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This week has involved a lot of friend dates! No complaints from me! It was great.  They were all were old / longterm friends, so they all felt relaxing (does that make sense to my introverts out there?).

For breakfasts…

Monday morning started with a crepe date with Morgan at Sweet Paris. So many of y’all had excitement about her intro post.  I’m excited for her to share an actual post soon :)

I wanted something different other than the typical nutella + banana crepe.  So I got the Toasted Bueno crepe that came with toasted coconut, dulce de leche, banana, cinnamon.  It was muy bueno and I’d definitely order it again.

…and a super blurry photo–>

Another breakfast date was with Haley! She was in the Houston to visit family and it was so nice to get to see her.  Haley and I actually went to college together, we lost touch for a bit after college, but have reconnected since we both work with eating disorders / disordered eating.  She’s great.  We met at Morningstar for coffee and breakfast biscuits.

Another morning I had oatmeal.  Made with milk + bananas and blueberries whipped in + nut butter to top.

Some lunches I’ve had this week have been…

tofu spring rolls + a decaf vanilla latte.  I pretty much used this recipe, except I added noodles that I tossed in the sesame peanut butter sauce the recipe mentions.  I LOVE that peanut sauce. 

Another lunch was couple handfuls chocolate covered peanuts + black bean-cilantro quesadillas + grapes.

One morning before work I picked up a lunch from Snap Kitchen.  Chili!

Another day’s lunch was roasted sweet potatoes with ketchup + cheesy omelet + cantaloupe.

For dinners we’ve had…

a brunch-y type of dinner.  Tropical banana bread I’m sharing the recipe for later + eggs + fruit.

One night we had friends come over for dinner.  I made those tofu spring rolls I mentioned above for everyone.

And I made us a blueberry marscapone tart for dessert.  The blueberry tart looks pretty, but I didn’t think it tasted that great.  I’m pretty sure I overcooked the crust.  It was good, just not as epic as I was imagining it was going to be.

My friend brought me these awesome napkins and mocktails for us.

Complete with cute, lil’ champagne grapes! My friend Liz recommended freezing the baby grapes and using them as ice in the future.  LOVE that idea.

Last night I texted Andrew before leaving the office and said, “wanna meet at Mellow Mushroom for dinner?” And he did.  We hadn’t been before and we both loved the pizza and atmosphere.

salads to start

followed by their Great White pizza topped with half pepperoni (for me) and half chicken (for him)

Snacks for the week looked like…

A super sugary drink for my gestational diabetes screening lol.  It so wasn’t bad.  A lot of people mentioned it tasting awful…I mean it was sweet (as it should be), but it just tasted like gatorade.

chocolate covered peanuts

cherry tomatoes + Clif bar.  I really liked this flavor! 

granola + milk.  I bought this granola bc I thought the white chocolate swirl things looked delicious.  I rarely like flavored granola (unless it’s like vanilla flavor), so I wasn’t a big fan of this.


a lot of handfuls of almonds throughout the week.

More clif bars…

bananas! Soooooo many of my eating disorder client’s have issues with bananas…or their eating disorder are scared of bananas.  If this is you, I challenge you to eat a banana this week! 

What’s the most satisfying thing you ate this week?

Have a great weekend, everyone! See you back here on Monday :)


  1. Grapes for ice cubes are a great idea, but have you ever just eaten frozen grapes? I don’t know how/why I started doing it, but they’re so yummy – they kinda taste sweeter to me when they’re frozen! 
    Also, cuuuute napkins

  2. This was a great read before grocery shopping later today. I’m thinking I am going to try to make crepes for dinner one one night.
    Mellow Mushroom is a fav around where I live and for good reason. Their pizza usually hits the mark! Also within the past year I started eating pepperoni again (at some point I convinced myself I didn’t like it) and MAN it is so dang good. 

  3. OMG! That granola! My sister and her family live in Austin and sent my mom in PA a box. I live in MS, so I had some while visiting my parents and I thought it was fabulous. HEB is pretty cool.

  4. I so dreaded the glucose test because everyone talked about how awful it was, but I agree that it just tastes like meh gatorade. It was a total non-event and the one thing about pregnancy that was actually better than I expected (I had HG, so there were lots of things that were worse than I expected, i.e., constant barfing!).

    The most satisfying thing I ate this week was homemade banana bread with chocolate chips–sooo good.

    • Agreed. Glucose test was a breeze. I had a colonscopy years ago…now that was a doozy.

      Man, hyperemesis gravidarum would make for a tough pregnancy. I can’t even imagine!

  5. I totally get what you mean about friend dates with longtime friends being more relaxing! You’ve inspired me to buy cantaloupe, it’s been way too long and that pic looks amazing!

  6. Bananas are the best!! So delicious and convenient, and versatile! I reunited with my love this week – simple egg sandwich with wholegrain mustard and salad leaves. so gooooood.

  7. Love Mellow Mushroom! I grew up in Houston and visit my parents there pretty often, so love seeing restaurants / cafes I’m unfamiliar with and want to try. I need to get one of those biscuits next time I’m in town!

  8. I think the most satisfying thing I ate was a honey bun! It would definitely have been on my list of “fear foods” in the past and this week presented an opportunity for me to have a (giant) one at work. I ate every bite and it was amazing!

  9. I haven’t had Mellow Mushroom pizza in a long time, but I love their beer selection.

    Best thing I ate this week was take-out from a local Cuban-ish restaurant. I always get chicken and veggies but they have the best curry mustard sauce. I have no idea what’s in it, but it’s soooo good! Also, fried plantains = the BEST.

  10. Totally makes sense from a fellow introvert!

  11. Love fun dates with fellow introverted friends. They just get it! I made sheet pan nachos this week, and I added feta cheese. Most satisfying dinner of the week!

  12. Fresh rolls are amazing, but challenging to make. Yours turned out prettier than mine ;)
    My absolute favorite food are bananas. I can easily eat 2-4 Costco size ones a day because I love them so much, and the riper the better. In fact, I am not a fan of fruit, and the only fruit I ever crave are bananas. I have been attempting to replace an apple with one of my bananas, but it never lasts long! LOL

  13. Love these posts! When I was in the midst of my eating disorder, I was sooo afraid of bananas even though I loved them before my disorder. One day I challenged myself to eat them, and now I can’t go a day without them because I love them so much! Sweet potatoes were another food that I dreaded eating but I now eat every day. There are still many “fear foods” I have to conquer, but I’m getting better at it :)

  14. Your blog has never been better, Kylie. I just love all of your posts lately :) Most satisfying thing I ate… homemade “knekkebrod” followed by a slightly undercooked, thus gooey, cinnamon bun (both my grandmas recipes!) 

  15. I love these posts! Thanks for the positive foodspiration!

  16. Love these posts! Keep em comin!

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  18. I ate two bananas per day in college but then didn’t eat them for years because OMG THE SUGAR!!! Once I (thankfully) got over that, I started eating them again only to discover they give me intense stomach pain! Even just a few bites will do it. So sad! :( 

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