1. Oh I hate the menus with calorie calculators :-( it’s so off putting and triggering when you are managing ED.

  2. I totally agree with you regarding the calorie counts in menus! As someone who has dealt with an ED and is still learning what it means to listen to my body’s needs, it’s just not helpful.

  3. How do you suggest handling navigating a menu with calorie counts? It automatically brings up a ton of anxiety, but once we’re sitting down to eat, there’s nothing I can do about it.

    • Agree Emily – at the moment I try and avoid places I know that do it. Problem is when a friend wants to meet at a place well known for it.

  4. can you quickly address or talk about your comment on What the Health? my husband mentioned watching it, and i just want to make sure i can take the info with a grain of salt and that it doesn’t contain triggering comments. thanks!

    • Hey Alexa! I have zero interest in watching fear-mongering crap. So I haven’t watched it and won’t be. It’s filled with triggering information and I don’t recommend watching it. It’s really messing with my susceptible ED clients. I hear they mention eating eggs are as dangerous as smoking cigarettes…? WHAT?!!!!!!

  5. I learned from my dietitian that if a restaurant has more than 10 locations they are required to post the calorie counts. Another reason to support local!

    • Yeah. I know FDA says “Calorie labeling is required for restaurants and similar retail food establishments that are part of a chain of 20 or more locations.” So lame. Good point that you could support more local restaurants if calorie counts make eating hard for you!!!

  6. Totally with you on everything in this watercolor 💪🏼

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