab!! Sounds like you had a restful weekend :)

  20. so exciting that you put together the crib!!!

    also that juice flight?! neeeeeed. i miss summer thunderstorms – we don’t get those in LA :(

    have a great week!!

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