This weekend started with blueberry muffins on Saturday morning.  I’ve recently started having trouble getting comfortable at night (snoogle and all) and haven’t been sleeping great.  So Saturday I woke up way before Andrew and wanted something to do…muffin making it was!  I searched pinterest and went with this recipe.

Sometimes it’s nice to cook / bake without taking any pictures for a recipe post.  I just put on some music and got to baking.  I followed the recipe exactly as is and they came out delicious.  

For breakfast I had a couple paired with an iced latte :)

Then I went and moved my body + stopped by Target to pick up a baby shower gift for my cousin.

Then I made Andrew and I a quick lunch of tomato soup + asparagus grilled cheese + a lemonade.  We love the Simply Lemonade brand as is or mixed with some water / sparkling water to tastebud desired sweetness level.

Then we headed to my cousin’s baby shower, who is due about 2 months before me.  Maggie got to come with and hang out with my parent’s dogs for the afternoon.  My parent’s live on the same street as one of my cousins and that cousin was throwing the shower for my other cousin.  Does that make sense? Perfect!

The shower theme was “woodland animals” and was super cute.

I was in a chocolate mood and was happy when I saw Nothing Bundt Cakes bundtinis! Chocolate bundtini for me!

After the baby shower we hung out with my parents, then picked up a Papa Murphy’s pizza for dinner on the way home.  I was exhausted and asleep on the couch by 8pm.

The next morning we got up and were on time to church for the first time in probably 3 months lol.  

At church we stopped in the connected coffee shop and I got tacos + a vanilla latte for breakfast.

After church we went and checked out some strollers at Buy Buy Baby.  Geez.  Talk about overwhelming.  BUT the sales lady was a mom and was super helpful.

We had registered for the Uppababy stroller, but I just didn’t feel right about it for a couple reasons.  So we’re gonna go with the City Select Baby Jogger Stroller + Chicco infant seat.  Since we want more than one kiddo, we want a stroller that can convert to 2 seats for 2 kids…and that stroller can do that.  To my moms out there, any stroller thoughts are welcome in the comments! And if you have any glider / rocker recs, i’d love those too!

After stroller shopping we headed out to Andrew’s parents house for lunch.

Pulled pork sliders + slaw + cantaloupe from their garden that was epic.

We talked and hung out and later Andrew’s dad made him and I some root beer floats.

The rest of Sunday was spent getting groceries, getting drenched in a summer thunderstorm, prepping a pasta salad for a couple meals this week and driving Andrew to pick up his car that was getting work done this weekend.

I kept our dinner simple with a chocolate covered peanut appetizer lol

…and some crab cakes + sweet potato fries.

I just had an apple + chocolate milk and now I’m off to bed!

How was your weekend? As always, feel free to link to your blog below :)


  1. I have never ever heard of people growing cantaloupe in their own gardens, that’s amazing!

  2. Nothing bundt cake buntinis’ are my favorite! I love that you have a connected coffee shop and can get tacos and a latte before church – how convenient!

  3. My Bob’s jogging stroller is the BEST item I bought for my baby (now 3.5). I love the shocks and suspension on it. I rarely run with the stroller, but I use it all the time, even now. LOVE IT.

    • Thanks for the recommendation, Gail! There are so many choices out there. One of my husband’s friends mentioned that unless you get a super duper inexpensive one…all the strollers out there are fine. So that’s been helpful in not getting too overwhelmed with trying to pick one!

  4. My little one is 3 months old and has been in a pushchair/stroller maybe twice (and that was in his car seat slotted into a fairly basic stroller). We have a hana baby wrap and so just carry him everywhere, which is way easier given we have a pre-schooler as well. Definitely look at width and turning circle – think getting in and out of small rooms for baby groups etc. Also how much space it takes up in a car, as babies tend to take up loads of room when going away anywhere!
    On a different note, I’m super jealous of those sweet potato fries. They look amazing :)

  5. This weekend update cracked me up, we are exactly the same! I’m pretty sure we are only a couple weeks a part in our pregnancy, I am 26 weeks tomorrow, and our weekends sounded almost identical! Friday night we went to Babies R Us to pick up a baby shower gift for a friend a check a few more items off our registry list. Saturday I woke up way before hubby and made blueberry banana bread muffins and scrambled eggs! I went to the baby shower Saturday afternoon and then we went to my parents Saturday evening for pizzas on the grill! Also love my snoogle but I am at the exact same place of not being able to get comfortable ever!!!!

    • Oh so fun, Millie! Yep I was 24wks on Saturday :) And I totally would’ve made eggs with our muffins…except I used all of our eggs to make the muffins haha

  6. Omg buy some reusable shopping bags you cow! So wasteful!

    • What an interesting comment, Evie. I agree reusable bags are ideal, but sometimes I forget to put them back in the car after the previous grocery shopping trip. I don’t think that makes me a “cow.” I prefer self compassion for myself when this happens.

      • For what it’s worth, my step-mom loves cows and thinks they are wonderful creatures. So Evie’s ridiculous comment just became different for me. You could take it as a compliment, ignore that last bit, and joke is on her. You handle yourself so well, Kylie!

      • I love that you kept this comment up AND how you responded to it!! I forget my reusable bags sometimes too- it happens. We’re human!

        • Agreed with Madison and Kori, very well-handled in the face of such a ridiculous and callous comment. I forget my bags a lot too but it’s not a call for self-hate or judgment of others. There are bigger problems out there.

    • This literally made me laugh out loud because it is so unnecessary. If you would like to inspire people to use re-usable bags this would not be the way to do it!

  7. I have always wondered how you get tacos and lattes at church haha so it’s a shop that’s right next door or does your church actually have a coffee shop inside?? #goals

  8. Looks like a fun weekend! Ours started on a not so great note with our A/C breaking, ugh. It picked up from there though! (Also this is my first ever weekend recap, yay!)

  9. Sounds like a fun weekend but you should try to bring reusable bags to the grocery store if you can! (to avoid wasting so much plastic!)

    • Agreed! I don’t always remember to put them back in the car from the week before. Our grocery store has a return/recycling bin for plastic bags, so most of ours don’t end up in our trash…unless they have like raw chicken-ness on them or something.

    • What the what! I re-use my plastic bags for when I scoop cat litter. Pretty sure the world will turn another day.

  10. We got the city select double from Craig’s list after #2 was born and I loved it! Took up a ton of space in the trunk so we just kept it set up in the garage for neighborhood walks and used a light umbrella stroller for the car. You do not need an expensive stroller all of the time. For real. For errand running etc., an umbrella stroller can be used once they are like 3 months. Save your back from folding and lifting heavy strollers and your $$ too!

  11. Those blueberry muffins look oh so good, and I truly think you look so beautiful! I hope you’re feeling better. That dress is perfect on you. <3 We had a lovely weekend, and I got to stay with my twin on Friday night, which is always a treat. We lived together until we were 27, so it's still strange to live apart.

    • I grew up with twins who lived down the street from me and when they went to separate colleges is was SO tough on them! Twins for sure have a special bond!

  12. Hi Kylie! Your weekend sounds great! I’m definitely going to make those muffins. I hardly ever remember my reusable bags so I guess that makes me a cow too. ;)
    Your blog is awesome and has helped so many people including me. Ignore the horribly rude trolls.

  13. People are so passionate about reusable bags man! I just clip my keys to one of the bags so I have to remember to take them back to the car next time I go somewhere. It is easy to forget though!

    Sounds like a super amazing weekend!

  14. Strollers are indeed overwhelming! I agree that most of the strollers are just fine. I think one thing I wish I knew about strollers is having a lightweight, portable, easy to use stroller is more important than the giant travel system. I got a hand me down double stroller system that was $800 altogether, aaaand I prefered the $10 Joovy ultralight I got at a garage sale. Double strollers are really where it’s at, though, so I think the city select is a great choice. I have a 18 month old and a 1 month old!

    We also have a double burly bike trailer that converts to a stroller, and that thing is awesome!

  15. Your church lattes always look so goood! We totally got drenched in a random monsoon up here in NC too. I kind of love evening summer thunderstorms though :)

    Here is a link to some tidbits from my weekend! ->

  16. Blueberry muffins were on my mind this weekend too! I baked some Saturday and they’ve made a perfect addition to breakfast. Love how easy they are to take on-the-go for snacks too. I shared the recipe I used for them here:

    Agree with the others that that dress looks perfect on you!

  17. Your blog always makes me hungry! ;)

    We have loved the BOB stroller but I realize you’d need to upgrade to the double BOB with the addition of another. For two (here in the Seattle), lots of people love Phil & Teds because the kiddos are stacked vertically to fit through doors and such more easily. We lucked out with doing a lot of (nerdy) research on many kid things, but don’t hesitate to get what you feel is best and free yourself to make changes as you go along. Certain kids like/tolerate certain kid items more than others too! :)

  18. I admit I also balked at the plastic bags in your photo but I want to share with you that because I found the concept of intuitive eating (through hearing you on the Chasing Joy podcast and then visiting your website) I have stopped doing all the ridiculous things I was doing to be tiny (counting calories, counting macros, obsessively exercising) and that freed up SO MUCH MENTAL SPACE to think about and worry about other issues. This month I am attempting to go Plastic Free for July. Its also funny because I am currently in a city that has banned plastic bags at stores and this forces you to remember the reusable bags or you have to pay for a paper bag! My boyfriend and I will carry armfuls of food to the car with no bag at all, haha. Anyway, much love for you and the blog and I am sorry rude people are rude. <3

  19. That comment was so rude, irrelevant, and obviously untrue as you are a human and not an animal. I hope it doesn’t cause you to become more censored as people who are struggling with their own mess will always find a way to project it on you, censored or not. I occasionally forget to bring reusable bags too, I’m glad people are being conscious of this. But we are human! My grocery store allows us to bring back the bags too which is a great option. I use the plastic bags as trash bags for my daughter’s diapers.

  20. That looks like such a fun weekend, mine (with kids) was a lot less relaxed! ;) Here is my stroller summary. 1) if you can get one used that is wonderful because then you can get a really good one, and not care about it like you would if it was 500$ plus. (we have a hand me down Bob stroller). 2) do not take advice from people that have a very different lifestyle then yours! – I live in a city and usually start to walk at my doorstep. My stroller has been in the car only a handful of times. So portability is not so important. Where do you do most of your walking? 3) we also own a stroller for 2 kids (also a hand me down Bob) and I hate it because its so wide, and useless in city grocery stores. If your single stroller is not too expensive, just upgrade once you have a second one in it. (my kids are 1 1/2 and almost 4), for the first year I prefered to carry the baby and push the big one in the single thing, now the big one has to walk because he has to much energy anyways. We also have a Thule bike trailer, (which can also be pushed), and because we do not have a car that is the most used method of transportation here. Sorry so much ramble. If I would do it again: Buy a good stroller that pushes easy (Bob), some kind of carrier for your baby (I saw one on your registry) and if you hate the one you have try a different one. (I had two with the first baby and hated both, bought a third with baby number 2 …and finally bliss with a Manducca) and an easy fold stroller. We love the Quinny Zapp, more pricy, but awesome. (also clicks in a car seat). I bought it used and had it on 16 (!) flights and its still going strong.

  21. I didn’t know they made strollers that convert to two seats, that is so smart! We have the BOB Revolution and love it for both walking and running. It is a little cumbersome to get into the car though. Someone gave us a really nice glider they were done with (not sure of the brand), but I hardly used it because my baby never liked to sit and rock. I have it in my room now though, it’s super comfy :)

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