Why you should eat carbs at all meals.

More on this here.


  1. So true! I find that I also need lots of fat at each meal or else I will be super unsatisfied!

  2. Yes! I see this time and time again in my personal experience.

  3. Also because carbs are wonderful and delicious.
    I think it must be because I’m on my period this week, but oh my god all I’ve wanted to eat is toast. I’ve probably eaten a whole loaf of bread on my own over the past week(ish) but it feels so good to notice what I’m craving and let myself enjoy it!

  4. This is so true. I’d feel incomplete if I have no carbs for lunch. But if I eat a little too much of them, I’d experience drowsiness within an hour and it’s just equally bad if not worse. Moderation is always the key!

    • I’m all for experimenting with the amount of carbs that is right for you! I’m glad you’ve been able to find what works best for your body! Thanks for commenting, Luna!

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  6. i want to ask you that do you have your recipes for lunch, dinner and the sushi? It looks incredible!

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