New Contributor Intro: Meet, Morgan!

Helllloooooo Kylie’s party peeps. My name is Morgan. Here’s my face because research shows you’re more likely to bond with someone if you know what they look like.

TADA – that’s me. I am BEYOND excited that Kylie asked me to be a contributor for ImmaEatThat. I’ve been following along since 2012 and love her blog and love her even more. Kylie and I met because I am on the path to become a registered dietitian in the Houston area as well and she has been the greatest mentor and source of encouragement during all these years of school. In fact, I remember vividly when Kylie introduced the idea of intuitive eating to me and it instantly clicked and it’s been the most freeing thing I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. Yes. ENTIRE LIFE.

Unlike Kylie, I don’t have a huge desire to go into counseling. I like the corporate side of things. Ideal job? Work for a small food company (think: Noosa, Boom Chicka Pop, Salt & Straw, or Ben & Jerry’s) as their dietitian. Or maybe an airline and totally revamp their in-flight food options because a measly bag of peanuts is not enough to keep people satisfied on a three hour flight.

Oh, and speaking of airlines…. Being in an airplane or at an airport is my ultimate happy place. I seriously get giddy and smile at all the security people (who probably think I’m suspicious) and I skip down the moving conveyor belt thing on my way to Starbucks to get a vanilla latte for prime people watching fuel. I’m enchanted with the world, find romance in flying, and have no greater desire than to constantly go on adventures. In fact, I got back from Peru about two weeks ago.

My other true love? Coffee. But not actually coffee… espresso. But that kind of makes me sound like a diva so I just tell people I love coffee. In fact, a friend and I recently did a cafe crawl around Houston and visited 16 coffee shops in 21 hours. You think after all that caffeine we’d be wired, but MAN were we exhausted. Navigating Houston is no joke, y’all.

Last very important fact you should know about me: I am a total geek about designing things digitally. I love learning how to write code to build websites, experimenting with photography and videography, and making things look aesthetically pleasing to promote self-marketing. So much so, that I actually have a design company (Levanto Design Co.) to help small business owners grow their business.

Anywho, you’ll be seeing me pop up every now and then. Please stop and say hello :) I love love love how interactive y’all are with Kylie so tell me below: what is one thing I should know about you? Do we have anything in common?


  1. Welcome, Morgan!! I’m so excited to hear more from you!
    I’m in the process of becoming an RD too, and I’ll be starting my internship next month :). I totally share your love of airports! I think the entire process of traveling, not just being at the destination, is so fun!

    • Hiya Shelby! Congrats on your internship! It’s always nice to know other people are about to go through the long days with me haha. Where are you doing your internship at?

      And yes, exactly! I just want to hug everyone who is at the airport and grumpy and tell them it’s all part of the fun :P

  2. Hey Morgan! I love to travel, don’t get to as much as I would like, and LOVE coffee…I live in Charlotte NC and am constantly hunting down new and unique local coffee spots and review them on my blog sometimes :) welcome to the space, I’m sure I will really enjoy all you will bring to this space! 

    • Hi Anna! You’ll definitely have to send me a list of coffee shops in Charlotte! I’m constantly looking for places a quick plane ride away to visit and do cafe crawls at :)

  3. Hi Morgan! I love that you are pursuing a different side of dietetics! I have a friend who went into the corporate side and she loves it! One thing you should know about me: I live in Australia and I am just getting back into my dietetics career after a few years working in a different field! And one thing we have in common: I LOVE airports too! I just getting excited by all the possibility of adventure in the air!

    • Hi Amy the Australian! What part of Australia do you live in? The closest I’ve been is Bali where I met a lot of Australians but I’ve also been told those are the “party Australians” and aren’t what people are really like haha.

  4. You sound like such a fun, awesome person! I LOVE coffee. That coffee crawl sounds so fun! I think it’s so amazing that you have already created a design company at such a young age. You are going to do great things in life. It’s nice to meet you, & I look forward to your contributions!

  5. Hi Morgan, nice to meet you!
    Love all your interests- coffee, travel, and design! Also, I’m on the path to become an RD also, so I’m assuming we share the interest of nutrition and food as well. I’m moving to Galveston in twoish weeks to start my MS/DI program at UTMB so I’m sure I’ll get to do some exploring in Houston, maybe hit up some good coffee shops!
    Excited to read some of your posts here in the near future!

    • Hi Rachel! WOOHOO! More RD friends! I just finished my orientation yesterday for my internship and start rotations next Monday. I am so excited!! You’ll definitely have to head to Houston to visit some awesome coffee shops <3

  6. So nice to meet you! Funny enough, we seem like total opposites in our likes and dislikes. I don’t’ drink coffee or caffeine of any kind…and I HATE airports. They always stress me out! I have a bunch of family in Houston, though, so I visit pretty often!

    • Hi Casey! How funny that we are total opposites! I don’t even know if it’s the caffeine I like in the morning or just having something warm haha. either way, the coffee shops in Houston are the best and their decaf lattes are just as good ;)

  7. You are adorable! I love your spunk already!! Looking forward to your posts!! (And travel adventures!)

  8. I love the idea of doing a cafe crawl!

  9. I’m obsessed with airports too!! Something about them makes me soooo happy!

  10. Hi Morgan!  Hoping your exhilarating love of travel will rub off (a little) on me haha!  I am at a point in my life where I am able to travel… don’t mind the airports, but the worst part for me is the packing & hotel rooms kind of gross me out!  So welcome to this amazing space!!!  I too, am a Houstonian, so perhaps a list of your fav coffee shops is needed! :)

    • Hi Cindy! My friend I go on most of my trips with is the same way – she brings Lysol on all trips. I used to give her a hard time about it, but I think I’ve used it on all our trips so I owe her an apology haha.

      YES! I hear you. A coffee shop post will be coming soon!!!

  11. How fun! Love all your interests and exited to read along :)

  12. Hi Morgan! I’m also in school pursuing dietetics and after shadowing in hospitals am thinking of branching out beyond clinical. Working for a corporation is something I had never thought of.
    When I fly to and from school I’ll sometimes get to the airport hours early just because I love it so much! Super excited to hear more from you!

    • Hi Sam! It is actually incredible all the options we have as dietitians. I feel like I learn something new every day and my world was ROCKED when I visited a dietitian for a small ice cream company near Houston and her job is basically to create new ice cream flavors. #bestjobever

  13. Yay and welcome! Salt & Straw is my absolute favorite thing–I live a little over an hour from Portland and while it’s really not far, it’s just far enough that I don’t get there as often as I like. I love that you’re pursuing the corporate side of things for your dietitian career. I’m starting school with the end goal of the counseling side of dietetics, but I want to keep my options open so I’m looking forward to hearing more! 

    • Thanks so much, Naomi! Salt & Straw is one of the best inventions ever. I was visiting a friend up there and thought she was insane for standing in line that long for ice cream, but HOLY MOLY it was so worth it. So excited to share a new side of dietetics with you!

  14. I have a fascination with airports and love adventures too! I just spent a semester in Ecuador, but would love to visit Peru at some point!

    • Oh my gosh, you’ll have to share all the things to do in Ecuador! It’s on my list, especially with a side trip to the Galapagos Islands ;) but be on the lookout for a Peru post coming soon!

      • Would love to see a post about Peru! The Galapagos Islands were amazing, but I would also recommend Monkey Island (think cute lil’ monkeys everywhere you look) + bungee jumping in the Amazon Jungle! Oh, and of course the equator (; 

  15. Morgan!

    I am so pumped for you to be a contributor to Kylie’s blog. I am the same way with airports! I love them and I get so excited when I fly and I too think traveling is one of the best things to do for the soul. I also totally support you working for an airline to add something more than peanuts! I cannot wait to read more and I will definitely be checking your design site out.


    • Kristel!

      I’m so excited to be here :) I saw a post recently from a dietitian flying Delta and their in-flight meal looked freaking incredible, which just made me even more excited that there is actually a need. Thanks so much for checking out my little business and thanks for the warm welcome!

  16. Hii, nice to meet you! :)
    I’m going to Peru soon, and Kylie said you were going to do some travel stuff if I’m not mistaken… a post about that would be so cool!!!

  17. Hi Morgan! I already follow you on Instagram (kinda creepy, but Kylie mentioned you in a few of her posts, and I saw you love travel and just seem like a fun gal :) )

    I am a dietetics student as well! I live in Indianapolis, IN, but I am an online student through the University of Alabama. I think it’s neat that you want to go into corporate dietetics working with small food companies. Ben and Jerry’s would be ahhhh-mazing…so many freebies I am sure! I am steering toward the counseling side of things, with a focus on disordered eating, like Kylie.

    So neat to “meet” other like-minded RDs and RD-to-be’s. I love Kylie’s content and blog, so I am sure your posts will not disappoint! :)

    • Hi Kate! You are the absolute sweetest! I love that you’ve already been following along :) I just met someone who was an online student through Bama – so cool! Can you imagine all the Ben & Jerry’s freebies?! It would be like living in a dream world.

      So great to meet you too and thanks for the warm welcome <3

  18. Hi Morgan! Love your writing style and I look forward to reading more! One thing about me is that I have 4 pets.. 3 dogs and a cat. It’s a little crazy at times. Also a cafe crawl sounds so fun! I live in the DFW area so there are plenty around here to visit!

    • Hi Sara! I dream about the day that I can have 3 dogs. Not much of a cat person, but I would adopt all the puppers if I could. What are some of your fave coffee shops in DFW? My friend I did the cafe crawl with is actually moving to Dallas next week and we’re planning one up there soon! :D

  19. Welcome, Morgan, I like your face! 
    Looking forward to reading your posts here; coffee and travel are two of my main loves as well :)

  20. I love your design company! I have been working on doing the same for photography, specifically for food. I would love to hear some advice if you are willing to talk about it! Good to meet you Morgan!

  21. Hiiii, Morgan! YES! YES & YES! The more I read about you, I feel like we could be best. Friends. Ever! ha! You got me at traveling and coffee. I love designing as well, but from the other side, the one that appreciates it because I am not good with designing (technologically or whatever you call it, web design-> IDK!), I like doodling=) Anywho, WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you stay awhile and post a bunch. I mean, I love Kylie, too though… Bye!

    • Hi Cynthia! UGH yes we can totally be best friends. I am the exact opposite – no good at doodling haha. Thanks for your warm welcome! My first post is actually gonna be about my recent trip to Peru so I hope you can relate and chime in!!

  22. Oh, ALMOST forgot to mention! I am originally from PARAGUAY=) I hope to see more pictures from South America. (Brazil and Argentina, and Chile are beautiful!!)

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  28. I can’t find a place to post a comment on Today 4/3/2018.
    I was surprised to see your feet on the seat across from you. 
    This is a real pet peeve of mind. I might sit on that exact seat in minutes. 
    No thanks! 
    I think you are even a mother, now. Changes are called for on things like this. 
    How do babies learn? 
    Yes, I am older than your average reader, I enjoy reading and seeing the darling baby. But this means I notice different things. 
    I have no hate. I don’t need supporters defending you to me. 
    Thank you.
    This is my first comment ever to any blogger.

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