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Brown Sugar Meringue Layer Brownies

I hate meringue! My whole life I have!

It was on top of the coconut cream pie my grandma would make for holidays.  It was fluffy (which is awesome and fun), BUT it tasted like nothing.  A flavorless cloud.  A flavorless sponge of fluff.  Cotton candy minus the sweet sugar.  

But a couple weekends ago my friend made bars very similar to these halfway cookie bars and they had meringue on top and they were AMAZING.  Mostly because the meringue had brown sugar whipped into it and it took on this gorgeous light tan (<–that was a Nacho Libre reference) hue and it had an awesome flavor.

So it got me thinking…”what else could I adorn with that fabulous brown sugar meringue?” And my mind gave me a resounding, “PUT IT ON BROWNIES!”

So all you gotta do it find yourself your favorite brownie mix.  I went with Ghirardelli’s Fudgy Wonder Brownie Mix.  That’s not actually what the brownie mix is called, but it is what the brownies should be called because they are fudgy wonder.

Side story about our microwave.  No microwave is used in the making of these brownies, but I just felt like telling this story because the microwave makes a guest appearance in some of these photos.

We did an entire kitchen remodel, and the only thing we didn’t replace was the microwave.  That microwave cost probably $30.  It lived in Nashville with my sister in college for 3 years.  Then it lived in my parent’s garage for a year and ended up covered in spider webs.  Then it moved to Colorado with Andrew for part of college (not why that happened).  It ended up they had a microwave in their apartment, so it lived in a closet for 3 years.  When Andrew moved out his roommate thought it was his microwave, but Andrew fought for the $30 treasure.  Then it ended up in our kitchen.  It’s had quite the life.  Sometimes when I see it in photos I’m like, “blahh it looks so honkin’! We should get a pretty microwave!”  ‘Honkin’ is Andrew’s mom’s word and it just means something that stands out in a bad way.  And even though it looks honkin‘, I kinda love the thing and the history behind it.

The End.

This is a super simple, yet fancier-than-plain-ol’-brownies type of dessert.  Which makes it perfect for every and all occasions.  AND the term meringue layer reminds me of marine layer, which makes me want to go and be by a sea.  So that’s happy.


Brown Sugar Meringue Layer Brownies

Yield: 8x8 dish of brownies


box of favorite brownie mix (+ ingredients to make brownies)
2 eggs whites
3/4 cup brown sugar, packed


Preheat oven according to brownie package directions.  Make your brownie batter and pour into an 8x8 dish.  Put in the oven.  You will need to cook the meringue for about 25 minutes, so cook your brownies until they have 25 minutes left to cook.  My brownie package said they took 45 minutes to cook, so I set a timer for 20 minutes.  Then you take the brownies out and top with your meringue before returning to oven.

Use an electric mixer + whisk attachment to beat egg whites on medium speed.  Once they turn foamy, add in brown sugar and beat on the highest speed until firm peaks form.  Spread your creamy, dreamy brown sugar meringue on top of your brownies.  Top dish with parchment paper or a silpat to keep meringue from getting scorched.  Bake for 20 minutes, then remove parchment/silpat and bake for 5 more minutes.  Let cool for a hot sec, then slice and serve with some ice cold milk :)

18 comments on “Brown Sugar Meringue Layer Brownies”

  1. I betcha “RASPBERRY” loved em! Can’t wait to learn what her name is!!! You’re gonna be the best momma :)

  2. I saw that you made a lasagna AND this incredible dessert. You really are doing an amazing job caring for yourself! This looks so epic.

  3. I’m totally with you, not a fan of meringue! I’ll have to try these to see if they change my mind :)

  4. I’m also a recent meringue convert! I never really saw the point of it until a couple years ago when I made some meringue cookies with graham cracker crumbs. They were so well-received and so delightfully chewy. I’ve become really enchanted with the magic of whipping egg whites from a little bit of liquid into this voluminous bowl full of wonder. I also recommend A Cozy Kitchen’s S’mores Pavlova or Smitten Kitchen’s brownie pavlova. They’re like clouds of chocolate and are perfection for hot summer weather.

  5. Omg this looks amazing. And Ghiardelli is the best box mix!! This sounds like the topping would be super light + a good complement to the brownies!

  6. that brownie mix is the BEST! loved your microwave story (plus learned a new word)

  7. mmm, “Fudgy Wonder Brownies”is the best name…the bowl of ingredients even looks so goooood lol

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  9. This is so creative, and looks so dreamy! Also I love that microwave story ;)

  10. Omg. DROOLING. This looks so amazing (and so simple).

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