Self-care Brunch

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Awhile ago I created a self-care web and was like, “why didn’t I do this years ago?!” And then I remembered, “Oh yes.  Because I was awful at doing nice things for myself, which was a contributing factor and / or a symptom of my eating disorder.” But now, I’m very much a self-care Barbie lol, even though there are plenty of times I get overwhelmed and realize in hindsight that I wasn’t taking care of myself very well in “X” moment.  For the most part I’m way better at asking myself before or as I’m starting to feel overwhelmed, “what am I feeling?” and “what do I need?”

Because of all that self-analysis, I thought I’d love to host a self care brunch to encourage everyone to take steps to care for themselves.  While, I’m all about a good unicorn themed brunch, a self-care brunch sounded like a soothing change of pace.

For the table scape I found a beachy blanket and threw it over our table.  Then I taped some balloons on strings to the ceiling.

Brunch food included a breakfast taco bar: cheesy eggs, cilantro & salsa.  At each table setting I placed a self-care web graphic for guests to fill out after eating.  I’m much more of a visual person –learning through graphics / videos- so traditional journaling (just putting words on a page) was never something that helped my brain make connections.  Using art, like creating a self care web, to journal is more helpful for me.

Also at each table setting was a facemask for guests to take home for later to continue the self care theme into regular life.

Also on the table was the brunch drink of choice…a super refreshing Watermelon Iced Tea made with Lipton® Unsweetened Iced Black Tea with lime-infused ice cubes.  Any kind of upgraded ice cube makes me happy.  Coffee ice cubes? YES!  Lime ice cubes? YES!!

While water is fab and super refreshing for summertime, watermelon juice + iced tea is so mega refreshing and hydrating.  I recently had an iced tea frozen pop and it tasted of summer days at the beach.  But while eating it I was like, “this would be even more epic if there was a fruity flavor involved.”  So with this drink I inserted a fruity flavor with fresh watermelon juice.

The subtly sweet fruity iced tea taste is different and more refreshing than a typical brunch drink, but I’m team watermelon tea now.  Plus, each cup of Lipton® Tea has flavonoids (as do fruits and vegetables), which help maintain a healthy heart.  This doesn’t mean you need to drink mega doses of tea…this just means, “yay, tea! You are tasty, so my tastebuds are happy and my heart likes you in moderate doses.”

After taco-ing, watermelon tea sipping, and self-care web making, the other end of the table was filled with supplies for terrarium building.  Art and craft type of things is something I’ve been exploring as forms of self-care, so I thought it was a fun addition to the self-care theme.

For brunch party favors guests leave with a face mask, terrarium they built, personal self-care web and Lipton® Black Tea for brewing.

So that’s my idea for a self-care brunch! I’m curious, what’s the best brunch theme you’ve ever attended or heard of? I think a tea tasting brunch could also be awesome!

Fresh Watermelon Iced Tea

Yield: Serves 8


2 limes, thinly sliced
2 Lipton® Unsweetened Iced Black Tea Teabags
small watermelon


The day before you want to serve this, make lime-infused ice cubes by placing lime slices in ice cubes mold and covering with water. FREEZE!

Brew Lipton® Unsweetened Iced Black Tea according to package directions and add in ice to cool down.

Place the flesh of a small watermelon in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour watermelon juice through a fine mesh strainer to remove pulp. Pour the juice into a pitcher. To make fresh watermelon iced tea, serve equal parts watermelon juice and iced tea over lime-infused ice cubes.


  1. I only recently discovered how good iced tea is…but watermelon iced tea sounds like a whole ‘nother level of yum – must try!

  2. This is SO cute! I love what you did with the balloons.

  3. Love this so much!

  4. Love, love, love!

  5. I feel compelled to tell you that I used to read 7+ blogs every single morning but now I only read yours. I just love your approach to life and how creative, forgiving and nonjudgmental you are. So excited to see your little family grow!

    • Thanks for the sweetest comment, Christine <3

      • I so agree with Christine! You and Robyn Nohling are my favorite bloggers hands down. You make everything so much more approachable. I also love hearing about the cutesy DIY stuff you do for self-care– I’ve been mindful lately about incorporating more creativity in my life, and i love seeing how others do it too.

        • Thank you, Caitlyn! I love incorporating creativity AND curiosity about creative things I want to try…glad it’s been helpful for you too!

  6. LOVE this idea! My two friends and I are obsessed with Downton Abbey and back a few months ago have started to have afternoon tea together once a month and we alternate who hosts. It is so relaxing and special to be together, eat delicious food and dessert, and catch up on life. I love the insertion of some intentional pieces of self-care, would love to implement this for one of the afternoon teas :)

  7. What a fabulous idea! I know several people (including myself!) that could use this self-care advice! Kylie, I enjoy reading your blog every day. It sets me up with positive thoughts for the day.

  8. This is amazing! I’d love to do this with my friends. :)

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