Sister Dinner Date.

In Houston, August kicks off Houston Restaurant Weeks.  It’s a brilliant 5-week long fundraiser for Houston’s Food Bank.  Houston’s fancier restaurants offer more affordably priced 2-3 course brunches, lunches, and dinners…and then donate a portion of the money from each meal to the Houston Food Bank.  You can see the donation break down below…

I think whoever thought of this fundraiser is a genius.  It gives you the chance to try out expensive restaurants that I wouldn’t try out otherwise AND gives back to the Houston Food Bank.  I’m not really an expensive food kind of person.  Houston has so much freaking good food that is affordably priced that we rarely venture out to the fancy places.

Last night was Layne’s (big sis) birthday, so we decided to start Round 1 of Restaurant Weeks 2017 by going to Americas for dinner.

I called Quinn (lil sis) who is at school an hour-ish away and convinced her to drive in to surprise Layne.  We rarely are together just the 3 of us, so it was really nice <3

They brought out plantain chips + dipping sauces to start.

For an appetizer I got their mixed greens salad.

Entree I got the corn encrusted fish + fried mushrooms + a creamy white sauce.

Tres Leches was for dessert.  I always get tres leches and tiramisu confused, but was happy when I realized this was the non coffee one haha.  I need to remember tres leches = 3 milks.  This tres leches ended up having a marshmallow-y frosting that I really enjoyed.

I’ll probably be sharing more restaurant week outings in the future! 



  2. Love love love that dress 

  3. You look ah-dorable! Everytime I see pompoms now, I think of you. :) What a fun evening! I love sister time. It’s the best.

  4. My family & I are going out for Dallas’ restaurant week this Friday. So pumped!!
    Such a nice idea to make it a sister date.

  5. That is such an excellent fundraiser! Glad you had a lovely sisterdate :)

  6. You look so cute in that dress! So glad you finally got it! My sister is moving to South Korea with her husband for a few years so we just had a sister date too! So fun!

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