Your cells don’t know you’re trying to look like so-and-so on Instagram…

Your body’s goal is survival. Your cells don’t know you are choosing to restrict your food intake in an effort to look like so-and-so on Instagram. All they know is it feels like you’re starving yourself and they should slow your metabolism because food is scarce. Here’s to eating consistently throughout the day! 


  1. Our bodies are so much smarter than we are!
    I really like these little pictures you’ve been doing :)

  2. Trying so hard to eat normally like you. I’ve put on weight since introducing sugar in my everyday eating. Today I stupidly got on scale and immediately I thought I need to get back on it liz….quit sugar to the weekend. It’s very hard to eat intuitively and forget diet brain. I just want to eat desert or some chocolate and for that to be normal and ok. So hard. Will keep trying though

    • Hey Lizzie,

      Not eating sugar would make me feel so deprived. If I tried to do that again I would be focusing so much on the massive sugar cravings I was having that I don’t think I would be able to engage fully in life. The restriction just doesn’t sound worth it to me. Glad you’re going to keep moving forward with intuitive eating even though some days / weeks make it hard :)

      • Thank you Kylie…I will keep on with it as I know it’s the right way and only way to make peace with food, leave the diet mentality behind and become a normal eater. It’s still new to me but feeling those clothes get tight has been disheartening. Will keep on.

  3. Always love your watercolors, Kylie. This is one of my favorite messages yet, I think!

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